Media Bias Essay Research Paper Is the

Media Bias Essay, Research PaperIs the Media Bias? Many people including myself believe that it is. On the other manus, there are people who believe that media is non biased and merely provinces facts. These people ( i.e.

my pa ) , who believe that media is non biased besides believe that everything on Television is true, in my experience. We see bias in media ( print or broadcast ) many times. It might be the subtlest of things that is unobtrusive to more blazing efforts. The fact is bias is everyplace and it is really hard to divide the two. The grounds why it is hard are non clearly understood by my ego but I can indicate toward the fact that everyone is the universe has sentiments and in some manner or signifier it will be presented in the manner they talk or write. The treatment of this paper is to see if we can happen prejudice in media.

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We will be concentrating our attending on the 2000 Elections and detecting for prejudice in News Media articles sing one of the Presidential campaigners. My focal point was on seven day-to-day back-to-back articles published by CNN. Each article was viewed for coverage of event, policy proposals, word picture and general tone of articles.

Peoples might differ, but I think that the CNN was biased towards Al Gore. There are many grounds why I have come to this premise. I feel that the layout the articles are presented are in a colored mode, words and phrases used to depict Al Gore are negative in tone while a positive tone is used to depict George W. Bush.

Besides, the treatment of the policy seems to be in a negative tone for Al Gore.First, I would wish to indicate out that the articles ever start on good evidences by saying the general activities of the twenty-four hours. The brief drumhead that introduces the articles gives an lineation of the activities of the twenty-four hours and high spot cardinal visual aspects of the twenty-four hours.

By and large, the articles discuss what was stated in the addresss and remarks made by each campaigner. However, really rapidly, the articles comes to & # 8220 ; campaigner bashing & # 8221 ; by each campaigner instead so discoursing the issues the articles focuses on what each other says about the other.One thing that truly stood out, in five of the seven articles, are treatments of George Bush & # 8217 ; s activities were discussed prior to treatment of Al Gore. At first, I thought that possibly it was a good luck and author was following an alphabetical order process to show the article.

But, when I read the two articles that discussed Al Gore & # 8217 ; s activities first it struck me that this is a really of import facet of any authorship. This struck me as of import because I believe that the place that the author normally supports is the 1 that is discussed foremost and the contrast it with another position. By discoursing George Bush foremost the thoughts of Bush are imbedded in the head and so when treatment of Al Gore is presented it is in the head to compare it with the old treatment.

This might non needfully be true but I do experience strongly about this claim. The ground why is, when person wants to show a indifferent presentation they will compare and contrast the places of both campaigners throughout the whole article and non divide it into two subdivisions.Following, words and phrases chosen to depict the campaigners & # 8217 ; activities imply bias towards Al Gore. In about every article I found some words or phrases that gave the feeling that George Bush was making a good occupation and Al Gore is fighting. Some illustrations of wordsor phrases used to depict Al Gore’s activities are: “…two-pronged end game of courting open votes” ( Final Pre. , p.1 ) “stumping” ( Presidential Candidates, p.1 ) , “harshly critical of Bush” ( Presidential Candidates, p.

2 ) , “swung hard at bush” ( Presidential Candidates, p.3 ) , “Gore hoped to gnaw at on this leg…” ( Presidential Candidates, p.4 ) , “crawling back up toward Bush” ( Presidential Candidates, p.2 ) and “touted” ( Gore Promises, p.1 ) .

While words or phrases to depict George Bush’s Activities are: “unloaded on Gore” ( Presidential Candidates, p.1 ) , “tore into his Democratic rival” ( Presidential Candidates, p.1 ) and expecting a Bush win” ( McCaleb, Presidential Candidates, p.1 )I think it is easy to see by the pick of words that Al Gore is described as an animalist, beastly, and rough character while shrub is described as confident and well-thought-of individual.

Last, the treatment on policy was geared toward trading words in a pugilism battle. Rather than taking a stance and discoursing what the & # 8220 ; existent & # 8221 ; effects of the policy proposals will hold if they had taken consequence and leting the readers to do judgement sing the better of the two proposals the articles quotes remarks made by both campaigners towards each other and the consequence of the others proposals & # 8220 ; will truly hold & # 8221 ; . Most of the articles quoted George Bush & # 8220 ; bad mouthing & # 8221 ; the character of Al Gore while Al Gore was stating his proposals are bad. It is clear that support by this media is focussed towards the election of George Bush. Some other illustrations that will assist do my point are: they make an effort to demo that the Democrats are going desperate and & # 8220 ; are more willing to orient his references & # 8221 ; ( McCaleb, Presidential Candidates, p.2 ) will alter their scheme because it doesn & # 8217 ; t seem to work while Bush ne’er changes his scheme to state that Gore will make or state anything to win and there is a brief treatment of Bush & # 8217 ; s revenue enhancement program but there is no treatment of Gore & # 8217 ; s revenue enhancement program.In decision, I hope that I have made my point that the media is really colored. It is in these subtle but really dramatic stairss that are used to implant thoughts in the heads of readers.

I should state that there are non-profit organisations that say they provide indifferent coverage but can & # 8217 ; t ever be excessively certain. The world of the affair is that one of the largest intelligence media beginnings is one of the most colored. CNN is viewed my many individuals and a good bulk don & # 8217 ; t recognize that they are non obtaining the whole truth that they deserve.

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