Me And My Daughter Essay Research Paper

Maine And My Daughter Essay, Research Paper1a ) Some right that Betty is non intitled to are, that she is non allowed to show herself and show her sentiments which means she can & # 8217 ; t show herself by what she wears or what she does with out acquiring beaten by Moody1b ) Another right is, that she has her ain right to be a nationallist, which means she has the right to take what nationality she wants to be. Whether that be Persian or American, in america the adult female has her rights and the adult male has his right but in Iran the adult male has all the rights and the adult female has none.1c ) No one shall be held in bondage or servitudeis another right, it occurs in the film when Moody ever tells Betty to make things and if Betty doesn & # 8217 ; t make it she gets betten. Normally they are thing Betty doesn & # 8217 ; t want to make like travel to the market with out Mahtob.Which means Betty is in Slaved by Moody.

Moody so does non hold any regard for Betty and does non swear her. He did when they were in America and that is why Betty wants to travel back.2 ) Dear United States Govenment,I am composing to you to support my actions against my married woman ( Betty Mahmoody ) and my girl ( Mahtob Mahmoody ) . This missive is about the actions that i took on my married woman, including force andbashed her around a few times. Its non that I wanted to make it. It is merely a tradition in my household and our state, that work forces get the most privledges and adult females are 2nd category citizens.

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Men come foremost but that is non my opinion that is merely the manner it is. If I had my manner I would do the work forces and adult females the first category citizens. I ne’er used her for sex like most work forces do but i did swear her and I did esteem her and that is why one didn’t have sex with her. I didn’t allow her travel with out nutrient I did give her money for nutrient and fabrics. I did allow her see Mahtob and I did allow her make many things that most adult females are non ment to make so over all I did handle her well.

Bye Moody MahmoodyP.S. I would appriciate it if Betty came back to Iran where I will handle her better.3 ) I have chosen to make my illustration of unfairness on the Chinese, one kid policy. In China, a female parent is non allowed to hold more than one kid unless it is handicapped or it is a female. This is because a female and a handicapped individual are non really utile in the farm or in the normal metropolis life.

They inforced this jurisprudence because China was acquiring over populated and there was manner to many people that thought they didn & # 8217 ; Ts have but when they did the study they really relized how many people they really had.


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