Mba Program in Kogod School of Business Essay

MNTC. my painstaking attempt. is sharply aimed to bring forth for China’s electric power enterprises the best RFID bit. and to supply the power equipment review sections and clients with decipherers and background service.

After discontinuing from the bank occupation. I instantly created MNTC. which has ever been carefully treated as my kid. For its robust growing. I have tried my best to be the world’s most attentive male parent. RFID french friess map as both equipment IDs and recording equipments. First. compose client information into the french friess and encrypt it through the encoding system out of our ain independent research and development.

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and so put in those french friess into all kinds of needed electric power equipments. so as to fit the corresponding sections and users with the ability to entree the devices through web in a secure and efficient mode.After holding successfully solved the fiscal and the human resource crisis. the usual issues encountered during the initial period of an endeavor development. I farther established a background system development squad.

Since so. MNTC won the first amount of funding. which made me entirely aroused. But the company being bigger and stronger forced me to experience that my already deficient direction accomplishments is finally unable to carry through the development demands of MNTC. And therefore I deeply recognize the very importance of more advanced direction constructs and schemes.Advancing my direction ability is so the short-run end.

and this is closely related to most classs in the Kogod School of Business. The survey and research on those classs can decidedly cultivate me to be a more prudent and consummate director. Upon graduation. I have faith that.

non merely can I take the most of the improved economic manners to implement better cost control. but besides I could use more superb concern schemes to research the expansive ways of MNTC.I’m more eager to larn from American University ( AU ) about how to hone the industry concatenation of electric power by eventually accomplishing the more optimized combination of engineering and capital.

and how to advance industrial revolution in the position of networking application. Yes. that is my long-run end. apparently far off. To make it. I am in dire demand of the counsel of my future beacons. the distinguished professors in the Kogod School.

Hope to pull on the experience of the successful roads of legion American endeavors. through which in order to roll up more capital and present more powerful engineering invention for China’s electric power industry.Old ages of direction experience has solidly honed me to go a persevering mind who can ever calculate out solutions from different angles. The diverseness of AU and AU’s accent on creative activity nicely fit this feature of mine. What’s more. the fortes of AU – Kogod Center for Career Development and K-LAB ( Kogod Leadership & A ; Applied Business ) would vouch me a broad and deep web of alumni resources from within the AU community and beyond.Therefore. I steadfastly believe that the first MBA plan in AU.

outstanding and all-around. plus the superior geographical place of Washington. DC are the two critical factors of guaranting that American University is and will be the best pick of carry throughing my long-run end.


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