Struggle For Control Essay

& # 8217 ; s Struggle For Control Essay, Research PaperIn D.H. Lawrence? s The Blind Man, Maurice Pervin had been blinded in Flanders. He comes back to his farm where he and his married woman, Isabel, spend the following twelvemonth in purdah.

Initially, Maurice attempts to recover control of his life, by moving as his sightlessness is non truly a disabliaty and by exerting power over his married woman ; nevertheless, when he feels abandoned by her and her friend Bertie, he attempts to recover control of her, by commanding Bertie.When we foremost hear of Maurice? s sightlessness, we see that? He was wholly unsighted? ( 139 ) . This demonstrates Maurice & # 8217 ; s dependance on his married woman. Since he is wholly blinded, he must depend on her for anything he can no longer make. Besides, ? she and he had been about wholly alone with each together since he was wounded. ? Maurice was wholly entirely, he had no on else.

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The same could be said about Isabel, but, she had the ability to travel out and happen person else, or to direct for Bertie. Maurice had no other friends and was non able to travel out as he pleased to run into people.However, despite his obvious dependance, he is in denial sing this. He feels that even though he was? sightless he could still discourse everything with Wernham? ( 139 ) . This illustrates Maurice? s desire to be equal. He is stating to himself ; ? I may be blind but I & # 8217 ; m still merely every bit good as anyone else.

? This besides comes up subsequently when he is talking with Bertie.However, physical insufficiency was besides something that Maurice had to cover with. We find that? he could besides make a good trade of work about the place- humble work it is true but it gave him satisfaction. He milked the cattles, carried in the buckets, turned the centrifuge attended to the hogs and Equus caballuss? ( 139 ) . Maurice wants to demo that he is merely as strong and capable of manual labour as he was earlier. Then, the storyteller tells us that Maurice? did non even repent the loss of his sight. ? This demonstrates the extent of Maurice? s denial. He wasn? T merely seeking to populate with sightlessness, he was seeking to populate as though it ne’er happened.

However, we know that Maurice did non genuinely believe he was capable. This is brought out subsequently when he becomes? infuriated with his ain failing? ( 146 ) .Another manner that Maurice efforts to recover control of his life is by commanding his married woman, Isabel. After she receives a missive from her friend, Bertie Reid, Maurice tells her to? inquire him to come down? ( 141 ) . Here we see Bertie exert his control over Isabel.

She had already come to accept that if she did non see Bertie anymore it would be better for Maurice. However, unasked, Maurice makes an offer to his married woman to ask for him down. Whetheror non Bertie comes down is wholly up to Maurice.

Another case where we see this is in the barn. Maurice is out be givening to the animate beings, and Isabel comes out to bring him. When she opens up the barns door? there was no mark of visible radiation anyplace.

Opening the upper half, she looked in: into a simple well of darkness? ( 143 ) . The barn represents comfort to Maurice. He is in his component, a universe without visible radiation. The barn equalizes others with him, and even puts him on a higher degree than them ; for he is comfy and they are scared. This is one manner Maurice exerts control over his married woman, and subsequently over Bertie. He lures them out of their comfort zone into a topographic point where he is king.

Before Bertie arrives, Maurice goes upstairs to acquire ready. When he arrives, Maurice hears his married woman and Bertie speaking downstairs, but all of a sudden? they moved off? ( 145 ) and he could no longer hear them. Maurice so becomes frightened and nervous.

He feels a infantile sense of devastation ( 145 ) envelop him. Here Maurice is reduced to an abandoned kid. He was dependent upon Isabel, but now she has gone off with Bertie, even though it was merely a twosome of pess. She and Bertie abandon him, and exclude him. Without Isabel, he is lost. Maurice, once more, starts to lose control. Since Bertie is the thing that took Isabel off from him, to command Isabel he must command Bertie.While the three people are speaking, the topic of sightlessness comes up.

Bertie asks Maurice about any tops to being blind. Maurice tells him its non so bad because? ? you cease to trouble oneself about a great many things. ? Again Maurice stretched his figure, stretched the strong musculuss of his dorsum, and leaned backwards, with uplifted face? ( 148 ) . Then, he leans back into a more imperial place, and shows off his strength. He has an uplifted face, an air of high quality as if to shout out to Bertie that he is the better adult male even with his sightlessness. This is point that Maurice begins to rule Bertie.The concluding leg of Maurice? s domination comes when the two work forces interact in the barn.

Merely as his married woman becomes nervous and uncomfortable in the barn, so does Bertie. Bertie begins to move? carefully? ( 150 ) , his address becomes jerky so he is seldom able to acquire out a full sentence, and after that he? shrivel off? ( 150 ) from Maurice. Then after Maurice touches him? the attorney [ Bertie ] stood about annihilated? ( 151 ) . Here, Maurice has gained complete control. He has killed Bertie, annihilated him. Of class this is non meant literally for Bertie is still alive. However, Maurice has reduced from the adult male he used to be, he is no longer a smart barrister, but a shell of adult male? unconscious, imprisoned? ( 151 ) .


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