Mass Media Is Too Poowerful Essay

In the 21st Century, technology has brought great improvement in all aspects of our life. It not only provides different kinds of information in the world but it gives us entertainment. Mass media such as televesion or newspapers help us learn things. But on the other hand, are the mass media too powerful? Could we still survive without mass media now? Television has the most pervasive effect on people. Most of us watch television all the time! because it is free and accessible to most people. Therefore, people know what happens in the world almost in no time at all.

The news broadcast and information on finance, crime, education and politics are on television every day, every day. Also, television creates response of not only excitement and nterest but also fear and panic. People without television would become isolated and ignorant. Hence mass media are undoubtedly very powerful. Since mass media are very influential, young people are especially susceptible to mass media. They are immature and cannot exercise judgment properly.

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There are scenes in movies of violence which shows shooting or knife penetrating the body with slow motion, yeah like the movie of maxcris.These are really bloody and violent. Possibly it is not for the purpose of showing the horror of violence, but rather for exaggeration and attraction. If young people imitate the violence in the movie, it might affect their behaviour negatively. So it isn’t always good to show violence in the movie. Although they are so powerful, some people are still not affected.

For example, poor people and people who live in developing countries may not rich enough to buy a computer or newspaper.Also, people who are mature and rational will not be affected either, like scientists and professors who have an objective mind and are intelligent. They can discriminate between good and evil. Luckily, mass media exert great and positive influence on my study of music.

They convey new information such as current music and new styles of performance. On the youtube, people can find out the latest and most popular songs or music in the world. Mass media are just extremely powerful and useful. I can learn a lot from them and my knowledge and interest are enhanced.Undoubtedly, mass media are so powerful to us that we rely on them to a great extent. We cannot imagine how people could live without mass media. It is absolutely, absolutely important that! our government should monitor them very closely to make sure that the contents in mass media are healthy and objective.

By doing this, the influence will be positive to everyone. In conclusion, mass media play an important role in our daily life. Wise using and proper monitoring can make great contributions to the whole world.


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