Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay

Good V. Evil has been a authoritative contrast used for centuries. It has been used in movies. books. dramas. and even children’s narratives. But what constitutes good and evil? What determines if an act is good or evil? The things that we know.

the things we believe. are non our ain original thoughts. That is a known fact. Everything we know and believe was influenced by our upbringing. our household and friends or deficiency of.

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our instruction ; fundamentally every thing that comes into contact with us. Even for the people who would state “I hated my parents and my instruction so they didn’t act upon my beliefs! ” Well. I’m sorry to be the one to state you. but they did.The demand that you may hold had to arise caused you to believe in opposite things from your household or whoever you wanted to arise against. But thats another inquiry for another chapter.

In todays universe. we trust our ain beliefs as to what is good and what is evil. But what defines this? Most people would state you that the “norm” defines good and evil.

Society tells you that assisting an old lady across the street is good and hiting a adult male in the caput is evil. Don’t acquire me incorrect though. I do believe in good and making the right thing. I merely want to portray a philosophical attack to this contrast.Back to the point.

if everyone trusts the “norm” to make up one’s mind what is good and what is evil ; so isn’t that a signifier of rabble outlook? Mob outlook is something that people are invariably warned about in literature through out clip. an illustration being Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. So I have reached a paradox. If the “norm” is decided by the bulk of people. and the bulk of people coming together to make an thought is mob outlook. and mob outlook is considered bad and incorrect ; so aren’t our thoughts of good and evil created by something that is non good in the first topographic point?If you are at this point reading and inquiring what my reply will be to this inquiry.

I want to state you now non to acquire your hopes up because I don’t have a difinitive reply to that. Let’s conveying this thought back in clip to the early times of human being. What are a human’s basic demands? Food. H2O. vesture and shelter. right? I’ve heard this 100s of times. Well if we worlds are in fact animate beings. so we have a set of natural demands.

Just like a new born puma enters the universe with inherent aptitude for runing. don’t we every bit good? If society wasn’t here to put guidelines wouldn’t we merely be populating in and amongst our natural demands?If one of our natural demands is to eat. and some of us choose to eat Canis familiariss or cats ( as they do in some states ) so why do we hold animal aid groups take a breathing down people’s cervixs to do this halt? Because it is evil. right? But is it truly? I myself could non stand the idea of me eating a Canis familiaris or cat. and that is because I come from a society where these animate beings are pets.

your friends. But why is it incorrect for people from another society to make this. when they don’t see it the same manner we do? Who is right here? Of class.

each side thinks they are right but is at that place a existent reply to this inquiry?Let’s give a scenario ; two work forces break into your house. they kill everyone in your household except you and your female parent. They put a gun to your mother’s caput and say “We will kill her and you will acquire everything. the house. the auto. the money. the lone thing we require is that you join us and work for us. ” What would you make? Make you take their offer and watch them kill your female parent.

or make you state them no and decease for it. It is a lose-lose state of affairs. there is no realistic determination you could do that would make a win. If you let them kill your female parent. you will populate out the remainder of your life with that hanging over your caput.If you say no. so you both die.

The people that are making this are evil. right? Why? I would state because they are slaying guiltless people. merely pass overing their being off with the pull of a trigger.

But do they believe that? What if the individual with the gun thought what he was making was ok? What if he grew up on the streets and the lone thing that he learned was force. If force was the norm for him. and it conflicts with our norm. which one is right? If you should ever swear in your beliefs. what if your beliefs are incorrect? Lashkar-e-taibas take an illustration from history.Martin Luther King Jr. vs.

Hitler. Good V. Evil. right? For argument’s interest. lets classify the general population of the universe into two groups. Group A are the people who idolize MLK Jr.

and contemn Hitler. Group B are the people who idolize Hitler and contemn MLK Jr. Both sides are amongst a group that holds the same beliefs and ideals as themselves. They all believe they are right. and if the thought of incorrect and right is determined by the norm.

and the norm is what the bulk of people decides. so aren’t they both right? Doesn’t this faulty determination lead to extreme struggle?Look at all the past wars in this universe. They all boil down to the basic fact that each side had conflicting beliefs and each side believed that they were making the right thing.

So does that do each side incorrect or right? Good or Evil? What do you make to repair this major defect in today’s society? Be yourself. Individuality. Don’t let yourself to be excessively to a great extent influenced by the things around you. Take everything you see and maintain it.

soak it all up. go forth no rock unturned. and when you think you have everything. so make up one’s mind for yourself.The truth is what we all seek in one signifier or another. Some are content to go forth things be and others aren’t.

For those of us uncontent to settle for anything less than the truth. we are contending a losing conflict. I leave you with this quotation mark from Wilkie Collins “Are at that place. boundlessly changing with each person. inbred forces of Good and Evil in all of us.

deep down below the range of mortal encouragement and mortal repression — hidden Good and hidden Evil. both likewise at the clemency of the liberating chance and the sufficient enticement? “


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