Marriage throughout time.The Catholic Church views marriage

Marriage is a very special establishment since the ritual covers both religious and secular aspects. The government emboldens people to form a family since there are major convivial benefits of espousement and withal it is established that married couples provide a better environment for raising a child compared to single parents. The Catholic Church views marriage as a sacred bond and considers it permanent. So it is understandable that the allowance of same-sex marriage is being argued so much throughout time.The Catholic Church views marriage as a formation of a covenant between man and woman.

In other words, one gender supplements the other emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Humans can develop and fulfil most of their natural sentiments through their own efforts. They can find the things they’re passionate about, maintain their healthfulness, satisfy their hunger, find the truth and seek out the good through their own solitary efforts. While others help them achieve these goals, it is eventually their own efforts that shapes their accomplishments. But the love, the natural desire and the capability to reproduce and make a family can only be achieved by the union of a man and a woman. Karol Wojtyla supported this idea in Love and Responsibility by saying”Marriage is a separate institution with a distinctive interpersonal nature.This institution provides a justification for the sexual relationship between a particular relationship within the whole complex of society.

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” Wojtyla also noted that this is essential for the outcome of the relationship. For example, for children and for the partners themselves. The foundation of marriage is a moral appraisement of their love because they are both parts of this society. They may not think that they need this acceptance first, but over time they are forced to realize that their love, without this acceptance, misses something very important.In the late 20th century, people began to wonder why gender differences matter in marriage so marriage for same-sex couples without legal recognition became more common. Heterosexual marriage can allow same-sex couples to pay their taxes with government accommodations and make financial demands similar to opposite sex couples. Various religious communities around the world support same-sex marriage, while many religions still reject hererosexual marriage, connections or even desires in some cases. Some may ask why same-sex marriage should be legalized, but the question is, why should other people choose who marries whom or who loves whom? When a man and a woman marry, nobody seems to be bothered by it.

In their opinion these are two human beings who have affection for each other and these two people want to start a family. If we change the scenario a little bit and two people with the same gender try to marry, it provokes a riot. Suddenly you are not allowed to get married or to start a family. Humans are the only species who pay to live on earth and somehow in some parts of the world, heterosexual ones pay even more just because some authority refuses to accept that love is enough.

Humans tend to want to be noticed and appreciated by others weather this appreciation comes from a man to another man or from a woman to another woman.


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