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 Marlon Brando, on his best days was an actor, director andon some occasions an activist. He single handedly revolutionised the film industryby bringing Stanislavski’s style of realism to the big screen and because of thathe is now considered to be the most influential actor of the 20thcentury but I’m not here to discuss with you his best days I’m here to discusshis worst, the days that defined how we see him today.Born 1924 in Omaha, Nebraska, Brando had a tough life from thestart both of his parents were alcoholics, his mother constantly disappeared onlyto be found days later at the bottom of a bottle in a shady bar. His fatheralthough a stable in his life was often abusive towards Brando constantly beatingand belittling him, Marlon Once quoted “He (referring to his father) enjoyed tellingme I couldn’t do anything right.

He had a habit of telling me I would neveramount to anything”. he had a deep hatred for his father, not because of whathis father did to him. He tells the story of coming home one day from Schoolonly to open the door to his home and hear a blood curdling scream coming fromhis Mother, she was being beaten by Marlon’s father and after that Brando saysthat he never saw her again. His mom had obviously ran away too scared to confronther husband ever again. leaving Brando to fend for himself. Later in life afterMarlon was expelled from school for riding his motorcycle in the school halls,he tried his hand at acting. In the beginning he had a rocky start, onlyfinding parts to play in small off Broadway plays, he later found a part in alarge motion picture called “A Streetcar Named Desire” where he played the mainprotagonist.  After Brando felt he had successfullyconquered the world of acting, he tried to Direct.

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The first movie he everdirected was called “Mutiny on the Bounty”  an unfortunate box office flop. But for Brandothat was the best move of his career for that is where he discovered thewonders of a little island called Tahiti. He himself said that the reason heloved Tahiti was because it’s the only places he could be himself and not a “Bigshotmovie star”. Now if we move forward a little later in life we can see a timewere Marlon Brando had been married, divorced, remarried and divorced againmultiple times, he had a few kids during this period. One of which who waskidnapped and later found hostage dying of pneumonia. According to the MediaChristian Brando was kidnapped by a group of hippy activists who were paid ofby the child’s mother. This put Brando in a state of panic he stopped focusingon his career and started putting all his efforts into keeping his family safe.

During this time he gained an extreme amount of weight and developed a drinkingproblem. He later conquered his drinking problem but he had lost the war whenit came to his addiction to food, he developed stage 2 diabetes but this wasthe least of his problems. Fast forward a little more and Christian Brando isnow sitting in trial for killing Brando’s daughter’s boyfriend. He was convictedas guilty and was sent to ten years in prison. His daughter Cheyenne was laterfound dead in her room in Tahiti after multiple suicide attempts, thisdestroyed Brando as he as well as losing his daughter he also lost the abilityto see Tahiti his one true home as a safe haven anymore. Brando then died ofrespiration failure and heart break on July 1st 2004, he was laterburied, alone leaving nothing but a legacy and heart break to all fans of thesilver screen.


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