Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Marketing Management Plan for Coa-Cola Essay

Marketing Management Plan for Coa-Cola Essay


As we all know, The Coca-Cola Company is a well-known international company.

To accomplish that immense success, there must be some systematic direction and allow fiscal direction. We will compare them with its major rivals, Pepsi Company. The primary fiscal aims are to

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Company Description

The Coca-Cola Company is the universe ‘s largest drink company, largest maker, distributer and seller of non-alcoholic drink in the universe and is one of the largest corporations in the United States. The company is best known for its representative merchandise Coca-Cola, invented by druggist John Stith Pemberton in 1886. The Coca-Cola expression and trade name was bought in 1889 by Asa Candle who incorporated The Coca-Cola Company in 1892. Besides its namesake Coca-Cola drink, Coca-Cola presently offers about 400 trade names in over 200 states or districts and serves 1.6 billion helpings each twenty-four hours.

The Coca-Cola Company brands include: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta.[ 1 ]

Target Market

They besides set the mark market to the group of immature people because they think that their merchandise ( coke ) can reflect the young person and energy for them.

Major Sections

Their basic sections are those people who take this drink often. The coke is really celebrated and popularA around the universe so many people take this drink day-to-day. They would wish to take the higher demand of this drink as a first precedence consideration.


The Coca Cola Company faces intense competition in different markets from regional to planetary. The major rival is the PepsiCo. The other considerable rival includes the Nestle and Spite. Besides, case competition would impact the market portion and the growing rate of gross.

SWOT analyses


The trade name repute is one of the internal strength of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is known really good worldwide. Coca Cola has the image that many people have taken profoundly to bosom. Furthermore, the one of its superior strengths that the popularity is virtuallyA uncomparable in the soft drink industry. It helps the company make the trade name attitude for the client. This is the ground that the gross revenues sum of Coca Cola is the highest in the industry and there is still room to turn.The fiscal state of affairs besides is one of the Coca Cola ‘s strengths. Coca Cola is the highest net income in the industry over many old ages. Therefore, they can set more resort for their betterment and development.

For illustration, Coca Cola can utilize a big sum in their publicity and R & A ; D.Last, the trueness client is an of import factor for Coca Cola. 80 % of the Coca Cola ‘s net income is come from their trueness client. It seems that some people would imbibe coke sacredly like people drink H2O. They will continually buy these merchandises, and will likely make so for a really long clip. It means that the net income of Coca Cola at least can keep in certain degree,


The Coca Cola has many sub-brands under their merchandise line. Most of them are non really popular. Therefore, Coca Cola need to set a big sum of resort in the selling for these merchandises.

Some of them may besides do the loss for the company. If Coca Cola can non pull off their sub-brands, it may the public presentation of the company and the growing for the hereafter.The wellness issue is besides the chief concern of the company. The popular merchandise of Coca Cola like coke is non really good to our organic structure and our wellness. Nowadays, people are more concern their wellness.

Therefore, some merchandises could perchance free clients.


Coca Cola has the big income each twelvemonth. This is really good to the company when they sell these minor merchandises. They can set more resort in the publicity and R & A ; D.

The consciousness of the new merchandise and less popular merchandise can be increase due to the publicity attempt. Besides, they can develop assorted merchandises to run into the different market. It helps the company to keep a big of market portions in the industry.Another chance is that the Coca Cola can purchase out their competition. When Coca Cola see a trade name in that may be the possible rival in the hereafter, they can pass their big sum of money to purchase out. Coca Cola has bought out a infinite figure of drink trade names. This is the easy manner to turn their net income into your net income.

As a consequence, Coca Cola may hold the chance to gain more net income in the hereafter. Besides, the company need non worry about this merchandise being portion of the competition.


The chief menace of Coca Cola is their chief rival – Pepsi. Recently, Pepsi has performs really good in their gross revenues particularly in the Asiatic states.

The growing rate of sale is besides higher than Coca Cola. Besides, the possible growing of Pepsi has more room comparison with Coca Cola. Therefore, investors a more prefer to set their money in the Pepsi.

As a consequence, Pepsi may hold the same resource to contend with Coca Cola. Therefore, Coca Cola is confronting the impact in the market portions from a powerful rival

Product life rhythm

Harmonizing to the past informations shown by Coca -Cola study, it is in the adulthood phase due to the profitableness is decelerating down. And they keep a big trueness group of stable clients around the universe.

Marketing Mix

The selling mix is to unite the monetary value, merchandise, publicity and topographic point for representing the nucleus of concern scheme. Coca-cola Company must be designed to fulfill the demands and wants of client or market and carry through the ultimate aims. In order to go a successful concern, they must besides better, proctor and alter their selling mix to suit for the right clip, right topographic point.


Coca Cola Company must see their merchandise on three different degrees. First, the nucleus merchandise is what the consumer is purchasing a broad scope of soft drinks.

Second, the existent merchandise is that Consumers will purchase the coke merchandise because of their high quality enfranchisement of the Coca Cola merchandises. Last, the augmented merchandise is limited to supply the excess service in soft drink. They merely merely set up a client service centre to cover with the client who are non fulfill the merchandise or want to give feedback on their service.

Monetary value scheme

Harmonizing their past study, Coca Cola Company ever offers more free samples to the retail merchants for penetrate into market. Hence, they have a good sale due to their adept analysis. Furthermore, they have different monetary value in different seasons. For illustration, in summer, it supposed to be a good clip to sell more at that clip, so the monetary values up. On the contrary, in winter, the monetary values will travel down to maintain their sale/profit.

Promotion scheme

Coca Cola Company ever holds many different signifier of publicity around the universe such as display their merchandise in a large shelve in celebrated shopping promenade and put near the entryway to acquire the oculus catching placement, gross revenues publicity as sponsorships, direct and indirect merchandising, different advertizement ( Television commercials, hoardings and so on ) . In the long tally, they want to construct up and maintain a good image/impression to client.

Topographic point scheme

Coca Cola Company must see the cost and gross revenues level depend on different country. But in Hong Kong, they no demand to worry about the cost of the bringing because Hong Kong is an intensive topographic point. That is why we can the Coca Cola merchandise in every supermarket even in the local shops.

Recommendations for betterment

Although Coca-Cola Company has higher net income than Pepsi Company, harmonizing to the ratio analyses, we can happen that most of the public presentation of Coca-Cola Company is worse than the public presentation of Pepsi Company. For case, Coca-Cola Company did good in the facet of profitableness but did severely in the fiscal purchase ratio and the plus direction. This means that Coca-Cola Company got some jobs in pull offing its finance and direction. It is better for the company to non merely concentrate on accomplishing the net income but besides the liability and equity of the company. So it will hold more balanced public presentation for the overall of the company.Using SWOT to analysis Coca-Cola ‘s public presentation, we can see its well public presentation on trade name repute, fiscal state of affairs and maintaining consumer trueness, which are all its strength. As the first-mover of Cola Industry, Coca-Cola ‘s image is already profoundly in consumers ‘ bosom ; its repute in the industry is uncomparable. Besides, it is holding the highest net income in the industry, which allows it to farther develop and better the company.

Furthermore, it is good at maintaining client trueness as 80 % of Coca-Cola ‘s net income is come from the loyal clients.So, to maintain its strength, we recommend Coca-cola to keep its image maintaining in consumers ‘ head, like ruddy bottle is its mark, when consumers want to purchase a bottle of coca-cola, they will seek for ruddy bottle. If the colour of coca-cola alteration, consumers ‘ acquaintance to the trade name will be disappear. Besides, Coca-cola should maintain its strength by keeping its relationship with consumer, because maintaining old consumers is ever easier and less dearly-won than happening new consumers.However, Coca-cola still has its failing. Its sub-brands are non every bit successful as its chief merchandise, Coca-cola. If it can non pull off them good, the weak public presentation of sub-brands may impact the overall public presentation of the company in the long-run. Besides, wellness issue is besides the weaker portion of the company, consumers who put more concern on wellness may defy imbibing Coca-cola because of this issue.

To undertake the wellness job, Coca-cola had developed Coke-light and Coke-zero, nevertheless, some consumers are non satisfied with the gustatory sensation of these two merchandise, besides, some consumers still doubted about the ingredient of these two merchandise, they worry that some other unhealthy ingredients had been added to replace the gustatory sensation of sugar. So, Coca-cola should do more attempt to convert the consumer, otherwise, the wellness issue will still be a failing point of the company.Actually, Coca-cola is holding many chances thanks to its big income. It can utilize the money on its publicity and R & A ; D. Besides, it can cut down the menace from rivals and increase market portion by purchasing out its rivals.

But still, it is confronting menaces from its most powerful rival, Pepsi. Pepsi had performed really good in their gross revenues particularly in the Asiatic states, besides, holding a higher growing rate than Coca-cola.


To reason, in order to accomplish better trade name image, Coca-Cola Company should maintain stressing on the sustainability, and sing the involvements of the concern, society and the environment, both in short term and in long term. Besides, those 11 guidelines of corporate administration should be adopted for members of the Coca-Cola Company to accomplish immense success.

As we mentioned before, the ratio analyses revealed the fiscal jobs of the company. So Coca-Cola has to set more accent on it before impacting the operations and public presentation of the company. Not merely the net income should be considered, but besides the fiscal issues, the trade name image and the relationship with the society.