Market Entry Research Paper

Market Entry Research Paper

Table of ContentssAbstraction:IntroductionEntry option:Merchandise Information:Life rhythm of Almond:Global useGlobal state of affairs:Competition:Major markets/importersSituation in India and PakistanMajor Buyers:Import Duties:Rules and ordinance:Environmental analysis:Political analysis:Economic analysis:Social analysis:Technological factors:Legal factors:Decision

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This market entry research paper is about the entry in Indian and Pakistani Market for the export of American Prunus dulciss. Research is conducted to cognize about the demand and ingestion of Prunus dulciss in India and Pakistan. Besides this regulations and ordinances about import of Prunus dulciss, import responsibilities in India and Pakistan are besides determined in this research paper.

To cognize about the overall state of affairs environmental analysis is conducted in which political, economic, societal, technological and legal factors are analysed in context of India and Pakistan.


Before come ining any market it is necessary to cognize about its factors. These factors include environmental analysis, import responsibilities in mark market, regulations and ordinance sing the imported merchandise in mark market. Environmental analysis includes political, economic, societal, technological and legal facets in mark market.

In the current survey mark market is India and Pakistan. The merchandise to be exported is Prunus dulciss. The ground of choosing India and Pakistan is explained below with facts.

Entry option:

The tactical entry option selected is direct export. The ground is it is most convenient and easy apprehensible and general thought of come ining option.

Other methods like foreign direct investing or joint venture are complex options. In exports usually costs are lower than of the other options. In direct exports there is more control over the minutess and concern. In state like India direct export is better option because distribution channels are easy of import at low cost.

Merchandise Information:

Almonds are usually considered as nuts ; in proficient footings these are the seeds of fruit grow on Prunus dulcis trees. Almonds provide our organic structure different foods like fats, saccharides, K, Ca, proteins and vitamins A, D and B-12.

Due to its usefulness Prunus dulciss have great demand in about every state ( Kamil, A & A ; Chen, C. Y, 2012 ) .To make concern it is necessary to understand the merchandise in item.

Life rhythm of Almond:

Almond has different phases during its lifecycle, through which it passes and so becomes available to be consumed ( Almond Board of California, 2013 ) .Down clipThe period from November to February is downtime for Prunus dulcis trees. In this cold period Prunus dulcis trees get foods and hive away them for the following year’s harvest.Blooming:Almond trees’ buds start to split from February to March. Buds of Prunus dulcis trees turn into light pink or white blooms and acquire ready for pollenation.

Pollination:Pollination occurs during March. Some trees do non get down pollenation by their ain so for these state of affairss bees are used to get down pollenation.Turning up:After pollenation Prunus dulciss start to turn from March to June and acquire difficult shell and meat is formed.Cracking unfastened:From July to early August almonds get down to check and open uncovering the Prunus dulcis shell and allow the Prunus dulciss to dry.Crop:After checking up the shells almonds trees are harvested through machines by agitating the trees.Blasting and size:After reaping, to take the shell or hull Prunus dulciss are passed through a roller.

Storage:After blasting and sizing, to keep the quality Prunus dulciss are transferred to storage installations. These are stored at that place until these are farther processed to do different assortment or shipped.Forms of AlmondAlmonds are normally found in the different signifiers.

These are used by different types of consumers and clients ( California Almonds, 2013 )

  • Slices/flakes
  • Sliver/halves
  • Diced/chopped
  • Meal/flour
  • Almond milk
  • Paste and butter
  • Almond oil
  • Green Prunus dulciss

Global use

Almonds are widely used in nutrient and non-food points. Food points include energy bars, confectionary, marchpane, Prunus dulcis butter, sauce and thickening. Non-food points include moisturizer and cosmetics ( Esfahlan, Jamei, R, & A ; Esfahlan, R.

J, 2010 ) .

Global state of affairs:

Entire one-year volume of Prunus dulciss traded about 1.5 to 1.7 million metric tons in the recent old ages. Following are the states which are bring forthing Prunus dulciss. Harmonizing to the production in recent old ages their ranking is given excessively ( Yada, S, Lapsley, K, & A ; Huang, G, 2012 ) .

State Ranking Production ( 000 )
United States 1 1410
Spain 2 220
Persia 3 160
Maroc 4 100
Italy 5 86
Syria 6 73
Tunisia 7 63
Turkey 8 55
Algeries 9 44
China 10 38


On the footing of recent statistics major rivals will be the exporters in United States. The ground is all exporters will be confronting about same costs and other disbursals like cargo charges, responsibilities etc.

Major markets/importers

Harmonizing to demand and ingestion major markets for Prunus dulcis exports are India, Japan and Turkey. From last many old ages India is still biggest export market for Prunus dulciss. The ground is civilization of India. Similarly Pakistan is besides a possible market because the civilization is about same as in India ( Blue Diamond, 2014 ) .

Situation in India and Pakistan

Almonds are considered to be of import portion of India’s and Pakistan’s cultural.

Beside this Prunus dulciss are besides considered to be of import for the growing of encephalon particularly for kids. Almonds are besides widely used in nutrients like Mithai, Qulfa and many other sweet dishes.As economic conditions in these states are acquiring better particular in India.

Standard of life and per capita income is increasing so people are now more witting about their wellness. In India largely people are vegetarian so in the meatless environment Prunus dulciss are best beginning of foods.The rate of ingestion of Prunus dulciss is increasing in India. In the recent twelvemonth it is observed to be increased by 20 % .

Aggregate demand for Prunus dulciss is fulfilled through the imported Prunus dulciss which are about 95 % . Major provider is California. Second major provider is Australia.

80 % of entire imports in India are from California and remainder is imported from Australia. The major metropoliss in India where Prunus dulciss are exported are New Delhi and Bombay. Then Prunus dulciss are transported to other countries where there is demand for Prunus dulciss ( Almond Board, 2012 ) .Due to Indian festivals demand and ingestion of Prunus dulciss addition in September and remain high till December.

Entire imports of Prunus dulciss in recent twelvemonth were 80 thousand metric tons of Prunus dulciss.Demand for American Prunus dulciss is high in India and Pakistan every bit good. Major imports in India and Pakistan are from California. That is why California is largest exporter of Almonds.

In California Blue Diamond Growers Cooperative is world’s largest animal trainer or accountant of Prunus dulcis.

Major Buyers:

Satya Foods is major purchaser of Prunus dulciss in India. Its one-year purchase volume is more than 300 Metric Ton. Pankaj & A ; Distributors is 2nd largest purchaser of Prunus dulciss in India.

Its one-year demand is about 100 Metric Tonnes. Similarly in Pakistan major purchasers of Prunus dulciss are Higo Organic Private ltd and Sardar nutrients ( Pvt ) ltd.

Import Duties:

Following are the revenue enhancements and responsibilities applicable on the Prunus dulciss sing export to India and Pakistan ( Duty Calculator, 2014 ) .

State MFN responsibility rate Gross saless revenue enhancement Additional responsibilities & A ; revenue enhancements
India 30 % No gross revenues revenue enhancement
  • CESS ( 3 % ( Duty + Countervailing responsibility ) )
  • Offseting responsibility ( 12 % ( CIFD + Landing charges ) )
  • Landing charges ( 1 % CIF )
  • Additional Countervailing Duty ( 4 % ( Landing charges + CIFD + Countervailing responsibility + CESS ) )
Pakistan 30 % 17 % Import regulative responsibility ( 20 % CIF

Rules and ordinance:

Sing exports of Prunus dulciss in India following paperss are required ( USDA, 2013 ) :

  1. Food Law/ Standard Certificate: Prevention of nutrient debasement Act ( PFA )
  2. Health and Sanitary Certificate: Sanitary Certificate
  3. License from FSSAI
  • For all units that process fruits and veggies
  • For irradiated nutrient
  1. Import declaration unwraping the value of the imported goods in the sanctioned Bill of Entry format
  2. Import License
  3. Certificate from the port wellness authorization which declares that merchandise follows the criterion of Prevention of nutrient debasement Act ( PFA )

Standards declaration

  1. Name and reference of manufacturer/packer/importer
  2. Name/trade name/description of merchandise
  3. Ingredients in falling order
  4. Net measure ( metric units )
  5. Month and twelvemonth of manufacturing/packing
  6. County of beginning
  7. Nutritional labelling
  8. Shelf life
  9. Pesticide residue and other contaminations
  10. Insecticide act 1986
  11. Registered pesticides use
  12. Packaging and container ordinances
  13. All weights or steps in metric units
  14. Use of PVC non allowed in packaging
  15. Port of Entry Inspection
  16. The certification of clearance for imported nutrient merchandises required by the Port Hath Authority.

Environmental analysis:

Political analysis:

In context of political analysis for the Prunus dulcis export to India the stableness of the Indian economic system is the important most perspective.

As the authorities of India has changed in the recent twelvemonth so the concern about the governmental policies must be brought under consideration. The policies may include the one top correct the balance of trade or balance of payment. If any such policy is implemented in the Indian economic system the export concern may hold a immense hit due to debut of quota. But as India have been a friendly state of the United States and is under immense influence of US authorities, so concern chance consisted on export of Prunus dulcis to India is non much in danger. Besides Pakistan is a stable province as per political position: political authorities finishing their term of offices, and besides the political parties are more inclined towards to work out a sound bureaucratism throughout the government.

So, Pakistan is besides a good market for the export of the Almond ( Tokuoka, 2013 ) .

Economic analysis:

Both the mark states are being recognized in the universe as per their economic context every bit good. They are bettering systematically whether speaking about their GDP or criterion of life. Besides the recent little betterment in the value of the currency of both the Indian and Pakistani Rupee, as compared to other currency, is authorising the persons to demand more of the quantum of fruits and dry fruits as in the yesteryear. So this leads to the using range of the concern in the recent hereafter. If this betterment in the persons in the mark states persists there will be betterment in per capita income and the demand of the Almonds and like fruits will spread out at rapid gait rendering the concern with more and more range to cover.

Social analysis:

This economic growing in the mark markets escort to intensifying wellness concerns of the persons in the countries.

The tendency of enjoyment from the nature and natural nutrient is augmenting. As a consequence they are more inclined towards the better ingestion. So, to hold such betterment in the life style of the persons the disposition of ingestion of superior quality merchandises is spread outing, taking to the more chance for the likewise concerns. This fact incentivizes our concern to run in the mark countries. In the hereafter at that place seems to be a higher demand of Almonds due to the uninterrupted betterment and developing gustatory sensation for the Prunus dulciss, along with the tendencies set in of eating hygiene nutrient in comparing to the other households.

Technological factors:

The technological factors lead to a possible betterment in the cultivation of the Prunus dulciss, due to debut of good chemicals for the growing of Prunus dulcis harvest included in the fertilisers.

As the demand by the assorted categories of clients is diversified from shelled and non-shelled to pale, half cut to shredded / chopped, every bit good as Prunus dulcis milk and oil ; so the more there is betterment in the technological betterment for executing of these demands of the clients, the more there is bright chance for the concern in future. The engineering is lending in every field of concern from agribusiness to industry, so the concern will be better off in fulfillment of the customers’ needs. This will take to more gross every bit good as more profitableness for the concern ( Tokuoka, 2013 ) .

Legal factors:

The capable affair of the concern is surely legal and is extremely demanded around the Earth. Besides this is non much of prone to illegal or illegitimate activities, unless the concern entirely is intended to run such activities.

So there are no affair of legal concerns which will be of aid for the concern to run freely without any limitations every bit long as it fulfils all the minimum demands of the mark states, like import responsibilities or other charges ( Schaffer, Agusti, F, & A ; Dhooge, L, 2014 ) .


To do entry into any market either it is foreign or domestic, it is really of import to make market research. This research includes the merchandise information and statistics of the mark market.

These statistics include import responsibilities, regulations and ordinances about merchandise which is to be exported in the mark market. It is besides really of import to cognize about the people and their civilization so that demand of the merchandise can be determined.After research it can be concluded that India is really possible market for the export of Prunus dulciss. The ground is high population with increasing consciousness about wellness and increasing criterion of life. That is why United States has become the largest exporter of Prunus dulciss in the universe.


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