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MarkTwain            MarkTwain, born as Samuel Langhorn Clemens and known as the first Americancelebrity and the father of literature, was extremely influential during the GildedAge through his writings. The Gilded Age got its name from the book, The GildedAge, written by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley. The book criticized thegovernment corruption, big business, and greed of the American people seen in post-civilwar America. Mark Twain continued to write short stories, articles, and books throughoutthe Gilded Age including Life on theMississippi, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn.

All three were influenced byhis childhood, growing up on the Mississippi River, and are well known today.However, The Adventures of HuckleberryFinn made the biggest impact on Mark Twain’s life and continues to make thebiggest impact today because its controversial content being taught or banned inschools. In the book Mark Twain attacks the continued harsh treatment of blackAmericans after the civil war and shows the possibility, as well as thestruggles, of making moral changes despite the pressures of society.

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The bookalso brought him a large amount of wealth through a publishing contract he hadwith Ulysses S. Grant. Despite the wealth and success, he obtained through thisbook, bad investments pushed him into debt and bankruptcy.

In order to savemoney and pay back his debts, Mark Twain moved to Europe and began a lecturetour around the world which greatly contributed to him becoming a well-knowncelebrity. His passion for the fair treatment of all people drove him tocontinue write about government corruption in both the United States and Europe.After paying off his debts and returning to the United Sates, Mark Twain becomesvice president of the Anti-Imperialist League until his death. Not only was the GildedAge named after one of his books, it also ended in the year Mark Twain died, 1910.Mark Twain’s life work challenged the status quoe of society, revealed the corruptionof the American government and big businesses, and championed the fight forracial equality in the southern United States. For these reasons and more, MarkTwain deserves to be honored as one of Time Magazine’s most influential people ofthe Gild


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