Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Marijuana Persuasive Essay Essay Research Paper Marijuana

Marijuana Persuasive Essay Essay Research Paper Marijuana

Marijuanas: Persuasive Essay Essay, Research Paper

Marijuanas: Persuasive Essay

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In California there is still more controversial argument over the usage of

marihuana for medical intents. The advantage with utilizing marihuana for medical

ground is, it eases the hurting, and loosen up them so they can bask the remainder of

their life. For these terminally sick patients the marihuana besides makes them

happy and gratifying to be about. The disadvantage is that after smoking it for

an drawn-out period of clip the bulk of the patients will develop lung malignant neoplastic disease.

That is non so bad for them sing there is no remedy for their disease. My

base point on this topic is that it is a good thought for marihuana to be used

as a medical drug for the intervention in terminal unwellnesss.

The province jurisprudence proposition 215 which says, that pot is legal to smoke if

you are utilizing it for medical grounds in terminally sick instances. This proposition

was on the November ballot and was voted into consequence. The federal jurisprudence that was

set into consequence no to long ago, provinces that utilizing marihuana for any ground

including medical grounds is illegal. This jurisprudence was put into consequence by the

president Bill Clintion. I feel that the jurisprudence hatchet mans in California should

ignore the federal jurisprudence or appeal it in tribunal.

There is another drug that is illegal to utilize in any manner but for medical

grounds. That drug is morphine, it is used in infirmaries to alleviate the sever

hurting of any patient. The ground I know this is that late my female parent was in

the infirmary for a encephalon aneurism and when she got concerns she was given

morphia. Th

is is merely like what is traveling on in California, people diagnosed

with AIDS and other unwellnesss should be able to utilize strong medical specialties including

marihuana to ease the agony that they are sing.

Particularly in California where there are more AIDS instances at that place than any

other topographic point in the state. All over the province there are clinics that supply

patients with pot for them to utilize to loosen up. Some of these topographic points have strict

guidelines for geting marihuanas and others do non hold so rigorous guidelines.

One of the clinics or nines ( as they call them ) was raided and shutdown by province

narcotics agents. The nine & # 8217 ; s name was Cannabis Buyers Club, which has

1000s of members was the one closure. The patients that received their pot

there were disquieted. City Hall, in the first hebdomad got 150 calls inquiring for aid.

Officials went to the Healing Alternatives Foundation and asked for aid.

Matthew Sharp, the foundation manager and an AIDS patient told the city manager that

he would non assist because of the guidelines.

Matthew crisp besides said he & # 8220 ; truly ne’er liked to smoke pot. & # 8221 ; But after

he was diagnosed with blowing syndrome, the smoke helped him to loosen up and it

helped he over come the sickness and get down eating once more. That is another manner of

how smoke pot has helped these patients start basking their lives more.

There are more patients with narratives like his and that is why I feel that

Proposition 215 should be enforce and non the federal jurisprudence. I think that

California should appeal the federal jurisprudence for the wellness and felicity of the

patients. That is my place on this topic.