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Many historians over the years havetried to explain how the Nazis proceeded in the Annihilation of Jews. This Historicaldebate involves Hitler as a dictator, and the role he carried out as “TheFuhrer” including the administration of Nazi Germany. The Intentionalists views determine that there isproof, that Hitler’s intention was the long term goal, of the Final Solution atthe time he came into power.

 Structuralists view maintain that this was not completely Hitler’s decisionfor future actions of Annihilation, but rather the ideas of the Jews evolvedwhen all other plans had failed.The Holocaust which is one of history’s most profound events, claimthat Hilter siezed opportunites as they came along, this was suggested by Andreas Hillgruber he quoted that the origins ofthe Holocaust debate suggests that Hitler was the driving force behind the Holocaust(pp222-236 Forever in the shadow of Hitler). He argued there was closeconnection between Hitler’s foreign policy and anti-Semitic policies and that Hitler’sdecision to invade the Soviet Union in 1941 was linked to the decision itinitiated the Holocaust. Functionalist’s opinion on this is that all the Nazisdid was unshackle the pre-existing pent up anti-Semitism (Daniel Goldhagen’sHitler Willing Executioners 1995).Since the details of the Holocaustand its barbaric genocide was exposed to the world the history of the storiesthat have unfolded sought to form conclusions of how it happened, how itevolved who was responsible and who carried it out. Historians still have theirown views on this and it is still argued today.

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The Holocaust was a catalogueof extreme complex events with myriad of contributing group’s individuals andmany different factors taken into account. This was not an isolated situationwith many different camps set up across Europe, it was genocide in the masseswith loads of ideas, people, events, places and interests simply trying to putthe pieces of the jigsaw together of who was to blame is not such an easy feat.Between 1939 and 1956 the Holocaust also known as Shoah aided by itscollaborators claimed the lives of millions of Jews nearly two thirds of the weakerrace murdered in a structured plan to annihilate, homosexuals, prison of war,witnesses, black people etc. it was the survival of the fittest only pure Germanblood. Nazi Anti- Semitism started off with scapegoating shops Jewish shopswith stars outside structuralistsbelieve that there was nothing to suggest he would kill Jews in the beginningIntentionlists believe its propaganda to think Jews are bad…quote this.

. In 1938 harsher measures started totake place. Kristallnacht 9-10 November, this was the first isolated anti-Semiticbehaviour.

A Jewish shop window was broken by members of the Nazi party and thestorm troopers. The Nazis excused this treatment for the attacks on a Germandiplomat killed by Hershl Grynszpan, Hitler’s minister of Propaganda, theJewish were raped murdered and pillage by the Nazi members. The aftermath showedthat many were beaten tortured with many Jewish businesses were destroyed alongwith synagogue during the process.

It has been documented that hundreds of Jewswere killed during this first pogrom, Strucuturalists say that Hitler was giving orders forhis army to act like thugs with no clear path to the Final Solutionintentionalists say that Hitler was testing the waters for future events as hewas not confident enough and did not have the financial back up to start a war.The next stage was code name operation “Barbarossa” this was the firstinvasion of the Soviet Union by the military. The planned mission was topermanetly ennhilate the percieved threat to Germany, and sieze the prime landwithin its borders as research shows that this was Hitlers long term plan andthe core of his nazis movement since the 1920s. intentionalist say that inrelation to the functionlists who argue that … Funtionalists dismiss thisreason on grounds that ProfessorMayer’s quoted that Operation Barbarossa 1941 during the first few weeks thekilling were carried out by locals .

Goldhagan documented that this was anintellectual error describing  the causeof the Final solution than anti-Semitism  The Nurenburg Laws were Anti Jewish statues September 15 1935 clarifyingracial policy and removing Jewish way of life from Aryan society.  Written hastily after the Night of the brokenglass it documented protection of German blood, honor and to regulate theproblem of marriage between Aryans and non Aryans  these new statues would define the fate ofmillions of people intentionlist propse that…  The Madagscar plan was a propsal set up by the Nazi party to relocate theJewish population to the Island of Madagascar. The Minister of Foreign Affairsfor German Government, proposed the idea in June 1940. This proposal for thehanding over of control of the island, then a French Colony, to German as partof the French surrender. This idea was revived in this year by the governmentthe resseltement of the Jews would be policed under the SS this plan was not viabledue to British Naval blockade this was then postoneded again after the Nazislost the battle in September 1940 and permantly quashed in 1942 with thecommentment of the Final Soluton intent say,,,struct say … Madagascar plan 1960 German NationalSocialism 1919-1945″ the constants were anti-communism, ant Semitism and the perceivedneed for Lebensraum( living space). I need help on how to word this?  The T4 Ethasnsia plan was devised just before the Final Solution October1939 Public Health authorities encouraged parents with disabilties to admittheir children to a number of specialised clinics operatives established sixchambers as part of the Ethanasia action. Code name T4 came from the name ofthe street of the programes name in berlin Tiergartenrasse 4. This programerepresented in many ways a rehersal for the Final Solution Intentionlist saythat Hitler was in charge and had full control structuralists suggest that Hitlersettled for straight forward murder as means of removal this has been muchharder to pinpoint Timothy Syndar Yale historian, Hilburg agreed that the Euthanasia programme and T4 programmethere was not enough budget for destructive measures.

  It is very difficult to determinewhich views are more important than the other, as differing perception’s andpictures that has been built up over the years, since these views can be drawnfrom the same amount of facts or information that has been documented. The Intentionalists view determine that there isproof, that Hitler’s intentions was the long term goal, of the Final Solutionat the time he came into power. The other view of structuralists argue thatthis was not completely Hitler’s decision for future actions of Annihilation,but rather the ideas of the Jews evolved when all other plans had failed. The  fate of the Jews in Europe was sealed by theFinal Solution all evidence suggest Hitler was  maybe a lazy leader, to get rid of all the Jews Intentionalist’sviews indicated that this was the straight road plan that Hitler’s plan was tokill all Jews from the start. In conjunction to the Stucturalist view theyargue that the road was not straight but curvy and there was many other factorswhich included the start of the Final Solution.

The Holocaust which is one ofhistory’s most profound events. All historians agreed on the Final Sloution and therehas not been any more evidence to support any more on the outcome of thisongoing historical debate.                                                    


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