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Many as an apprentice to a printer

Many know of a extraordinary man who once was extremely poor with not much to offer to becoming the world’s most well-known man in the entire world. With very little education and having on bankruptcy twice before he was 30, this man did not start out with very much luck. He used his wits and instinct to become the world’s most wealthiest entrepreneurs who touched the lives of all who he met and many all around the world today. So much failure and lost, he never gave up hope and became a very successful business leader. Milton Snavely Hershey was born on September 13, 1867 to Henry and Veronica Snavely Hershey in a small town in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. His mother was a devoted Mennonite, while his father constantly started new jobs. Because his father changed jobs so much, Milton’s family moved a lot. Because of this, he did not get a very good education. By the time he turned thirteen, he had attended six different schools. Even though he was smart, it was tough on Milton to always be changing schools. After the fourth grade, Hershey’s mother decided that he should leave school and learn a trade instead. Milton’s mother found him a job as an apprentice to a printer by the name of Sam Ernst. He would help set up each letter for the printing press and then load the paper and ink for the printer to work. After two years with the printer, Milton’s mother and aunt helped him to find a new apprentice job with a candy maker named Joseph Royer. As years went on, Milton had learned the craft of candy making. In 1876, he then moved to Philadelphia to start his own confectionery business. He then traveled to Denver where he learned how to make caramels using fresh milk. He started his second business, successful, only lasted three years, closing in 1886. Milton Hershey had a lot a failed moments, as well as some success. With learning how to make caramels, Milton went back to Lancaster, where he started a new candy business again. His business was only in making caramels. Thus starting the famous, Lancaster Caramel Company. Milton took all the knowledge he had gotten from his previous travels and began to sell his caramels in large quantities. One day, a man had tried Hershey’s caramels and fell so in love that he placed a tremendous order to be sent to Britain. Milton was able to pay off all his debts and buy more ingredients and equipments. In the 1990’s, Hershey’s company had gotten so big, he had over 1,000 employees in two of his factories. Milton had gone traveling to Chicago for an exposition, when he then found an interest in chocolate. Not short after, Milton took a huge risk and sold the Lancaster Caramel Company for one million dollars to start a famous chocolate company, Hershey’s Chocolate Company. Near his birthplace in Derry Township, Milton decided that it was the perfect location to start his upcoming project. He knew that he would need workers to help him make his dream a success so he decided to not only build a large factory in the country, but to also build a town. People thought he was crazy, however, he did not care. He went ahead with his plan and built the town of Hershey, Pennsylvania. It had lots of houses, a post office, churches, and schools. The chocolate company was a huge success. Soon Hershey’s chocolates were the most famous chocolates in the world. Milton Hershey was more than just a candy maker and a dreamer, he was a good businessman and learned from his earlier mistakes. When he first started making chocolate, he made one simple product: the milk chocolate candy bar. Because he made so many, he could sell them at a low price. This allowed everyone to afford chocolate. Milton also hired good people, advertised his chocolates, and invested in other aspects of chocolate making like the production of sugar. On May 25, 1898, Milton and his wife, Catherine “Kitty” Sweeny got married. They met in New York while Hershey was delivering one of his caramels and they instantly clicked. They lived a long happy life together, but unfortunately never had children. Because they never had kids of their own, Milton Hershey used most of his assets to invest in a school for orphaned boys, Hershey Industrial School. Since then, the school has now become opened to both boys and girls of all different ethnicities, now known as the Milton Hershey School. The Milton Hershey School now enrolls about 2,000 students each year, while the Milton S. Hershey Foundation, which Hershey established in 1935, funds educational and cultural activities for Hershey residents. After the death of his wife, Hershey never remarried and continued to work well into his 80’s and later died in Hershey, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1945. His legacy as a businessman continues to this day. The Hershey Chocolate Company has become one of the world’s greatest candy makers, with brands that include Almond Joy, Mounds, Cadbury, Reese’s and Twizzlers. His personal convictions about the obligations of wealth and the quality of life in the town he founded have made the company, community, and school a living legacy.