Managing Communication In Cultural Diversity Corporations Commerce Essay

Along with the development of globalisation, corporations are going more and more involved in the operation in a planetary environment of different cultural contexts. Particularly for those transnational endeavors, it is really common for the directors to see the defeat and challenge when pull offing the communicating within the civilization diversified corporation environment. When corporation operates concerns in cross-national boundary lines, it will confront non merely the national cultural disparity, but besides the disparity of corporate civilizations of the investment parties.

The operation and development of transnational endeavors in a different cultural environment make non merely depend on the combination province of the significant resources such as engineerings, but more significantly on the integrating of the cultural resources. Intercultural communicating is regarded as the important factor to lend to the success of transnational companies. Therefore, with respect to the importance of communicating in cultural diverseness Corporations, this essay critically analyses the current cultural diverseness of transnational corporations under the globalisation tendency. Based on this cultural diverseness, this essay will turn to the importance of pull offing intercultural communicating to the success of the corporations. Then it will discourse the challenges which directors will meet when pull offing the intercultural communicating within the organisation. Finally it will reason some effectual recommendations to get the better of the identified challenges.

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Cultural diverseness and intercultural communicating

Cultural diverseness refers to the cultural differences in different states and states.It is chiefly reflected through values, traditional civilizations, faiths, linguistic communications, and ways of thought, behaviour norms, wonts, and so on ( A-zbilgin & A ; Syed, 2010 ) . From the position of a transnational endeavor direction, civilizations are defined as the shared beliefs, norms, and values to steer the day-to-day life of a group of people with different cultural backgrounds within the organisation ( Schein, 2009 ) . Peoples from different cultural backgrounds work under one organisation ; it is really likely to take to cultural struggles and clashs since they are with different operation constructs and pull offing methods. Conflicts are surely non good for corporation ‘s development and enlargement ; hence, it is really of import for the corporations with cultural diverseness to implement an effectual intercultural communicating.

Intercultural communicating

Intercultural communicating normally refers to a signifier of planetary communicating. It takes topographic point in an organisation which is made up of persons from different values, traditional civilizations, faiths, linguistic communications, and ways of thought, behaviour norms, wonts and educational backgrounds.

Intercultural communicating is besides sometimes called as cross-cultural communicating in some literatures ( Durant & A ; Shepherd, 2009 ) . Intercultural communicating in a corporation refers to the information communicating between internal persons with different societal and cultural backgrounds. Particularly for those transnational endeavors, intercultural communicating seems highly of import for success in the planetary concern environment. It requires all employees non merely being cognizant of the differences between states, but besides utilizing a common linguistic communication to pass on and acknowledging disparity and keeping balance.

Intercultural communicating requires directors to efficaciously pass on with persons from different states with different cultural backgrounds in the different cultural contexts. Many of the world-renowned endeavor directors regard the capableness of intercultural communicating as their key to success.

Methods of intercultural communicating

With regard to the intercultural communicating methods, there are chiefly two sorts of communicating methods mentioning to verbal and non-verbal communications.

Verbal communicating

As linguistic communication is the tool of thought and communication, verbal look is closely related to believing. Language is the bearer of ideas and signifier of look ( Edwards, 2009 ) .

It is a signal system and based on the voice. Language is a societal phenomenon and the most of import communicating tool for human being. It is used as a tool to convey messages and ideas.

Of class, there are plentifulness of linguistic communications bing in the universe with alone composing ways. In a transnational endeavor, it is important for people to happen a shared linguistic communication so as to accomplish verbal communicating in the organisation and cut down the misinterpretation caused by linguistic communication difference every bit much as possible.

Non-verbal communicating

Compared with verbal communicating, non-verbal communicating refers to the procedure of communicating through other mute looks such as organic structure linguistic communication or positions, facial look or oculus contact etc ( Collins, Schrimmer, Diamond & A ; Burke, 2011 ) . In the communicating, messages are to be expressed by linguistic communication, but non-verbal communicating helps to explicate the messages context and help the hearers to understand.Intercultural communicating frequently needs to unite these two communicating methods. However, before using the non-verbal communicating manner, one should calculate out the non-verbal significance to the other civilizations as sometimes the same gesture might hold different significances for different civilizations.

Obstacles or challenges in intercultural communicating

For most directors in transnational corporations, they can see many challenges and obstructions in pull offing the civilization diversified corporation contexts. There are many factors which could impact the effectual communicating in the intercultural contexts. The factors concluded in this essay contain linguistic communication, self awareness, clip and infinite, faiths, beliefs & A ; attitudes, non-verbal communicating.


Obviously communicating is greatly dependent on the linguistic communication communicating. In many transnational corporations, linguistic communication communicating is the most ambitious obstruction in communicating. Although there might be a common linguistic communication shared in the corporation such as English, people from different civilizations & A ; states may hold different speech patterns and ways of looks. It will greatly diminish the effectivity of communicating. Most of clip, directors feel hard to pass on or decelerate in communicating when the trade with a group of persons from assorted cultural & A ; linguistic communication backgrounds.

Self consciousness

Due to assortments of cultural backgrounds, it will ensue in disparity in ego consciousness. People ‘s ego consciousness is closely related to their originally cultural cultivation, societal backgrounds and life manners. Therefore, it leads to great difference in how to believe and how to respond. Directors will on occasion happen that the difference in self consciousness can present challenges for them to pull off the intercultural communicating in the organisation.

Time and infinite

Another challenge for pull offing the intercultural communicating is the constructs of clip and infinite by persons within the organisation. Different civilizations have different perceptual experiences about the constructs of clip and infinite.

The American and Northern European have a additive clip construct and these societies are referred to as Time-Bound societies. This is called “ the usage of clip ” . In Asiatic states, Asiatic people have a “ cyclical clip ” and they think clip will come back once more when it pass off, every bit good as the chances and hazards ( Website, 2011 ) . In add-on to concept of clip, the construct of infinite which is besides a large concern in intercultural communicating is besides perceived otherwise in different civilizations. Western people treat infinite particularly between individual to individual otherwise from what a Chinese adult male will make.

In China, people feel uncomfortable to be excessively close to another 1. They do non surely hug another individual. Unlike Western people, they think clinch is a sort of love and regard.

Religions, beliefs & A ; attitudes

As a consequence of the historical development of states, it will ensue in different faiths, beliefs and attitudes. Due to these differences, in the concern environment, they will take to the difference in the ways of decision-making and struggles managing ( Multicultural Work Force, 2011 ) . For case, in USA, people spend two yearss to subscribe a contract, while in China it will take at least two hebdomads. Americans believes free competition and individuality.

In USA, American deputy has the existent power and can do determination within his given authorization. Taking duty is a virtuousness in America. However, in China, things are different. Corporate determination devising and corporate wisdom are more emphatic.

Non-verbal communicating

Non-verbal communicating is a really of import easing method in intercultural communicating. Directors are besides often confronted with obstructions from non-verbal communicating.

As non-verbal communicating can be really different across states, same gestures sometimes represent really different significance to people from different civilizations. Peoples from different cultural contexts may comprehend the non-verbal signals such as facial look, looks, organic structure linguistic communications etc. really otherwise.Therefore, intercultural communicating is a transactional, symbolic procedure affecting the ascription of intending between people from different civilizations ( Garcia & A ; Guerra, 2004 ) . Intercultural communicating is a tactic for directors prosecuting in the international concern environment.

There are plentifulness of obstructions and challenges in pull offing the intercultural communicating and directors or persons can cover with communicating more efficaciously by understanding these challenges and aid to plan the policies to get the better of these challenges.

Proposals to get the better of the obstructions and challenges in intercultural communicating

With the development of globalisation, intercultural communicating becomes more and more of import. Corporations should plan the corresponding communicating schemes with consideration of states, parts, industries, organisations, genders, nationalities, civilizations etc. If corporations want to develop the civilization diverseness as a competitory advantage, they should foremost liberate the head and face different civilizations and values right. Proposals to get the better of the obstructions in pull offing intercultural communicating are concluded as the undermentioned points:

1. Command linguistic communication communicating accomplishments proficiently

In the linguistic communication communicating, verbal communicating and written communicating are both of import.

Language is the direct manner to reflect the civilization. Different civilizations and different degree of communicating have different demands for the communicating signifiers. In intercultural communicating, when utilizing verbal communicating, one should hesitate frequently to give the hearers clip to understand or use written stuffs to ease the formal communicating.

2. Command the non-verbal communicating accomplishments

Learn to listen carefully is the first measure to cultivate the communicating accomplishments.

When hearing, it is really of import to detect the organic structure languages so as to understand the contexts behind the conversations. Since communicating can transcend the verbal linguistic communication, one can larn the non-verbal signals from other persons within the organisation and concluded the significances in these signals.

3. Learning, sing and developing the understanding ability of intercultural

Corporation particularly for those with civilization diverseness should stress the importance of intercultural preparation. The contents of preparation should cover civilization acknowledgment, civilization sensitivity, linguistic communication acquisition, accomplishments of intercultural communicating and covering with intercultural struggles, regional environment simulation.

4. Correctly treat the disparities and keep a positive attitude to recognize the cultural individuality in the organisation

In the communicating procedure, the disparities between different civilizations objectively exist. This is the premiss which should be accepted before taking intercultural communicating. In order to recognize the effectual intercultural communicating and avoid unneeded struggles, it is the basic demand to handle the cultural disparity. First, corporations should measure the root cause of the cultural struggles, and so analyse how the struggles are showing, and eventually calculate out the most suited intercultural communicating methods and ways based on the analyses of cultural diverseness.

5. Take the advantage of cultural diverseness

This covers two schemes including civilizations parallel compatible scheme and peaceable compatibility scheme.

Cultures parallel compatible scheme is the highest signifier of cultural compatibility which is normally called “ cultural complementarity ” ( Span-Culture Management, 2011 ) . To be clear, it means the subordinates of transnational endeavors will non follow their place state ‘s civilization as their chief organisational civilizations. Peaceful compatibility scheme refers to the action of concealing the chief civilizations of both ( Span-Culture Management, 2011 ) . Although there are great cultural differences lying between the place corporations and the host states, the subordinate companies will easy happen “ cultural clashs ” in the day-to-day operation due to immense cultural differences. Therefore, it will be helpful for pull offing these cultural struggles if taking the chief civilizations which chiefly cause the struggles and salvage the comparatively less influential and important civilizations in the organisations.


In decision, pull offing communicating in cultural diverseness corporations is really necessary under the international concern context.

With the development of globalisation, there will be more and more corporations which have cultural diverseness. While effectual communicating within the organisation is the basic premiss for corporate concern success. For cultural diverseness corporations, it requires intercultural communicating which is far more complicated than other general communications.

Therefore, pull offing intercultural communicating becomes one of the most of import factors to find the success of the corporations. Efficient communicating between directors and workers from assorted cultural backgrounds ensures harmonious and efficient work completion. Corporations should calculate out the challenges in intercultural communicating as analyzed in this essay and so plan the best schemes to implement the communicating so as to accomplish an efficient intercultural communicating within the organisation.


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