Managing Business – Individual Assignment Essay

Pull offing BusinessTable of ContentssIntroductionAnalysis the job that facedPlaningWhat is be aftering all about?Mission, Vision, Aim Goal and TargetPlaning for the Charity BazaarPlaning for the locationPlaning for the sponsorship and voluntaryPlaning for the StationFormingWhat is forming all about?Administration confabLeadingWhat is taking? ?Leading MannerControlingWhat is commanding?What method been used?DecisionMention:


The intent of composing the study is do a charity for the administration to raise fund for edifice of its ain office premiss, which estimated to be RM 100,000.

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Chiefly of the point of this study is how does the administration raises the fund and what ways that the administration had used. The theories that the administration base on is Goal-Setting Theory, Functional Departmentalization, Concurrent control, Feedback control, POLC which means Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

Analysis the job that faced

The job that the administration had faced divided into two parts which is internal and external. Internal job that have faced is how to make the mark, how to cut down the cost needed for the charity, how to actuate the member and more other. External job that have faced is how to lease a topographic point of the auto park with the supermarket, how to pull the client, the conditions and many more.

Internal Problem External Problem
  • How to make the mark
  • Reduce the cost demand
  • Motivate the member
  • Get the permission for the Supermarket
  • Attract the client
  • Weather
  • The secure of the auto park
  • Get Sponsorships and Volunteers


What is be aftering all about?

The definition of the planning is specifying ends, set uping schemes to accomplish ends, developing programs to incorporate and organize activities (Overview of Management, Mr. Kantharow, 2013) : -which help the administration to carry through the ends of the administration.

Mission, Vision, Aim Goal and Target

Mission To assist more people
Vision Within the Charity Bazaar activity, collect fund for new office premiss
Purpose To raise fund for edifice of its ain office premiss
Goal and Target Collect RM 100,000 during the CharityPromote our charity administrationGet more voluntary to assist for our administration

Planing for the Charity Bazaar

Planing for the location

For the Charity Bazaar, the commission member had agree to lease a auto park at the Charity Bazaar will turn up at Park City Mall top floor auto park. Committee decided to take this topographic point is because Park City Mall is the first Mall and the one of the most people when for shopping. The auto Parks that had chosen by the commission have a screen that can suit in any conditions. More than that the locations has a batch of hotel and have lodging country, but besides because of that the traffic of the country is non good. Committee member will take the permission from their trough and supply a shackle to thanks for their support. After we get the auto Parks, the auto Parkss will divided into 3 Stationss which are Food and Drink, Game zone, singing competition and the agreement will demo in the figure 1. More Station item can be found in Planing for the Station.Managing People In Practice Module Leader Commerce Essay

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