Managerial Accounting Essay

Due to positive turnout of many concerns. cross-functional incorporate systems is non merely going a tendency but will be here to remain. The whole system provides nest eggs from clip.

cost and quality compared to manually re-entering of informations from one concern map system into another system particularly if it is still on a non-integrated environment. Thru the incorporate systems. the directors can hold direct entree to relevant information important to a determination. This besides provides the demands of the clients. providers and concern spouses every bit good.

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In footings of operations. concern endeavor runs smooth given the cross-functional systems. This saves times and dramatically improves the efficiency of entire operation. it can move strategically # 3.

Which of the 13 tools for accounting information systems summarized in Figure 7. 18 do you experience are indispensable for any concern to hold today? Which of them do you experience are optional. depending on the type of concern or other factor? Explain.Essential:1 ) Gross saless Order Processing- This is how orders are processed without this entrance and surpassing orders is non monitored.

Since my company deals with fuel retailing it is really of import that orders are managed and delivered to our clients.
2 ) Gross saless Analysis- This is really of import since we have to analyse good if our gross revenues are picking up or non. it is where we understand the demands and wants of our clients. This besides helps us analyse what factors to see in managing our merchandises gross revenues ( such as supply and demand. borders. monetary values and market ) .3 ) Accounts Receivable- This is where we monitor our receivables from our clients. Without this.

we will non be able cod our gross revenues. This is besides a tool in supervising our company’s profitableness.4 ) Accounts Collectible – We besides need to supervise our dues from our provider and clients so that we can settle our payables to them.5 ) Purchases- It is really indispensable for a concern that purchases are monitored and managed ( in footings of stock list. supply concatenation ( since we do retailing ) . turn around clip of our merchandises.

monetary values. borders. costs. payments and dues ) .6 ) Inventory Processing- without taking note of stock list processing stock lists. costs of the producst. monetary values will non be managed good. It is really indispensable that concern presents have to hold competitory advantage.

for illustration. for us in retailing. we have to pull off our inventory’s monetary values and turnover. our payables and our gross revenues.7 ) General Ledger- it is where we see the complete minutess of the company be it in stock list. histories collectible and receivables.

and gross revenues.8 ) Payroll- Business can non last without employees. it is were employees’ 9 ) services are being compensated. with the systematize attack that we have employees are given wages in no perspiration since it is already organized.

All the above mentioned systems are the common systems used in Business accounting and some of them are related to stock list which is I think is the major factor to see in a concern.Optional:1. Billing- this is were we know the due of our clients and our providers.2. Cash receipts- it were we manage dues and receivables. this helps us in pull offing our revenue enhancements besides ( BIR deductions are being managed for entering ) .3.

Cash disbursment4. Fiscal reporting- we have stakeholders and stockholders and the company every bit good have full position of the studies to cognize the company’s stableness.5. TimekeepingThose 5 systems are optional because it is portion of the back terminal support on the chief concern.# 4.

What other solutions could at that place be for the job of information systems mutual exclusiveness in concern besides EAI systems?Alternative to an EAI ( Enterprise Application Integration ) in executing informations transition and coordination. application communicating and messaging services and entree to the application interfaces are the undermentioned:

First. for informations transition andcoordination and all related to capturing informations. a concern can utilize a POS ( point of sale ) with a immense size of waiter as an option of EAI while for the communicating and messaging services.

a concern can utilize the ECS ( Enterprise Collaboration system ) as an alternate tools in enterpise coaction.
# 7. How can Internet engineerings be involved in bettering a procedure in one of the maps of concern? Choose one illustration and measure its concern value. Internet engineerings has helped on betterments in capturing informations to include transition and coordination and besides betterments in communicating and messaging services.In our company. an illustration of this is the creative activity of dealer’s portal. Dealer’s portal consists of all related information of the trader.

This includes the online placing of orders. supervising their bringings. statement of history.

on-line filing of proficient petition. preparation petition and the position of all their reimbursements. In this betterment.

this would cut down the communicating concatenation and enable the existent clip minutess of petition of each traders.Chapter 8Discussion Questions:# 1. Should every company go a customer-focused concern? Why or why non? Yes. a company is nil without a client. They are the staff of life and butter of the company. However.

there are some companies that focuses for two chief clients the internal ( employee ) and the external clients. They include internal because they consider their employees as their clients to derive their trueness and for them to work harder which in consequence is client satisfaction.

# 2. Why would systems that enhance a company’s relationships with clients have such a high rate of failure?Reasons for high rate of failure:1. Poor coordination and communicating prior to the release of the new system2.

Not decently implemented3. Poor cooperation with some of the employees# 4. How could some of the dramatic failures of ERP systems have been avoided?Thingss to see to avoid failure of ERP systems:1. Proper planning and coordination prior to the execution2. Planning should see the possible jobs that may be encountered during the execution.

3. Proper preparation to all employees who will be utilizing the system# 7. How can the job of overenthusiastic demand prognosiss in supply concatenation planning be avoided?Thingss to see to avoid the job of overenthusiastic demand prognosiss in supply concatenation planning:1. Submission of traveling splashboard ( gross revenues forecast ) on a quarterly footing.2.

Delegate a point individual for each section involved3. Weekly meeting to update activities for each section involved.4. Proper analysis on the market tendency


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