Manage information flow Essay

In today ‘s information-driven universe, administrations need to efficaciously organize resources and manage information flow across their overall organizational procedures. ERP system forms the anchor substructure that determines how competent an administration operates ( Caruso, 2003 ) . “ It [ ERP system ] overcomes the inefficiencies of independent systems and non-integrated informations by supplying integrated informations to back up multiple concern maps ” ( Sumner, 2005, p.

3 ) . Harmonizing to Louis Columbus, a senior analyst with AMR Research, “ ERP systems have transitioned from being an enterprise-wide system for fiscal coverage to going a synchronism point of providers, fulfilment, client relationships and services. As a consequence, they are critical to companies being able to alter their go-to-market schemes and remain antiphonal to the market ” ( Columbus, 2009 ) .Harmonizing to Gerald et Al, “ Oracle E-Business is the lone end-end concern application that runs wholly on the Internet, back uping e-business across fabrication, supply concatenation direction, client relationship direction, business-business, financials, undertakings, human resources, and concern intelligence maps ” ( 2001, p.xxiii ) . Exploiting the capableness to run on the Internet, Oracle E-Business suite provides handiness characteristics such as screen readers, gas pedal cardinal functionality, etc, that aid people with disablements ( Zasowski et al, 2008 ) . In the recent clip, Oracle has made several acquisitions of some of the major endeavor package companies such as JD Edwards, Siebel and PeopleSoft.

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This strategic move has given Oracle E-Business suite the competitory advantage over the taking the ERP package in the market ( Hamerman, 2008 ; Jacobson et Al, 2008, Oracle, 2005 ) . Oracle E-Business Suite runs on a individual planetary platform and integrates with Oracle ‘s Fusion Middleware, to enable endeavors to widen and run other Oracle and non-Oracle secure and decision-making applications that include concern integrating, concern intelligence, maestro informations direction, and individuality direction ( Oracle, 2009 ) .Oracle E-Business suite provides a broad scope of faculties that are tailored to integrate the best pattern functionalities and procedures for specific industry sectors. In fabrication, it offers faculties such as Oracle Project Collaboration application, Oracle Advanced Product Catalog, Oracle Sourcing and Manufacturing, Oracle Production Scheduling, etc.

that provides support for full mix-mode, thin and flexible fabrication. Companies in the distinct fabrication industry, such as the automotive makers exploit the usage of E-Business suite to supply support for providers with long lead times therefore, bettering their efficiency in make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order, etc, fabricating operations without compromising quality. Harmonizing to Simon Bragg, manager of research for ARC Advisory Group, “ Prophet is the most experient ERP provider when it comes to back up for advanced Lean fabrication functionality..

. [ and ] … has the best vision of how to use thin thought to enterprise procedures ” ( Oracle, 2005 ) .Today, more than 300 automotive industry houses run Oracle E-Business applications that help them transform their concern, overcome their productiveness challenges to efficaciously accomplish the concern strategic aims. Specifically, Oracle E-Business Suite ‘s Automotive Solutions help automotive endeavors in ; collaborative merchandise development and control on merchandise time-to-market, increased planetary spend visibleness, increased throughput, lower stock list and waste direction, OEM-specific Just-In-Time ( JIT ) production and enhanced client service ( Oracle, 2005 ) .

“ Since 1995, Dana Corporation, a planetary leader in the design, technology, and industry of value-added merchandises and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicles, has used the Oracle E-Business Suite to expeditiously react to client demand, globally beginning stuffs, flexibly industry merchandises, and guarantee on-time bringing ” ( Oracle, 2004 ) .

Describe the ERP System

Oracle E-Business Suite is a aggregation of incorporate concern applications that enables endeavors to expeditiously pull off their overall concern activities such as associating with clients, securing stuffs, fabrication merchandises, presenting services, transportation of orders, roll uping payments, be aftering etc ( Oracle, 2009 ) .The suite includes standard endeavor direction applications such as Asset Lifecycle Management ( ALM ) , Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) , Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM ) , Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) Manufacturing Resource Planning ( MRP ) , Human Resource Management ( HRM ) , Finance, etc that is built on Oracle incorporate information architecture ( ICS, 2006 ) .Figure 1 illustrates some of the typical concern maps and sections Oracle E-Business Suite cuts across.Figure 1 – Adapted from: [ ICS, ( 2006 ) “ Meet the Unique Requirements of Your Industry ” ]Unlike traditional application package which automates merely departmental concern procedures, Oracle E-Business Suite enables endeavors to incorporate and automatize seamlessly all parts of their concern activities onto a individual planetary information platform – coordinating and consolidating information across departmentally, line-of- concern spheres or geographically located boundaries ( ICS, 2006 ) .

“ With Oracle E-Business Suite ‘s deepness of merchandise functionality and comprehensiveness of merchandise offering, you can take your concern farther by automatizing procedures across the endeavor ” (, 2009 ) .E-BusinessSuitealso supports Oracle ‘s Fusion Middleware, an application which enables endeavors to widen and run other secure and decision-making applications that include concern integrating, concern intelligence, maestro informations direction, and individuality direction that facilitates effectual strategic and operational decision-making every bit good as increasing concern value. “ Organizations that use the Oracle E-Business Suite as a strategic ERP application frequently have two aims – to increase the concern value of the Oracle E-Business Suite and cut down their entire cost of ownership ” ( Quest Software, 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Gerald et Al, “ Oracle E-Business is the lone end-end concern application that runs wholly on the Internet, back uping e-business across fabrication, supply concatenation direction, client relationship direction, business-business, financials, undertakings, human resources, and concern intelligence maps ” ( 2001, p.xxiii ) . They claim that by working the power of the Internet, Oracle E-Business Suite operates on a short rhythm clip and allows high customization capableness. Bing an Internet-based system, Oracle E-Business Suite applications are either Forms-based or HTML-based doing it easier to work the Internet-Web characteristics and most significantly, incorporating several handiness characteristics such as screen readers, gas pedal cardinal functionality, etc, that aid people with disablements ( Zasowski et al, 2008 ) .Oracle E-Business Suite current version is the E-Business Suite R12 which was released on 31 January 2007.

The version is supported to run on a choice of waiter platforms such as IBM Mainframe, Linux ( SUSE, Red Hat, Debian/Ubuntu ) , Novell Netware, Unix ( Solaris, AIX ) , Window Server, etc ( TEC, 2009 ) .In add-on to E-Business Suite, and following the recent acquisition of some of the major endeavor package sellers such as JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle besides offers other ERP bundles ; Oracle ‘s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle ‘s PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.0.The E-Business Suite R12 Technology stack is based on a 3-tier – Client, Application, and Database – logical architecture as shown on Figure 2.Figure 2 – Adapted from: [ Chan, ( 2009 ) “ E-Business Suite Technology Essentials ” ]

Describe its application to an industry

Prophet is committed to the automotive market, as it is with all of the industry markets where Oracle displays strong market and engineering solutions ” ( Oracle, 2005 ) .

The Primary end of any fabrication system is to take assorted inputs such as work force, stuff, machine, measuring and methods and change over these inputs into merchandises as end product. In order to accomplish this it is of import for the concern to take its fabrication procedures, it may be project fabrication, Discrete fabrication, Repetitive fabrication, Flow fabrication or Procedure fabrication ( Gerald et al, 2002 ) .Regardless of which fabricating methodological analysis, Oracle E-Business Suite allows the fabrication industry the ability to optimise their production capacity ; get downing from sourcing, procurance and direction of natural stuffs through to recognizing the concluding finished merchandise. Built on information centric architecture, E-Business Suite provide an incorporate set of trim applications that utilizes the same set of informations for efficient analysis and competent determination devising. This provides the automotive industry clients the capableness to efficaciously turn to their concern challenges ( Oracle, 2005 )Oracle ‘s e-Business Suite provides the following cardinal benefits in turn toing the challenges that the automotive industry enterprises face.

Collaborative Product Development

Problem: One of the key challenges the automotive industry brushs is seeking to turn to the demand for a more co-ordinated and collaborative attempt amongst their series of LOB in presenting new merchandise design and developing bing merchandises in the market. Chiefly, an automotive endeavor wants to cut down the time-to-market on the new merchandise designs and concentrate more on development merchandises that are inline with the client demands.

Necessitating timely information and effectual communicating, this map is typically accomplishable in an environment where there is uninterrupted and early coaction of the stakeholders in specifying the public presentation ends, consumer penchants, possible cost options, etc throughout the overall development procedure. However, an built-in barrier in the manner the automotive value concatenation is organized prevents this from go oning, thereby presenting challenges to the endeavors in run intoing the overall merchandise development aim. ( Oracle, 2009 )Oracle ‘s solution: Oracle E-Business Suite provides sets of solution that facilitates collaborative merchandise development such as Oracle Project, Oracle Advanced Procurement.Oracle Project Collaboration, a portion of Oracle Project in the E-Business Suite, provides a web-based collaborative workplace that addresses the alone challenge of conveying together globally spread squad members located locally, globally, internally and/or externally within the fabrication organisation and allows them the capableness to raise and decide issues, brand alterations, portion paperss, path and pass on their working advancement in real-time manner. “ Oracle Project Collaboration extinguish holds in the transportation of time-sensitive undertaking information and enables squad members to join forces and pass on more easy in their attempts to reexamine and finish undertaking work ” ( Oracle, 2009 ) . In kernel, it enhances a controlled and collaborative attempt of effectual decision-making and planning amongst the stakeholders towards the overall procedure of merchandise development.Oracle Advanced Product Catalog is another application that is really utile to the fabrication companies.

It provides an cyberspace based undertaking direction platform to keep information and command the construction of a merchandise throughout its lifecycle. Oracle Advanced Product Catalog is integrated with Oracle Sourcing and Oracle Manufacturing to back up the fabrication company to work in parallel with the Line-Of-Business ( LOB ) in cut downing time-to-market and successfully outsourcing undertakings. “ Using information from the Product Catalog, Oracle Manufacturing allows streamlining the release-to-manufacturing procedure, automatically updating critical information such as points and measures of stuff alterations every bit good as propagating and put to deathing technology alteration petitions, and Oracle Sourcing is able to drive the procurance, planning, and design executing systems, enabling support of the full identification-to-contract procedure ” ( Oracle, 2009 )

Increase visibleness of planetary spend

Problems: Fabrication companies make net income by their ability to obtain their production stuffs and services at a low cost. In automotive industry, it is a major challenge with companies passing more as a consequence of their inability to keep a competent and dynamic record of sellers and providers from which they can efficaciously offer, beginning and/or procure stuffs and services at the least possible cost.

( Oracle, 2009 )Solution: Oracle E-Business Suite provides a to the full incorporate sourcing and procurement solutions tailored to supply extended functionalities that help the automotive industry manage and command their supply procedure. Oracle Procurement includes Oracle Sourcing solution to supply a collaborative and negotiation platform with the providers. By the virtuousness of this characteristic, it enables companies to better relationships with its planetary supply-base, beef uping the deal power and therefore, significantly increasing efficiency in sourcing, cut downing costs in buying and increasing the concern value. “ With one system that handles all types of spend ( direct, indirect, services and so on ) – with full integrating for the full rhythm – a company can include more of its disbursement under more good understandings, while cut downing the disposal demands and cost. The net benefit is improved borders and operations ” ( Oracle, 2009 ) .

Increase throughput, lower stock list and waste

Problem: In the yesteryear, the Nipponese car industry had bit by bit evolved mass production system to today ‘s thin fabrication system by bettering the stock list direction, operational manner and client services in a command to cut downing waste, salvaging costs and adding more concern value ( Bessant & A ; Tidd, 2007 ) . Agile fabrication procedure has been introduced to extenuate the issue of increasing fluctuations in demand and shorter merchandise lifecycle. Harmonizing to ( ref Oracle ) , “ Unfortunately, most ERP systems do non back up agile fabrication, coercing companies to make extended workarounds or disable important parts of their fabrication applications to efficaciously leverage nimble fabrication procedures in their operations ” ( Oracle, 2009 )Solution: Prophet ‘s Discrete Manufacturing provides support for full mixed-mode agile fabrication. It allows the usage of Kanban, work-orderless completion and back-flushing operations attack for stock list direction system. More so, the solution besides provides automotive companies the support for make-to-stock, assemble-to-order ( ATO ) , engineer-to-order ( ETO ) , or other environment – without needfully compromising the nucleus functionality of any of the fabrication methods.

Extra solution provided by Oracle upgraded version of 12.1 for Car Industry includes:

( Oracle, no day of the month )

  • aˆ? Maximizing the value by linking and optimising supply, demand and design ironss with the new Value Chain Planning solutions in Supply concatenation direction.
  • aˆ? Expect speedy return on Investing by effectual pull offing wage for public presentation on a planetary graduated table with Oracle Incentive Compensation.

  • aˆ? Increased operational efficiency and stock list direction excellence to vie with the fast paced and disputing concern environment with Oracle Warehouse Management.
  • aˆ? Improvement in the HR, talent direction analytics, undertaking analytics and federal fiscal Analytics would accomplish fast clip to value by cut downing the ingestion clip and take downing the entire cost of ownership with analytics.
  • aˆ? Improve visibleness to estimated costs and do better sourcing determinations with Oracle Landed Cost Management ( LCM )

DecisionOracle E-Business suit is the lone package that can supply terminal to stop procedure mechanization, and a incorporate information architecture for immediate entree to quality concern information. The applications in Oracle E-Business Suite are build on incorporate information architecture, it consolidates informations from both Oracle and non-Oracle applicationsand sets a definition of the clients, the providers, the spouses, and besides the employees across the full endeavor. The application of the E-Business suit can supply the concern with current public presentation prosodies, fiscal ratios, net income and loss sum-ups and other of import information that is required by the sections across the administration. Oracle ‘s incorporate application besides reduces the IT disbursals because of the decrease for the demand of package integrating, informations interlingual rendition, and package customization, while the company achieves rapid on-line bringing ; secure, dependable, on-line services with planetary handiness ; and a scalable solution that can turn along with the demands of the company. Whether the concern implements the whole of E-business suit or take to implement merely a few faculties, the concern will profit from doing better determinations with better information, cut down IT disbursals and run the concern more expeditiously and efficaciously.

( Oracle 2001 – 2002 )

List of members

  1. Amaka. Azike ( ITMOC )
  2. Donald Nnama ( EBIN )
  3. Kiran Uppoor ( EBIN ) – 09226249
  4. Sagar.Paliwal ( EBIN ) – 09332065
  5. Shalom. Wilfred ( EBIN ) – 09260846


Procedure: The squad interacted with each other chiefly through Google Doc, courier and skype. The group work i.

e. study and presentation was split between the squad members, each one was responsible for the information provided maintaining in head the deepness of research and analysis. The squad met on a regular footing to maintain path of the quality of the work done by every person and to guarantee that the deadlines were metContributions:Presentation: Amaka. A and Sagar. PaliwalReport and Case Study: Donald. Nnama, Kiran Uppoor and Shalom Wilfred

Utility of exercising


Azike: This exercising was so enlightening as I was able to cognize about how an ERP system works. The experience and cognition gained on working about ERP in car industry was tremendous. During the research performed for presentation, I gained immence cognition on the assorted ERP systems available in the market. I did come to cognize about how different concerns choose the ERP systems based on their demands.Donald. Nnama: This exercising was really utile in footings of both the academic cognition acquired and the accomplishments developed.

Generally, the initial searching for ERP system and application to an industry ( subject ) brought to my consciousness the broad assortment of ERP systems and sellers available in the market. In analyzing the ERP system into this study, I understood how ERP system has proven to be a valuable direction tool in modern twenty-four hours enterprises. This exercising gave me the chance to correlate consolidate the practical cognition gained from the SAP research lab session with the theory gained from extended researching of the subject. In kernel, I took clip alongside developing this assignment to understand and transport out research on some of the confusing constructs that I came across in the research lab session.Besides the academic cognition learnt from this exercising, it helped in geting and developing accomplishments such as effectual team-working attacks, efficient researching and comprehensive authorship accomplishments and significantly, standard referencing in academic work.Kiran. Uppoor: The Oracle ERP has widen my cognition on Oracle ERP for an car industry. My part was chiefly focused on application of ERP to automobile industry.

What I learnt from this exercising is that the assorted functionality can be collaborated on a existent clip footing which in bend leads to smooth running of the industry.Sagar. Paliwal: Working on the ERP undertaking was really interesting. The undertaking was able to province the importance of an ERP system in a company. It was through this undertaking that the significance of an ERP system in automotive industry became clear.

The manner in which the undertaking was managed was besides really interesting. By spliting up the undertakings between ourselves, we were able distribute the undertakings every bit and efficaciously. We all did our equal portion of informations excavation and collaborated on the concluding consequences.

SAP – Tocopherol concern as a class seemed challengingly interesting. The undertaking required a elaborate background research on an ERP supplier and its parts to a peculiar industry. As a squad we selected, Oracle and the fabrication industry. My parts to the squad were in footings of the natural information excavation, the readying of the presentation slides and showing the squad during the presentationShalom. Wilfred: Working on this study gave me a item apprehension of the Enterprising Resource Planning and its execution in concern to carry through higher productiveness and smooth work flow. While working on Oracle ERP E- concern suite, it gave me an overview of the other bing ERP systems offered by different companies.

When I asked myself “ Why Oracle ” , the research on the different Companies led me into larning that all ERP systems someway or the other have drawbacks. I was surprised to read that SAP the giant is non flexible plenty and that Oracle is more customizable when compared to SAP. ( Goldman, A. 2009 )The SAP workshop was peculiarly interesting because it gave us a practical experience of how the system works. I enjoyed the blend of theory, research and pattern of utilizing and understanding the ERP system.

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    Appendix A

    Beginning: Bertini Comercio, 2007 [ Online ]Accessible via: hypertext transfer protocol: //

    br/en/cases_arvinmeritor.htmAccessed on – 9th December 2009Case survey on Arvin Industries Inc. and Meritor Automotive, IncArvinMeritor was formed in 2000, it is the result of unifying two companies with complementary merchandise lines, a strong presence in the worldwide car and has a engineering tradition of about 100 old ages. The company has developed a alone method to pull off its concern by anticipating and transcending its clients demands, and furthering excellence and occupation satisfaction. The company now seeks to go the chief participant of a broad scope of merchandises and services in the automotive industry. As a planetary supplier of incorporate automotive systems, faculties and constituents, ArvinMeritor provides original equipment makers ( OEMs ) and replacing markets with technological solutions for little vehicles, trucks, coachs and off-road vehicles. ( Bertini Comercio, 2007 )Some of the challenges faced by the company are ( Bertini Comercio, 2007 ) ,

    • The demand to replace old applications for a secure and dependable system
    • To maintain a technological substructure based on the best patterns
    • To upgrade the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications, from version 11.0.3 to 11i.
    • Interfaces of the Legacy Systems of the company with Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

    Solutions to these jobs include ( Bertini Comercio, 2007 )

    • By extinguishing redundancies, rework and waste at that place was a important decrease of disbursals
    • Brought addition in productiveness and legerity in the procedures through reconstituting the staff
    • Provided the installation to pull out information that is dependability
    • It improved stock direction by cut downing mistakes and salvaging resources
    • Increased the dependability of informations by using new tools for determination devising.
    • It brought more control and besides the increased direction capacity.

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