Man Versus Wild Review Essay

As the liberal studies society in our school is planning to organize an exhibition of books and dvd movies for the students in the senior forms, I would like to introduce man versus wild to all of you as we could pursuit knowledge in various fields. Man versus wild is a survival reality show hosted by Bear Grylls. The show focuses on Grylls as he endures harsh conditions with minimal resources and finds his way back home.

Moreover, the show captures the beauty and dangers of the wildness.The action adventure show Man vs Wild also features local survival techniques in various popular tourist destinations. With only a few basic instruments, Grylls demonstrates survival techniques and teaches skills like eating raw meat and live fish, drinking the fluid of animals for hydration, finding water in the desert, climbing out of quicksand, catching fish without a pole, and fighting hypothermia after falling into a frozen lake. The idea is to provide help to adventure tourists who might find themselves stranded in inhospitable circumstances and would otherwise die.If you often watch Man Vs.

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Wild, you will notice two features. First, there were a lot of pee-related activities where Grylls is a man who has drunk his own urine out of a dead snake carcass in the desert. Second, Grylls usually finds some kind of animal or giant mutated insect and immediately sticks his knife in it, declaring it good to eat. Grylls will eat anything, pretty much, usually while carefully describing how gross it is, but he seems to enjoy even the most disgusting meals, and he never shies away from experiencing their flavors.

I am unlikely to chow down on a raw sheep’s eyeball anytime soon, but this provides us encouragement to try new things, and to actually taste them. Grylls is a man who will take off his clothes at a moment’s notice. Grylls appears naked occasionally, but his genitals are always blurred and the nudity is never sexual. I know there’s a large fraction of people out there who think he’s mad hot, He’s just naked, for some random survival-based reason, his body is not awesome because of how it looks, but because of the amazing things it can do.

This is something I think most of us can learn from. But in all seriousness, the fact that Grylls does this stuff and has yet to get killed in the process is weirdly inspirational. If Grylls can spend a night inside a dead animal and have bees stinging him on the face and squeezing the liquid from elephant poop for a horrifying drink, I can certainly get through whatever difficulties I’m facing today.


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