Male Privilage Essay

Male Privilege“Male privilege is a set of privileges that are given to men as a class due to their institutional power in relation to women as a class. While every man experiences privilege differently due to his own individual position in the social hierarchy, every man, by virtue of being read as male by society, benefits from male privilege.” This is the perfect definition of male privilege provided by the article When Worlds Collide: Fandom and Male Privilege. I want to focus on male privilege when it comes to two things.One being the way a female prepares to get ready and achieve their desired look verses the way a male prepares to achieve his desired look.

The second being male advantage in the job paying system. We’ve all heard the phrase “a women takes forever to get ready,” and that’s because most of the time, we do, myself included. It’s not only time we spend getting ready, it is also cold hard cash we spend on the products themselves. Both aspects in which female’s numbers seem to be on the higher side.

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When it comes to job pay, it is statistically proven that males get paid more than females for the same work.Good old fashioned grooming, primping, and the thought of maximum attractiveness are all something that play a role in a woman’s life at some point. Not every single lady is the same when it comes to getting ready for the day, but some of the things that women worry about range anywhere from fake eyelashes to waxing their body parts. I have six sisters, so as someone who sees firsthand the daily routines of getting yourself to look the way you want the world to see doesn’t always come easy, or cheap for that matter. According to Save.Spend.

Splurge, on average women spend $2,516.55 a year on clothes and fashion and another $606.27 on personal care, including haircuts, spa, etc. Now here’s the other side of it, according to, males spend on average $300.00 per year on clothing. After doing the math, that leaves males with an extra $2,216.55 in their pocket to do whatever they want with, while the females are still probably trying to find more money to make themselves more attractive to the male population.

Talk about male advantage! In the society we live in today there are so many magazines, television shows, social media devices that really emphasize what a picture perfect women should look like. These outlets reach millions of viewers and have the power to affect women much more than men. I believe this means that women have a larger social pressure and need to fit in and be able to have an appearance that will be acceptable to society. This is one of the reasons women spend so much more money on trying to look good then they do. Women feel pressured to look a certain way, there for they have to spend their own money to get the desired look they want. Men usually spend minimal amount of money on their appearance, and when they do their products are generally cheaper. Sexism is a system of advantage and it is clear to see that the existing system privileges men.

In the United States, the gender gap is measured as the ratio of female to male median yearly earnings among full-time, year-round workers. The wage gap exists not because women are discriminated against but because male advantage exists. Men are generally paid more than women for many reasons.Women are segregated into few low-paying occupations, and gender socialization gives the males different characteristics putting them into higher-paying jobs.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2008 women made only 77% of men’s annually salary and sense we just learned that women spend much more money of their appearance than men, now they are really down money compared to men! Same work for unequal pay- that statement right there is a prime example of how our existing system privileges men. This subject is very important because it is a problem that has evidence proving how men and women are treated differently. When they do the same work women are still getting paid less.

This is an example of a culture of male privilege where a man’s position and hard work is placed above that of the woman’s in a way that is seen as normal, natural, and traditional to society. When dealing with this wage gap, I believe people should first understand why it exist and then respond by doing what they can individually to fix it. Not to say the wage gap is not something that is going to close overnight, it may never close completely but there are definitely strides we can take. Male privilege certainly exists in our sexism system and it is clear to see how when looking at how much easier it is for a male to get ready on a daily basis and by the pay of his work versus the pay of the females work. The social theory which argues that men have unearned social, economic, and political advantages granted to them solely on the basis of their sex can have many different examples, these are just a few of them.


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