Male Dominance Essay

Have you ever why a large number of men are at the heads of the most powerful corporations in the world? Some very intriguing facts that will give men an upper hand over their opposite sex.

Men are dominant over women because they are physically and emotionally stronger and their leadership skills are superior. Men are dominant to women because their physical endurance is better then women. Men are able to last longer than women in physical activities. For example, if a man and woman ran a race, the man would have the advantage over the woman.

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Men are capable of physical activities for longer then women. Males have more muscle mass the females. Women have skinnier and leaner bodies then men. Men go to the gym because they want to get big muscles not to lose fat like most women. Men are able to participate in more physical sports like football longer than women would be able to. Men are likely to be physical because they want to show how strong or tough they are.

Men have always been the physical sex of the human species. Another reason for male dominance is men have control of their emotions better than a female.Men are raised to be tougher than women. Males are told when they are young not to cry and not to show their feelings. Since they are raised to be tougher, they are prone to work in a stressful work environment. For example, 86% of stockbrokers are male.

Men keep calm in pressure situations. If a man gets in a quandary, he not break down and start crying. A woman might let her emotions get the best of her and she might over react. The emotions of a person are based on their upbringing as a child; men unusually have a harder childhood than women.Another reason men are dominant over women is there leadership skills are better equipped for every day life. All the United States presidents have been male. Since the president has to run the country on an every day basis, he needs to be able to call upon his skills as a leader. If faced with a difficult situation a man would be able to give an answer quicker than a woman.

On the other hand a women might go insane if she cannot come up an answer quick enough. Men are liable to take control of an activity if the activity is lacking a coordinator.If there were an activity that does not have someone who is a supervisor, a man would volunteer faster than a woman would.

Men have proven throughout history that they are better leaders then women. Males have been the dominant gender since the dawn of time. If females ever become the dominant gender, they will have better physical, emotional, and leadership attributes than a man. If that day comes things will be run very differently on our planet. Until then, men will always be the dominant gender.


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