Malaysia Facing Critical Issue Essay

•“What is the most critical issue Malaysia is confronting right now? What can we make to work out it? ”During the weekend of UKEC’s Ordinary General Meeting and one-year Project Amanat Negara 2012.

Yu Li and I from CEKU conducted a exposure vox-pop study whereby we asked participants to reply a two portion inquiry – “What is the most critical issue Malaysia is confronting right now. and what can we make to work out it? ” We received an interesting array of responses. runing from issues refering instruction. the economic system.

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political relations. national edifice and other assorted ideas. Politicss:Safe to state. plentifulness are dissatisfied over the on-going ill fame that is corruptness. Not merely corruptness in political relations. but in other countries such as concern. the constabulary force and so on. With elections coming up any twenty-four hours now.

most young person we spoke to believe the most urgent issue in the political sphere was electoral reform. as highlighted by the Bersih 2. 0 motion last twelvemonth. Most of us ponder whether we can of all time hold truly clean elections. Others claim a revamp in MACC may assist help this. Another idea to chew over upon is this: possibly the state needs to develop a stronger sense of unity in the electoral procedure.

both during candidacy. vote and the wake. Economy:From unpopular democrat policies to questionable authorities budgets to making a first work force. the Malayan economic system is a whirlwind of alteration. but it’s bettering easy but certainly. We may non precisely run into our economic mark in clip but it certainly does assist to cognize that our innate resiliency means that we’re non about to fall in anytime shortly. On a related note. some felt more attending should be given to turn toing issues such as the income spread.

the debut of a minimal pay. and transfusing a more competitory and meritocratic attitude towards work.Education:Traveling off from the political and economic sphere.

the Malayan instruction system was besides a hot subject amongst our respondents. From the responses we received. it can be agreed that jointly what people want is a alteration in the outlook of instructors. the manner topics are taught at school and merely by and large. a more enriching experience for the pupils.

While some traditional methods and political orientations of learning remain integral in certain type of schools. it is by and large perceived and hoped that the national educational system can be reformed in a manner that focuses more on the student’s mental development while transfusing inspiration and motive to boom. And while we’re concentrating on what’s best for the pupils. we should non bury that instructors have the hardest occupation of being both adminstrators and pedagogues in school. It is high clip that they receive the support and recognition they truly deserve.State edifice and other assorted ideas:Then there are these ideas outside the box. Very frequently we hear politicians or merely people in general speaking the talk but non walking the walk. therefore go forthing people confused and giving up hope for alteration.

Thus it is clip to speak less and make more. With respects to vision. highlighted was an sentiment that we should concentrate more on societal and moral values as a yardstick for Vision 2020 instead than the usual economic and political factors. This is an interesting penetration as these two factors are easy overlooked when they play merely every bit of import a portion in furthering positive alteration.Other ideas include stalling less as a agency of carry throughing more and concentrating on giving better occupation offers as a agency of commanding and cut downing the encephalon drain quandary. All in all. it was really interesting to see the sort of responses we collected over the two yearss.

In the tally up towards the 13th General Elections. it is critical that the people in power give ear to these separately pressing issues. and that we as Malayan citizens work in our ain manner to work out these critical issues alternatively of going armchair critics. Syahirah Syed Jaafar is a jurisprudence pupil at University of Reading.

She is besides the Outreach Director of CEKU and an editorial officer for Connectwork. The exposure for this article were taken and compiled by Hoe Yu Li.


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