Malaysia and the Media Essay


Harmonizing to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of media is the chief agencies of mass communicating ( newspaper, wireless and telecasting ) regarded jointly ( Oxford University Press, 2014 ) . Beside of newspaper, wireless and telecasting, magazine and the Internet are besides considers as a medium. Media is playing an of import function in the society, particularly for developing state – Malaysia. The chief map of the media is to convey information to the populace. Beside that, media is a powerful socializing agent. This is because we learn and internalise some of the values, beliefs and norms presented in media merchandises. Media affect how we learn about our universe and interact with one another. Malaysia authorities ever advancing integrity through media because the authorities knows the consequence of media is really powerful.

Newspaper has the longest history background among the media in Malaysia. The first newspaper in Malaysia was an English newspaper which was The Prince of Wales Island Gazette published in 1806. Beside newspaper, another printed media – magazine, besides emerged in Malaysia in the 80’s. One of the earliest magazine was Chinese Mandarin Magazine published in 1815. The wireless broadcast medium was started in 1930 in Kuala Lumpur while Television Malaysia was launched in 1963. All the media is to convey the latest information, tendency and values to the populace. With the outgrowth of the Internet, everyone can portion information to each other because the Internet is known as the societal media.

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We are traveling to look into the history and the development of Star Publication. Star publication is one of the celebrated media in Malaysia. In this assignment, we can cognize when was the Star Publications started, the history of Star Publication, what jobs are they confronting, company hereafter program and their ends.


As we all know, The Star newspaper was known as popular English- linguistic communication and tabloid-format newspaper in Malaysia. The chief intent of this company is net income devising and of class to supply the latest intelligence to the populace. The Star was emerged in 1971 and Star Publications was founded in Weld Quay, Penang. The Star day-to-day newspaper was foremost published on September 9, 1971, as a regional newspaper with its works in Penang. Over the following five old ages, The Star grew quickly and went into national circulation on January 3, 1976. The rate of gross revenues of Star newspaper was higher than New Straits Times which besides is an English-language newspaper with 139 old ages old and The Star became Penang’s premier newspaper.

During the same period of clip, our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman has joined the board of Star Publications ( Malaysia ) Berhad and became its president after he has retired for few old ages. In 1976, Star Publications set up their new office in Kuala Lumpur and they relocated its central offices from Penang to Kuala Lumpur after two old ages which means they moved their central offices to Kuala Lumpur in 1978. The Star continues to spread out its publication operations and it moved its central offices from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya in 1981 because of the turning of staff and integrating new imperativeness with the latest engineering.

Besides, Star Publications non merely publish newspaper but besides magazine. There are four magazine that published by Star Publications which are Kuntum, Shang Hai, Galaxie and Flavours. Kuntum is a Bahasa Malaysia monthly educational magazine which published since February 1980 while Shang Hai is a Chinese monthly concern magazine which published since March 1979. Galaxie is a biweekly English amusement magazine which published since 1974 but has been closed because of low net income devising. In 1994, its 4th magazine, Flavours which is bi-monthly English magazine on originative nutrient and life style has been published and this magazine is one of the best merchandising merchandises in their company.

Harmonizing to Mr. David, a senior Regional Manager, Operations of Star Publications, he said that Star Publications was strong and brightness when they under MCA ( a governing party in Malaysia ) in the yesteryear of 22 old ages. In that period of clip, they have no jobs and everything go smooth and good. Unfortunately, Star newspaper has been forced to halt publish for five months in 1987. This is because the new policy, Anti Optional Drive that implied by our ex- Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. He felt that the content of Star Newspaper has been used by those oppositional parties to against or knock the authorities.

This incident had caused large impact to Star Publications. A batch of experience journalists have left Star Publications and went to other company. This is because Star Publications paid merely 10 per centum of the wages to the journalists. Mr. David besides about left to Singapore since there was a company offered a occupation chance to Mr. David but he chose to remain at Star Publications when he knew Star newspaper was allowed to print after five months. Star Publications had paid back the past five month wages to the workers to appreciate them because of their willing to remain in Star Publications.

Star Publications besides own some wireless Stationss which are Red FM ( English wireless station ) , Suria FM ( Malay wireless station ) , 988 FM ( Mandarin wireless station ) and Capital FM ( a wireless station for adult females ) . On June 23, 1995, Star Publications created The Star Online, a World Wide Web edition. Due to the emerged of the Internet, everyone can acquire intelligence from the web and it had made the gross revenues of Star newspaper lessening. This is why Star Publications created The Star Online, to supply the latest intelligence on their web site to the populace so the Star Publications can derive net income from the subscription fees from the readers and the gross from advertizer who want to publicize their merchandise in The Star Online.

In the twelvemonth 2002, Star Publications moved its printing operations to Shah Alam, Star Media Hub which had the progress engineering in publishing procedure. This was followed in 2003 with Star northern Hub in Bayan Lepas, Penang. The Star has undergone many alterations in its history but one characteristic ne’er change that is the describing manner of Star Newspaper still continues to be reviewing, with intelligence and article that cater to different involvements.


We will discourse on how The Star Company maintain their development and how they advance in their development. The fighting in minute to go on the development of the company in image position, fiscal position and progressing position. The company runs on six verticals, the six perpendicular that they are traveling on are Print, Television, wireless, digital, event, and preparation. We will besides explicate about the digital application that they used which is the I Snap app and the E-News. The job face on the development will be covered every bit good, such as run against newspaper, rivals and allow down of certain Star Publication companies such as Shang Hai and Galaxie.

The Six Vertical

  1. Print

The first verticals that the star publication usage in able to travel on is the print media. Is what the Star Publication is produce the most, most production that is produced are Newspapers such as the The Star Newspaper which is publish daily from Monday to Saturday and Sunday Star Newspaper. The Star Newspaper and Sunday Star is published in five editions: Two editions of the newspaper is covered in the northern peninsular provinces such as Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Northern of Perak. While the other two editions are covered in the remainder of Malaysia. The Printed newspaper are printed at The Star Northern Hub in Bayan Lepas, Penang and Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam Selangor. Either than Newspapers. The star had besides owned Magazines companies such as Kuntum Magazine and Flavours Magazine. The Kuntum Magazine is a Magazine that is catered for small kids age at 8-12. The Flavours Magazine is catered to homemakers and head and cooks as it provides information of ingredients to do delightful nutrient.

  1. Radio

The 2nd verticals that The Star Publication used is the Radio, The wireless Stationss that is owned by The Star Publications are Red FM, Suria FM, 988 FM and Capital FM. The Red FM station is catered to the English audiences, there are legion plans WTF Red Breakfast where it features JJ speaking about his life narratives, The Fresh 40 Hits and The Red Rave featured by Jeremy. Suria FM a wireless station that is catered to the Malay audiences, the plans are Ceri Pagi Di Suria, Santai Ceria, Ceria Petang, Suria Ceria and Ceria Suria. The 988 FM is catered for the Chinese audiences and in conclusion the Capital FM which is besides catered to the English audience in Malaysia but unlike the Red FM which is more focal point on teenage and young person audiences the Capital FM is more catered to more general audiences and older age audience about 30s to 40s.

  1. Television

The telecasting station that is used by the star is the Life Inspired channel. The channel is a subscribed channel by the audience to Astro. The Life Inspired airs plans that are catered to more homemakers as the plans are focus on nutrient, place, health, travel and manner. The plan is taken from legion international content such as America, Europe, Australia and other Asiatic continent. The Life Inspired is besides watched Indonesia and Hong Kong by the orbiter of Indovision, Aora TV, Max3 and TVB Network Vision.

  1. Event

The events that The Star Publication created are with the intents of bettering the lives of people through fostering trade name trueness among the readers of The Star and assist increase the gross for the company, by making consciousness. The Event-communications Unit of measurements have a duty in planning, put to deathing and developing a broad scope of events such scope of events are like endurance contests, exhibition, workshop, forum, concern awards and dinners. The Star besides creates events for childs such as competitions, illustration of competition are Malaysia’s biggest Cheerleading and Mighty Minds competition.

  1. Digital

There are a few ways The Star Publication is able to convey information to its readers in this digital age. One of them is the I Snap app, E-News and the Internet. The I Snap app is an app that is to be downloaded to the smart phones or tablets to let the readers to read more information about a peculiar intelligence, it is done by snarling the logo of the I Snap and so it is able to convey to a more elaborate information about the intelligence. The other engineering that is available is the E-News, the E-News is needed to be downloaded every bit good to a tablet and the intelligence is as similar to the original transcript of the 1 in the existent newspaper in footings of intelligence, manner of authorship and the design every bit good. Last the Internet. The cyberspace has become portion of a rival the company, because of Facebook and Twitter that allows the sharing of intelligence and information, the readers of the newspaper will be reduced as it is more flexible to acquire intelligence and is free, therefore the demand of the used of cyberspace is every bit good utile for the company to print intelligence to the audiences by utilizing Facebook and Twitter every bit good to all the audience to catch up with the company’s latest intelligence.

  1. Trainning

The Star Publications besides provide developing and development catered audience to the employees. There is a company that The Star Publication owns, it is called the Leaderonomics. The preparation is in a legion subdivisions such as Administration or Business development, Personnel Management & A ; Human development, IT & A ; Multimedia, Language & A ; Communication, Quality & A ; Productivity Improvement and in conclusion developing Leaderships for the hereafter of the company. The construct of the company is really focus on experience and leading as an inspiration to immature workers in times of battle and to construct leaders to be the face of the company.


The aims that the company has in attained in the hereafter in the period of 10 to twenty years’ clip is that the company wants to hold a privilege to have a production house, because of the widely used of Youtube by audiences worldwide and many Youtube famous person and other music famous person such as Ryan Higa, Smosh, Psi, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus who had made 1000000s of net income because of their pictures beign exposed into Youtube, so this is besides what The Star Publication is trusting to accomplish. Another end is to have more telecasting company and have a telecasting series about an happening by holding histrions, managers and manufacturers to move on a peculiar intelligence event. While in short term ends of the company is now concentrating on developing its immature employees to be great leaders such as C.E.O and Executives of the company.


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