Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Making the right moves Essay

Making the right moves Essay

Making the right moves

            People tend to believe that one brand will sell in any other part of the world just because of the name recall of the particular brand. For example, if people would go out and purchase sports shoes, they would probably buy Nike or Adidas, since these shoes carry with them the name of popular basketbll superstars like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Or eat at a place like McDonald’s for the chance to eat of those mouth-watering burgers and fries. But other than that, the products that mnufacturers sell abroad must be able to cater to the culture and eating habits of the locale.

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            Kraft did just that strategy. All over the world, people love those small round chocolate covered, cream filled cookies we see at the neighborhood grocer or convenience shops. But if the theory of product and brand recall works for other items, why did it fail in China? One, Oreos were not that popular top begin with in China. Thus, Kraft had to familiarize the citizens with the product and the practices attached to that product, like dipping the cookie in a glass of milk, for example.

            Research must always go hand in hand with any introduction of new products to a foreign market. Manufacturers are now faced with the issues that people won’t just roll over for their products and just consume basing that their response will just be similar like in their local markets. Food, like all manufacturers, must tailor their products to the setting of the market in that area, lest they want to flop in their product introductions. It canot be said anymore that companies will just buy them simply for the reason that what is imported is simply better than their local products.

            What Kraft has done must emulated by any company wishing to introduce their products to a new market, especially a foreign one. Tastes and preferences must always be taken into account in the campaign process to successfully integrate the product, or even find new ways or products that do not digress from the original product. Companies that take time out to gather research and spend on that initiative will find that their efforts will tend to pay off in hadsome dividends. Lest they want their products to just end up on store shelves and just expire.