Magic Johnson Essay

Not many athletes have changed the way the game of basketball is played. Magic Johnson was one of them. His revolutionary basketball talent let the league know that this young hoop chaser was headed for fame. Johnson set unbreakable records, and he made a name for one of the best basketball players to ever play the game. I chose to use the Bio section of NBA. com to research Magic and his outstanding career stats. Magic put up close to 18,000 in his thirteen short years in the NBA.

Johnson caught everyone’s attention when he shattered Michigan States record for most points scored in a single season. Magic impressed scouts from all over the National Basketball Association. “From the moment he stepped onto the court, people pondered: How could a man so big do so many things with the ball and with his body? It was Magic.

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” Johnson played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers standing at 6’9 making himself the tallest point guard in the leagues history. Johnson was on a team in the NBA finals five of his thirteen years.He won the MVP award in three of those five. After contracting the AIDS virus in 1991, Johnson wrote a book defending safe sex. Magic was directed by the team doctor to discontinue his career as a NBA athlete. Johnson follows orders correctly, but he cannot stop until he competes for the USA in the 1992 Summer Olympics.

He practiced day in and day out for this day in the Olympics, simply because winning the Gold medal means no one else in the world can compete at your level.Magic had great performances that led the Lakers to many victories in his time with the franchise. Johnson made a name for himself in Los Angeles. Fans adored the athlete’s playful attitude and never expected such a deadly and dreadful disease could overcome such a great man. No one will ever forget the smile that Magic had on his face when he walked off the basketball court for the last time.

He will never be forgotten.


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