magento the retailers to provide customer-oriented shopping

magento developersMagento: The Invincible Platform for eCommerce storesMagento is already integrated with exceptional features that enable retail owners and businesses to build tailor-made online solutions to fetch more customers.Magento latest version 2.0 comes with impeccable features, advanced marketing and management tools which empower the retailers to provide customer-oriented shopping experiences. How Magento 2.

0 Can Boost An eCommerce Retail Business PromptlyWhen it is about developing a feature-packed store, retailers have numerous choice for eCommerce platforms and each is special according to their own sets of features. Magento 2.0 emerged as an unbeatable platform and is particularly tuned with specific requirements of online businesses. Following slides explain some of the incredible features and extensions of Magento 2.0. 1.FlexibilityMagento 2.

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0 is popularly known for being unbelievably flexible which empowers the online merchants to customise their store with features and everything, just the way they want.2. ScalabilityThe new version Magento 2.

0 adds more value to businesses with its extended scalability. It means merchants can add several thousands of products, innumerable categories and deal with hundreds of purchases everyday seamlessly. 3. Marketing features integrationMagento 2.0 offers some powerful tools and integrations that help online businesses to amplify their sales and pass every marketing challenge. Coupon codes, flash sales, Multi-tier pricing, or Minimum Advertised Price is to mention a few. 4. Customer segmentationMagento 2.

0 makes retention and attraction of customers easy as compared to other eCommerce platforms. It brings in great customer segmentation facility through personalised offerings based on age, gender, preferences, or location. Magento 2.0 At a Glance!Magento 2.0 is inevitably the perfect platform for versatile eCommerce solutions and allow the business merchants to escalate their business sales in no time. With comprehensive features and tools, robust flexibility and inherent integrations for boosting sales.

Contact PHPProgrammers for Your Magento 2.0 StoreBeing a leading eCommerce development company in Australia with a seasoned team of Magento developers, we deliver avant-garde online shopping solutions for businesses in major fields. Our out-of-the-box solutions help our valuable clients to spread their reach on the web front and gain more customers.


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