Machismo In One Hundred Years Of Solitude Essay

. Essay, Research PaperLatin American states are known worldwide for their exuberant rain woods, alone culinary art, excessive fete, and the tremendous potency of their homo and natural resources. Unfortunately, Latin America & # 8217 ; s international individuality and its people have suffered decennaries of military absolutism, oppressive authoritiess, and old ages of bondage along with the attempted race murder of its autochthonal people. These dismaying facets hae clip and clip once more assaulted Latin America & # 8217 ; s most prized establishment: the household.

The cult of machismo has had a negative impact on many incapacitated people in these parts. Although dictatorship has easy been giving manner to democracy, Latin America has indefinately been marred by decennaries of despotic regulation and swaggering, fornicating, testosterone-loaded work forces.Latin America & # 8217 ; s scaring history has been attractively delineated be Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In utilizing the corrupt image of the Latin American male as their vehicle, this essay will cover with specific ailments Marquez was concerned about in his several state: the tragic consequences of machismo.Dictatorship, or possibly one of its greatest bi-products, machismo, is ubiquitous throughout & # 8220 ; One Hundred Old ages of Solitude & # 8221 ; .

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Machismo is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as: & # 8220 ; hyperbolically self-asserting manfulness ; a show of masculinity. & # 8221 ; Colonel Aureliano Buendia best exemplifies this definition. Marquez uses the Colonel & # 8217 ; s amoral, irrational actions and behavior to uncover the awful effects of machismo.

Aureliano inquires about sexual activity at a really immature age. He begins to bit by bit grok what his older brother is sing wiht Pilar Ternera. Of class it is merely human nature for immature Aureliano to allow wonder get the better of him and to inquire inquiries, particularly holding an older brother whom he admires and respects as a function theoretical account. This is so the instance with Aureliano and his brother Jose Arcadio, who in a manner, begins to tutor Aureliano. When asking approximately Jose Arcadio & # 8217 ; s sex life, he asks his older brother, & # 8220 ; What does it experience like? & # 8221 ; Jose gave him an immediate answer, & # 8220 ; it & # 8217 ; s like an earthquake. & # 8221 ; ( One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, pp.30-31 ) .

A immature, waxy male child is evidently traveling to be slightly aroused or overwhelmed by this type of comment, particularly utilizing redolent words like & # 8220 ; temblor & # 8221 ; . Therefore, it is safe to presume that Jose Arcadio has influenced Aureliano in a negative manner. He merely knows more than he should at such a ripe, waxy age. An age at which most of what is learned, remains imbedded in one & # 8217 ; s life.Subsequently on in the novel we see him easy following another typical feature of machismo, & # 8220 ; About that clip he had begun to cultivate the black mustache with waxed tips and the slightly booming voice that would qualify him in the war. & # 8221 ; ( One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, p.

59 ) . With these physical features provided, it is clear immature Aureliano with his booming voice and waxed black mustache is already turning into some kind of militaristic, butch type. Saddam Hussein of Fidel Castro instantly comes to mind in comparing to the portrayal of immature Aureliano.

This image of Aureliano is slightly of a stereotype but is one with which the 20th century is familiar.Aureliano & # 8217 ; s autocratic propensities aside, it is clear he is best personified by the cult of machismo. This is apparent with his infatuation of Remedios. His lecherousness for such a immature miss is wholly perverse and is evidently paedophilic in nature. Whatever his purposes may be, he steadfastly believes she is the prototype of beauty and most significantly youth, “Remedios in the soporiferous air of two in the afternoon, Remedios in the soft breath of the roses, Remedios in the water-clock secrets of the moths, Remedios in the steaming forenoon staff of life, Remedios everyplace and Remedios forever.” ( One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, p.

68 ) . Conversely, Aureliano might hold fallen in love at first sight, which would be acceptable in most instances. And it may hold been politically right to bed or marry such a immature miss in those yearss. Albeit, his purposes are rather clear despite the fact he subsequently marries her. Subsequently that same twenty-four hours after imbibing quitw to a great extent with his friends for much of the dark, he finds himself at Pilar Ternera’s place, “Aureliano checked his pess and raised his caput. He did non cognize how hw had come at that place, but he knew what his purpose was, because he had carried it concealed since babyhood in an inviolable backwater of his heart.” ( One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, p.

69 ) . Aureliano’s experience with Pilar Ternera did non reflect any facet of love, he was persuaded by a animal thrust. Aureliano’s narrative is simple: he is a immature adult male expecting traveling out and imbibing with his friends, and subsequently happening a adult female, immature or old, to hold sex with. Pilar Ternera slumbers with him out of commiseration, but his purposes are clear. He leaves her topographic point feeling rejuvinated. His one dark love matter with Pilar Ternera establishes his virility even though he speaks really poetically of Remedios and longs to be with her.

Colonel Aureliano Buendia instigated many rebellions going to every corner of the land, non merely doing injury to those he injured or killedin these rebellions, but besides to the exactly 17 different adult females he seduced and to hold 17 male childs he heedlessly sired, and merely as heedlessly abandonned, & # 8220 ; Then Colonel Aureliano Buendia took down the saloon and proverb at the door 17 work forces of the most varied visual aspect, of all types and colourss, but all with a lone air that would hold been adequate to place them anyplace on earth. & # 8221 ; ( One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, p.221 ) . The humiliation and adversities, and finally, force, experienced by the adult females and kids who were the incapacitated victims of the Colonel & # 8217 ; s ferociousness demonstrate clearly the inauspicious effects of the cult of machismoon those elements of society that work forces like Buendia should be protecting.Colonel Aureliano Buendia procreated with wantonness. He heedlessly brought 17 male childs into the universe and chose non to tie in with them. Ironically, all 17 of his boies were merely every bit heedlessly murdered, & # 8220 ; During the class pf the hebdomad, at different topographic points along the seashore, his 17 boies were hunted down like coneies by unseeable felons who aimed at the centre of their crosses of ash. & # 8221 ; ( One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, p.

245 ) . These murders were committed because of the victims & # 8217 ; relation to their male parent and the old ages of rebellious rebellions he had caused. These 17 unfortunate mendid non recognize merely what their male parent had done to them. Their male parent shared in conveying them into the universe, and similarly shared in their death.Cololel Aurelaino Buendia is the personification of fright that chooses to suppress incapacitated victims: adult females, kids, terrified and powerless populations.

He is a ruthless, evil adult male content with grabbing and maintaining power. Due to the Colonel & # 8217 ; s behavior, the image of adult male in these peculiar societies is a badly corrupt one.


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