Lowering the Drinking Age to 18 Essay

The legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one and older. Some states have been pushing to lower the age to eighteen. Some say that lowering the age would make it more dangerous, but that is not the case. This would be beneficial to the government and to the public.

Lowering the drinking age to eighteen would increase in restuarant and bar revenue, make drinking safer, and if we are considered a “legal” adult at the age of eighteen, we should be able to drink.If the drinking age was to be lowered, there would be a drastic increase in bar, restuarant, and privite business revenue. This being the case, the government would earn that much more in taxes and could possibly increase the tax. That money could be used to build new schools, increase the police force, and even help the United States get out of debt. Since there are more people buying alcohol, distributors such as Budlight, would increase their sales by at least twenty-five percent if not more.

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This could be used in research to develope new drinks that are less harmful to the body. The United States has the highest rate of DUI’s and traffic accidents, yet we have the highest legal drinking age. If the age was lowered it would be much safer for those who enjoy to drink. People from the age of eightteen to twenty can drink safely and securely in their own homes and would not have to risk getting a DUI or in an accident.

They could also drink at bars and restuarants under supervision, unlike at a party. In many other countries, the drinking age is lower than twenty-one and they still have less accidents, crime rate, and DUI’s. Once you turn eighteen, you are considered a “legal” adult, and should have the right to choose to drink alcohol. When men turn eighteen they are required to sign up for the draft. If we can serve our country and possibly loose our lives, we should be able to have a beer at home.


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