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Love at firstSight Boutique is a start-up fashion boutique, that sells fashionable women’sclothing and accessories. We will be based out of downtown Fort Lauderdale,which is a popular hotspot and lifestyle destination in South Florida.

Withover 30 brands hand-picked by owner Jordana Norris, we’re sure to havesomething that every woman loves and puts a smile on their face every time theywear it. We arecommitted to offering our customers fashionable clothing and accessories that havethe quality they need, in the style they want, at affordable prices. They canexpect to find the latest fashion dresses, pants, tops, and shoes, amongdisplays of accessories and gifts. The exceptionalshopping experience will be enhanced with our in-store stylist, as well as, ourmonthly special events that are designed to connect with like-minded women. Whencustomers come into our store, we can help them find the perfect item that fitstheir personality and compliments their style. The Love at First Sight experiencecan also be enjoyed online, showcasing our fashion on Facebook and Instagram.

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Ourphilosophy is simple, provide progressive fashion that defines women, with topquality service.Organization Mission Statement: LoveLife, Love FashionOur mission is to make sure our customers have the mostenjoyable shopping experience while in our store, to create lasting relationships.As well as, providing customers with quality, modern clothing and accessories,at an affordable price. Competitive Advantage:Love at First Sight’s competitive advantage will be offeringclothing and accessories that make a statement. We will ensure that we have awide range of quality and affordable clothes and fashion accessories availablein our store and online at-all-times. Love at First Sight will offer clothingand accessories that are currently trending and so affordable that ourcustomers will return to our boutique often to check out the new trends. One ofour business goals is to make our boutique a one stop fashion shop.

We are launching a clothing boutique that will singularlybecome the preferred choice for women and vacationers in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. Love at First Sight Boutique wants to represent women’s fashion style.The competitive factor is that the fashion clothing and accessories for thesewomen are part of a lifestyle statement.Our excellent, highly experienced and qualified managementteam, customer service, highly secured facility with enough parking space, onlinestore, and various payment options will also serve as a competitive advantagefor us. We believe that we will create a loyal customer base that will see Loveat First Sight as part of their lives. Lastly, all our employees will be well taken care ofand their welfare package will be among the best within our industry.

It willenable them to be more loyal and willing to build the business with us, to helpdeliver our set goals, objectives and achieve all our business aims. 


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