Lord of the Flies Essay

Defend and/or criticize Ralph’s actions as a leader. What were his motivations? Did he contribute to the tragedy in any way? Could he have acted to prevent any of the deaths? What should he have done differently? Do governments act in this way? Within the film, Lord of the Flies, a group of young boys are forced to cooperate with one another if they are to have any chance of survival on an unknown island, on which their plane has crash landed. It is essential that the boys appoint a reliable and responsible group leader to aid with assigning tasks essential for survival.As the movie progresses, the youngsters face numerous challenges which jeopardize their chance of survival. After being selected, many of the boys refuse to obey Ralph’s orders. Jack, another older boy, decided to make a “tribe” of his own.

Jack’s tribe acts in a barbaric manner and in turn, leads to a series of unfortunate events including Simon and Piggy’s death. Ralph’s intentions as a leader were to keep all the boys together on the island which would maximize their chances for survival.He was aware that they would eventually be rescued, but needed to aid in the group’s survival until then. Ralph’s was motivated to keep all the boys together, find food and water, and build a shelter for them all so that they could ensure survival. Ralph’s behaviour was quite different than Jack’s, which prevented him from causing any further tragedies. Ralph’s maturity was beyond that of the other boys, proven by the time that he tried talking sense into Jack, after he had created his own tribe.Simon’s death sent a shockwave through the island and left many boys thinking that there was a monster on the island, whereas it was actually just the pilot, hiding in a cave.

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When Simon approached the camp, to tell the boys that the pilot was dead in the cave, he was mistaken for the monster and killed. Ralph made countless attempts to get the boys back into one group, and had he known Simon would get killed; he would have done what was in his power to prevent the tragedy.After this catastrophe, Jack came to Ralph’s camp and snatched Piggy’s glasses in order to start a new fire. Piggy was upset and took action by going over to Jack’s campsite to try to talk some sense into the youths. After Piggy had been rudely interrupted in his speech, a boy in the group knocked over a large bolder and killed Piggy. This event was the turning point as it allowed Ralph to realise that everything had gone out of control.

Ralph outrage after Piggy’s death almost got him killed as the boys chased him down the jungle with weapons.Luckily, Ralph arrived at the beach to a rescue party which had located the group. Governments act similarly to the way the boys did when Ralph was voted the leader.

Ralph’s possessed leadership numerous leadership qualities which mimic that of the government. Governments usually want what’s best for their people and tailor to their needs. Although there have been rebellions, similar to the one Jack did, they are usually not that sever and don’t occur often. Society, if not satisfied, is given a chance to elect a new leader to represent them.Consequently, in the movie Lord of the Flies, Ralph was only working towards the survival of the group, and was the ideal leader for this situation. As a leader, Ralph made a valiant attempt to keep the boys together and organized until a rescue team arrived.

Due to Jack’s change of attitude, many difficulties emerged. Simon and Piggy were killed and rival tribes were formed. This film depicts the idea of rivalry and differences between two opposing leaders.


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