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Looking to outsource call center services? You maycontact Telemarketing Base to save costs up to 50% and transform your business.You are sure to give your business a competitive edge by getting in touch withus. Our virtual call center may increase the very efficiency of your company.

Till now, we have benefited many global customers. If your business is unableto offer proper customer support, it will lag in many ways and fail to earn asubstantial profit. We are here to bridge the gap between you and yourcustomers with our excellent call center services. Our 24X7 hours of callanswering services will help you in staying connected with your customers allthe while. With 24X7 hours of call answering services, you will experiencemuch-increased sales along with much better conversion rates. Our expertsreport in real time and our multi-channel call center has 100% recordingfacility. Whether you are just a small business, large or medium-sizedbusiness, you may choose us for call center assistance. Our call answeringservices are sure to fit your organizational needs perfectly.

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If we are yourvendor, all your customers will attain undivided attention. Call center support is an outstanding way to reach outto a maximum number of customers. We at Telemarketing Base offer 24X7 hours ofcall answering service at a rate which is reasonable. From the past 10 years,we are delivering outstanding call center services to our clients across theglobe. Only human operators answer to every call from your customers.

We canoffer you both inbound and outbound call center services whereby our agentswill receive calls from your customers and will also make calls to yourpotential customers to boost sales. By making calls, we can sell your productsor services, carry out market research, generate leads and collect debts at thesame time. The calls made by our agents can relate to technical support, givinginformation on products and services, regarding bookings and reservations. Whenwe are there with you, there is no need to have an in-house team of call centeragents.Why take call center services? Call center services are used by companies since halfa century by now to run the business effectively. Owing to the greatadvancement in technology, business models have greatly evolved, and theoutsourcing of call center services has further revolutionized businesses.Small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises can benefit from us largely.As firms and businesses have evolved greatly, now call center services havealso evolved.

Previously, services used to be of transactional nature, but nowthe providers offer more value-based services. We at Telemarketing Baseunderstand how businesses grapple with so many challenges. Some of the problemsfaced by businesses in the current times are a constant change and onslaught oftechnology, shrinking of the product lifecycle, inconsistency in customerloyalty. All such problems and challenges tend to disrupt business models ofcurrent times and lay undue stress on their extremely thin profit margins. Inthis competitive landscape, it is imperative for businesses to streamline theirbusiness operations in a cost-effective manner such that they gain acompetitive edge in the marketplace. By outsourcing call center services to us,you may boost operational efficiency and also bring down the operating costs.

This will, in turn, increase your profit and sales. In the competitivelandscape, customers are all spoilt for choices, and thus you need to outshineto attract new customers. Choosing a good customer relationship program isessential.

Customer relationship program is the best way to attract and alsoretain the customers Why should you partner with us? By partnering with us, you will get a readymade orready-to-use infrastructure regarding call center. There is no need to spendanything on set up capital to have your physical infrastructure. You may simplyoutsource business processes to enjoy cost-cutting and save time and effort.Our experts will handle all your call answering tasks. So, without incurringany cost, you will gain access to expert resources and highly trainedindividuals.

This way, you may save a lot of training costs. You need not hireor train the professionals. Being the third party call center service provider,we have tremendous experience in the realm.

We can manage customers acrossseveral industries, and you may enjoy the benefits of our deep domainexpertise. With us, you can also identify the various process inefficiencies orre-engineer business operations as per the current market dynamics. Our range of call center services We offer a range of call center services. Some of themare:•    Scheduleappointments•   Verification of information•    Customersurveys•    leadqualification and lead generation•    Telemarketing services•    Completecustomer support and services•    Third partyverification•    callanswering•    help desktechnical support•    completeinformation on productsWhen it comes to web-enabled call center services, we offer the following:•    billingqueries and order tracking services•    Completechat support and technical assistance•    Marketresearches•    emailsupport services•    ProductpromotionWhy choose us?Among so many call center service providers, you mustchoose us for the following reasons:•     To ensureminimum investment from our clients, we deliver call center services over cloudtelephony•    We have ateam of seasoned and experienced call center service providers having years ofexperience•    Being apioneer of offshore business process outsourcing, we possess an in-depthknowledge of multiple domains across the industry•    Being anISO certified company and CMM level 5 certified firm, we offer the maximum datasecurity by following high level of data security standards•    As per theindustry of our clients, we offer custom solutions to benefit them. We makesure that our clients get the maximum return on investment.•    Our pricingmodels are flexible and multiple so that our clients choose the best model.

To learn more about our services and to enjoy servicesat cost-effective rates, get in touch with us now.  


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