Located and Koh Pen: about 1 kilometer

Located to the northeast of Phnom Penh, it only takes few hours to drive to Kampong Cham.

This is one of the most populated provinces in Cambodia. It owes its name to the presence of a large community of ethnic Cham (descendants of four kingdoms established on territory which corresponds to the current central Vietnam and gradually conquered by the Viet from the 12th to 17th century). Kampong Cham, Kampong or Rong Cham, actually means “port of Ham”. On the banks of the Mekong to Kampong Cham provides a tranquil atmosphere.

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In these surroundings, apart from many Khmer temples surviving with time, travelers can discover Cambodian rural life on motorcycle or bicycle.For those who have time when taking a trip from Phnom Penh to Kratie and Ratanakiri, it is advisable to stop overnight in Kampong Cham.OverviewArea: 9,799 km2Population: 1,608,914 habitantsAttractionsSome attractions are interest for you to wander around Kampong Cham:Phnom Srei and Phnom Pros (Women Hill and Men hill) provide Buddhist atmosphere and spectacular view to Mekong River.Wat Nokor temple: Buddhist temple of pre-Angkor art dating from the 7th century is jewellry of Kampong Cham, hidden under vegetation, in a serene and peaceful atmosphere.The Temple Wat Hanchey, dating back to the Chenla period (seventh century).

Located within the grounds of a pretty modern pagoda is one of the few ancient temples of Cambodia to overhang the Mekong and visit after a short cruise.The bamboo bridge and Koh Pen: about 1 kilometer long, perhaps no bamboo bridge in the world is longer than this one. Spanning over the Mekong river, it is rebuilt every year on rainy season after being washed away because of the rise of the rive. Not far from there is the charming island Koh Pen. Take a moto or a bicycle to explore beautiful Cambodia villages with stilted houses hidden by palm trees and blooms of bougainvillea.Rubber plantation is the wealth of the province.

The visitors will have the opportunity to observe the various rubber processing stages, from growing plants, harvesting of latex to its processing plant.  


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