Little lived up to its namesake. The

Little Prince EssayThe Little Prince is a very good book and the movie lived up to its namesake. The movie was very similar to the book but there were still some noticeable differences. Today I will be looking at the setting,characters, plot and resolution.

I will also share my opinion on both. I hope you enjoy this essay on the little prince.Although the setting was very similar as  previously stated, the differences actually made it more appealing and added some atmosphere to the already amazing book.

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The first and most obvious difference is the location when they are not talking about the book the location is a modern day city. When they do talk about the book they do it in the desert and on asteroids. Unlike the book with it’s very detailed illustrations, the movie  made it appealing to the eye by making it a cool paper mâché stop-motion animation for the book part . Another similarity between the book and the movie is at the very end when the Girl is with the Little Prince they explore the galaxy and see all the people in the book’s asteroids. They also go to the Little Prince’s asteroid.

I personally think that setting-wise the movie is better because it has more of a diversity story wise.The characters is a very difficult topic to talk about because for the most part most of the characters were in the book and movie. The most obvious character difference is the Little Girl. In the movie it doesn’t say the name for the Little Girl but nevertheless she was never mentioned in the book.

Another character difference that is quite obvious the first time you watched the movie is the Pilot. Yes the pilot was in the book too, but in the book he was a middle aged man yet in the movie is a old man that is on the verge of death. As previously mentioned the Little Girl was not in the book but I failed to tell you that her overprotective mother was not included in any part of the book. The Geographer, Lamplighter and Tippler was excluded for no reason.

Another big difference is that all the characters that was put into the movie came alive in the end. Another big difference is that the  Little Prince


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