Literature Review Of Determinants Of Homicide Rates Criminology Essay

The survey of the determiners of homicide rate creates involvements non merely for those criminalists but besides economic experts, sociologists and policy-makers. Since Becker ‘s ( 1986 ) survey on offense creates the societal concerns narrow down to homicide. Given many surveies on this country, the literature reappraisal can give us a briefly thought about the determiners of homicide.Many surveies by economic experts and criminologists try to analyze the relationship between capital penalty and homicide rate that whether the executing of capital penalty can be the disincentive of homicide.

Sociologist Sellin ( 1959 ) foremost concluded that capital penalty does non discourage homicide rate. His work set out the hypothesis of disincentive of capital penalty and compared the homicide rate between provinces where had capital penalty and where had n’t. Besides he analyzed the province ‘s homicide rate before abolished capital penalty and after. He found no grounds to reason the executing of capital penalty does hold disincentive on homicide rate.In fact, an econometrician Ehrlich ‘s ( 1975 ) survey found capital penalty does discourage homicide which contrasts to Sellin ‘s work. His survey used time-series informations and cross-section informations to make the analysis by different arrested development theoretical accounts. His happening received public attendings which prompted many new surveies on this country but by different arrested development methods. Many bookmans argued that the consequence of significance disincentive of capital penalty might be sensitive to other factors.

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A province originally with high homicide rate is more likely to hold execution of capital penalty, hence capital penalty can be concerned to do endogeneity job when utilizing time-series and cross-section analysis. Besides people sometimes kill person on an impulse and they usually do non see rationally about future. These sorts of factors are associated with psychological science such as emotional quotient and some of these factors are difficult to find. Therefore the association between homicide and capital penalty is still inconclusive.The relationship between drug, intoxicant and homicide has been explored in many surveies. Some surveies demonstrated that the usage of drug and intoxicant really increase offense rate due to the consequence of drug and intoxicant, people are more violent and this motivates offense.

A survey in Miami suggests a positive correlativity between usage of drug and homicide rate. This survey used the informations in between 1978 to 1982 and entire 1850 homicides in Miami, 24 % were classified as drug related homicides. Another survey by Wellford and Cronin ( 1999 ) examined about 800 homicides in 1994 and 1995 for four metropoliss in United State besides reported 1 in 4 of homicides were drug related. Lenke ( 1990 ) found the strong association between intoxicant and violent behaviors in European provinces. His research suggested the lessening of handiness of intoxicant cut down force.

Parker and Cartmill ( 1998 ) used clip series analysis besides found the same association. A recent research work of intoxicant and homicide published in Australia suggests that intoxicant ingestion additions homicide rate. This research included approximative 1600 homicides and about half of wrongdoers were classified under the influence of intoxicant related and of those.

The cardinal determination of this research is“ Alcohol is every bit likely to be implicated in intimate-partner homicides as it is in all other homicides.[ 1 ]“In earlier surveies, some homicides which are drug related or alcohol related might non be reported and this influences the truth of those surveies. By affecting other factors, many victims and wrongdoers of many drug related homicides are black male and under the emphasis of racism and other factors such as poorness.

Here the statement is that drug is an indirect cause of homicides. Besides some statements against the association of drug, intoxicant and homicides, if someones purpose to kill a individual, they will move no affair of with or without intoxicant. Such in these instances, intoxicant is non the chief cause of homicide and it possibly merely a motor force for people attempt to slay.

Reduce the usage of intoxicant can diminish violent behaviours, but it can non disappear the killing motivation of people who attempt to perpetrate slaying.Gun is prevailing in the US and come close 55 % of homicides during 2005 to 2008 were affecting pieces. There is a dramatic addition in production of pieces. There were approximative 3.

84 million of pieces manufactured for United States used in 1999, and it increased to 5.36 million in 2009[ 2 ]( entire manufactured minus exports ) . This statistic shows us firearms become more prevalence in US society. Most of us will non deny the point that more guns associate more offenses. Harmonizing to the statistic of England and Wales, firearms-related offenses increased from approximative 14 1000 in 1998 to 18 1000 in 2007 due to the prevalence of pieces use in the universe[ 3 ]. Many empirical plants demonstrated the positive association of gun and offense.

However, this paper is concentrating on homicide and a inquiry comes out that does it intend more guns associate more homicide? A recent survey released by Harvard School of Public Health found that an addition in family piece ownership tie in a higher homicide rate in the US by commanding other factors such as other offense activity and unemployment rate[ 4 ]. This survey is done by utilizing transverse sectional informations. However, there are some statements against this decision. First, people intent to kill person can utilize another permutation to accomplish the end even they have no guns. Fewer guns lead to fewer gun homicides, but it does non intend to take down the homicide rate.

Second, people live in an country with higher homicide rate may be given to get more piece for ego protection. Therefore firearm ownership may be an endogenous variable when gauging its consequence on homicide rate. This leads to a bias consequence of association of pieces and homicide rate.

Such statements, many surveies have different positions on it and the relationship between homicide and pieces is still equivocal.Other factors such as races, population in urban countries and age are besides found to be associated with homicide rate in some surveies. Harmonizing to the statistic from Bureau of Justice Statistics, homicide victimization rate for inkinesss was 37.1 per 100,000 black population in 1976 which was 7 times higher than Whites. Until 2005, the ratio of black and white victimization rate was still 6 to 1. The ratio for black homicide piquing rate per 100,000 black population was even higher 10 times higher than Whites in 1976 and the ratio decreased to 8 to 1 in 2005.

The inkinesss are more likely to kill and to be killed than Whites. Balkwell ( 1990 ) used 150 SMSAs ( Sandard metropolitan statistic countries ) to analyse the racial inequality and homicide rate. He found a really strong association between racial inequality and homicide rate even commanding for other factors. This suggests an country with a high per centum of black has more homicides in comparative to others. This may because of the job of racism under the racial inequality or may because inkinesss are considered to be more violent than other races.Population in urban country is besides a consideration of set uping homicide rate. An analysis of homicide in Alabama found that urban inhabitants are high hazard to be killed.

This may because urban inhabitants are considered to be wealthier than those unrecorded in rural countries and they are more likely to be involved with involvement struggles hence be the marks of homicides. But we might get down to believe, urban countries where have more homicides occurred might because persons are centralized together. More population lives in an country and hence more homicides. Many surveies demonstrated that population in urban is associated with offense rate.

However, this may non be associated with homicide rate.


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