Literature different investment schemes available. The study

Literature ReviewA study conducted by Hoffman, Shefrin and Pennings(2010) was mainly intended tounderstand behavioral pattern of the sample size towards investment schemes andthe objective to choose a particular investment plan. The survey also measuresthe behavioral tendencies and psychological biases by the investors.

The studyconcluded with the note that during investment decisions the investors focusmore on the fundamental analysis rather than technical knowledge which ispractical and appropriate during any investment decision.Ameriks and Zeldes(2000) studied a dynamic relationship between age and the portfolio choiceof investment. From the study it can said that the investment in the stockincreased as the age progressed indicating a direct proportionality between thetwo. This was maybe due the fact that as age progress the awareness about thereturn on investments on the stock market increased thus increasing theinvestments in stocks. In a research by Hilbert, Beutler and Martin(2004) the observation was that the parents influenced on the expenditurepattern of students and young adults. The pattern in which Parents reduce theirexpenditure and increase savings, the youngsters also followed it.Ms.

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Chaturvedi and Ms. Shruti khare (2012), studied on the investmentpreference of the Indian households The objectives of the study were to study the saving pattern ofthe individual household in India, to analyse the Investment preferences ofindividual household in India, to study relation of saving pattern and investmentpreferences to social, economic, educational and occupational background of theindividual household & to give suggestions for evolving better investorawareness and educational programs. It is concluded from the study thatMajority of the respondent (79.6%) stated that they had a high degree ofawareness about bank deposits as investment avenues. It is found from the studythat level and extent of awareness varies.

Daniel Nevis’s (2004) study drawsattention to the irrational decision often made by the investors which becomesa barrier in choosing a good investment option. The study also helped to removebehavioral biases from investors mind. The research promptly concludes closingthe gap of investors behavioral biases and investors goalbased approach  to ensure healthyinvestment and savings. A study was conducted in order to understand the behavior pattern ofpeople with respect to investments by N.Geetha and Dr.

Ramesh (2011), The main objective was to find the awarenessamongst the people, their attitude towards different investment schemesavailable. The study was concluded with the point that the income of therespondents widely affected the investment choice and also the sample size werenot aware of the investment schemes like debentures, stock market and equity.


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