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Likewe all know that Procurement processes should be fair and open and transparent.First, I will go back to the Pre-Contractual Phase in procurement Phase, and particularlyreview the evaluation and Selecting the Contractor procedures. Then, I’llidentify those who (besides the retired colleague) participated in the process(members of the bid evaluation team). I’ll have meetings with therepresentatives of: technical authority (from the client department); contractauthority (i.e.

PSPC); procurement authority, and with the project manager.After I collect theinformation, I’ll be in a better position to determine what went wrong with theProcurement Assessment and Planning.Without this information,I can only guess. It seems to me that the question emphasises the fact that theperson who awarded this contract to ABC has retired. It seems plausible that,being under pressure on a verge of retirement, he or she committed an oversight.The evaluation team has accountability to participate fully and actively toenter the required meetings in the evaluation of proposal. As a senior memberof the organisation, he or she must have exercised significant influence overother decision makers.

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To prevent suchoccurrences in the future, we may want to adhere more strictly to point-basedbid evaluation methodology where one opinion is as valuable as the other.We must to be accountableto choose a firm within the integrity of the entire bid evaluation process,therefore, the evaluation team must ensure all equality on standards andprinciples of treating bidders equally and fairly and transparently. Also, theclient must submit the accurate defined requirements and bid solicitation,hence, the responsive bidders must provide all fundamental principalinformation related to their bid completely and honestly. Additionally, there ispossibility to choose the evaluation members coming from the 3rd party (anothergovernment department or outside organization) to consider fairness, equalityand transparency methods; then also to consider a professional with expertisefor provision of adequate recommendations and feasible comments to confirm adecision.


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