LIFE ON MARSLS1 OKSANA POROKHONCHUKVASUL STEPHANYK PRECARPATHIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY                  Abstract          The topic of the research: “How we can make our life on Mars be possible”.

In this work the following points are discussed:-          components that people need to live on Mars;-          solving the main problems that can appear on another planet;-          humankind as spacefaring species;Methods of the research:-          observation;-          experiment;-          modelling;Participant of the research: Department of Astronomy at the Precarpathian University.Results of the research: methods of modelling and experiment made it possible to check the possibility of existence on Mars. The first helps to reveal the presence of liquid there, and the second one shows how to get food and oxygen. Experiments also showed the benefits of these actions. Key words: extrapolating, hydroponics, a spacefaring race.      People have been thinking about the life on Mars for centuries. Scientists indicate thatLS2  it is the place still having life outside the Earth. Researches for signs of life were started in the 20th century and they continue up to now.

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This planet is particularly favourable for such studies as there is cold climate, there are no such phenomena as plate tectonics or continental flow that is why, the planet has remained almost unchanged from the end of the Hesperian period. For the time being, the question about existence of the life on Mars or whether it subsisted there in the past is contemporary and the theme of fantastic Martians a recurring feature of the mass entertainment culture of the XX and XXI centuries.What do we require to exist on Earth? Definitely, it is food, water and some clothing.

And here is what we need to live on Mars: components mentioned above, plus oxygen. Obviously, water is an integral part of our life and health in particular, but it is far too difficult to carry it from the Earth to Mars. Therefore, we have to find water, if our life is going to prosper on Mars. Practically, all water there obtains as ice, vapour in the atmosphere, and as low-volume liquid pickles in shallow Martian soil. “The results led to the conclusion that liquid water can be stable for extended periods of time on the Martian surface under present-day conditions” (Kuznets, 1).

Afterwards, it is quite possible to start migration there. The next thing that should be noticed is nutrition. Men are going to apply hydroponics for getting some food, however it will be not enough because of water deficit. Thus, most of food will be delivered from our planet. Humanity also must take into account oxygen. Scholars have this problem worked out by means of Moxie. This machine soaks up in the Martian atmosphere and produces oxygen. As for clothes, an excellent variant would be a special suit, which is appropriate for a variety of conditions.

Due to all of the above, mankind is capable to be a spacefaring race. “…the question of life on Mars will be a crucial first step in extrapolating from life on Earth to life in the universe” (McKay, 402).                                                                           ReferenceKuznets, L. (2004, JulyLS3 ). “On the Existence and Stability of Liquid Water on the Surface of Mars Today.”LS4  WebLS5 .

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