Life Long Learning Paper Essay


What does “lifelong learning” mean to you? Lifelong learning is the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also competitiveness and employability. Lifelong learning is something that we all do, because when you stop using your brain, you start losing brain cells and become senile.I don’t have to go to school to learn – I can learn by reading, watching TV, talking to people, and having hobbies. 2. How do industry leaders feel about self-directed continuing professional development? For facing the competitiveness in the market, the industry leaders need to be much updated. So the professional development is the key for performing their job.

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On the other hand, to cope up with the globalization, professional development is necessary to ensure sustainable competitiveness. So the industry leaders feel thirst for professional development. . Explain the importance of lifelong learning in an engineering or technology career in your case As a carrier, engineering and technology is very challenging. We need to face continuous challenge in terms of modernization and innovation.

Engineering and technology is based on the new innovation. It is really required to be updated regularly for the engineers to apply their knowledge in their job field. So only, BS in engineering technology is not adequate for me to face the future challenge. 4. How do you plan to utilize it in your career?Include your motivation for lifelong learning. Without lifelong learning, career of an engineer is really very stagnant. And to face the future challenge, it is really important to be updated. I am very self-motivated to learn new things.

As an engineer, I have interest in project management sector. So after my graduation I will do training in project management. To be successes is the best motivation for me to do lifelong learning. This is the best way to upgrade myself to face the future challenge. 5. Describe a process you use for learning new material.But while motivation to learn is an in-born capacity, eventually it becomes a personality characteristic largely determined through the process of learning. Self-motivation is the key for learning new things.

This is the core requirement to learn new materials. Today learning is really very easy by using the informational technology. By the help of information technology I can update myself very easily. Than apart from the Degree earned from Purdue University Calumet, I will do professional degree related to my job, to increase my standard.Help myself to structure appropriate study habits: The essential ingredient is helping the learners to find a way to make studying a regular priority in their daily routines. This makes learning more automatic and enjoyable because other expectations or needs are always considered relative to, rather than in competition with, studying. Help the person to develop an identity as a learner: Identity is a powerful motivational force. People do many things because they literally tell themselves who they are and what to expect from themselves.

Treat the person as continuously growing toward increased self-direction and effectiveness: Such treatment develops motivation to learn because it helps to develop attitudes and habits of self-direction – and most of learning is self-directed. When people have a voice in what goes on in their own lives, they see how their growing knowledge and abilities extend the boundaries of their lives. Learning makes sense as a means to enjoy and contribute to their world. 6. List sources for continuing education opportunities and the extent they appeal to you.As an engineer, my plan is to concentrate in the project management field. As such, I will do training after my graduation.

First my goal is to finish my BS degree successfully. I will sit for the PMP certification course. This course helps me to develop my project management skill. To get management skill in professional life, I will go for Masters in Business Administration.

I think, after having sufficient experience as a technical project manager, I will go for management degree, which will explore myself better in terms of better decision making.


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