Life and Dreams Essay

As a prodigious, flourishing farmer, Wang Lung achieves all goals he has ever wanted. This is confirmed with his acts of determination to harness authority. Throughout the novel, “The Good Earth,” Pearl S. Buck exhibits the importance of power, wealth and success of Wang Lung during pre-revolution era and what it took for Wang Lung to perfect these traits.

He makes these accomplishments by simply not being lazy or just hoping for a magnificent change in his life but by going out, taking action and accomplishing his goals by just doing it.Starting small and working his way up in hierarchy, Wang Lung gains respect to his name and fortune to his hands. Attainments do not come easy. At the start, Wang Lung is beginning a new life with his wife Olan when he decides he wants to be a leader. He took drastic action and purchased his first small lot of land from the Hwangs as soon as they had spare cash. Wang Lung went to work and gave 100% to keep and maintain everything he had.

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Dedication and hope was now running through his veins, hoping one day he would be successful.We must get back to the land…” (54). Showing Wang Lung’s personal feeling toward accumulating wealth, meaning dedicated work on the land would do his life and his household good. During this time period, family especially sons were a gigantic part of Asian culture.

Wang Lung understood the importance of having sons to continue his household name and to grow his family. Now knowing this, his great desire for his wife to bare sons grew. Even when his first child is being born he asks, “Is it a boy…? ” (67).His dream of his wife having sons is true and has three sons and educates them so they can surpass what Wang Lung has not learned.

But even how sons are important to him, Wang Lung finds that his wife and daughters are family as well and he loves them and shows great respect. Even when his hatred for his uncle and his uncle’s family, he keeps cool and attends to them knowing his must show respect. Not only has Wang Lung’s riches made him more of an authority figure but now his family can carry on his wishes of victory.As one becomes famous or is seeking fame, social and physical appearance becomes a must. It almost acts as a weapon or persuasive tool used to sway the minds of others or establish dominance. As Wang Lung is found wandering to a new teahouse every day to accompany Lotus, he bathes himself, cuts his hair, shaves and even purchases impressive clothing. People in the novel even express Wang Lung’s fortune, “I heard you were rich but I did not know you were as rich as this. ” (136).

As wealth and family can show power, so can the simple appearance of man. By Wang Lungs excruciatingly hard work throughout his life it can be settled that by his determination he achieved his lifelong goal. As a young boy sets his life on becoming a professional athlete, and trains and puts his blood, sweat and tears into it, the same can be shown with Wang Lung. If you have a dream, you may not always peruse or perfect it but what you can do is try and put forth the effort in what you truly want or love.


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