Lic Oral Presentation Essay

Today I will share my self-reflection to this course and I hope u will enjoy my story. In the following I will mainly focus on two topics, first is the self-concept that this course brings to me and the second is the affection of my relationships by this course. First of all, I want to talk about a bit of my past. Before I entered this college, I was working in a clubhouse after the a-level exam; I decided not to study anymore since my exam result was extremely bad.You maybe surprised that why I m here but frankly speaking, I m here because one day when I was looking at my parents, I can feel that they are getting old. In order to take the responsibility to my family, I realized that I have to make some changes in my life and finally I chose to study again to initiate the change. I can still remember in the first lesson of this course.

I tried very hard to think, why do I have to study this course? What can this course brings me and how?And today I can really understand the meaning of this course finally. As I mentioned before, I used to have low self-esteem because of my failure in the public exam, I have never thought that I’m worthy or competent, In spite of that, I have learned from this course that it is more important to improve and develop the “self” based on your capability rather than always measuring the self-worth and self-esteem. I have also changed my thought which is not to compare with others too much and seek a positive and balanced relationship.When compare with myself in last year, I have the feeling that I’m getting better because I am with more confidence today. Since positive relationships can help to build up self-esteem, I think this is really interesting that this course also taught me how to build up positive relationships. Knowing the different features of healthy relationships and the skills to build up positive relationships, i have changed my attitude and I can now manage to overcome shyness and be active, I can feel that my relationships of both my family and friends are enriching.

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I will also take the role of others and think twice before an action, which can avoid me to damage my friends and family. As a summary, I think this course is really interesting and useful because it brings me happiness, self-confidence, and the most important thing is solid knowledge of intra- and interpersonal competencies which I can apply in my future.


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