Letter to Friend Essay

Hi Igor I receive your mail where you ask about some news that have happen after my arriving to England. So do you remember when we was dream about travelling , we was only 16 years. We also was accept to english school where we wanted to learn more about foreight country. I think it helps me very in understanding of English language,country and tradition.

Also i watched films in origin and i like it more becouse you hear the origin emotion and good intonation. Ohh and do you remember Stan? e corresponded with him sometimes so now his’s my neighbor. We work together in a factory.

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I’m system engineer and hi’s booker. So after university i dreamed about new life in England and i started to work in factory by software developer. After 3 years i has got a chance to work in newest factory in London. Complete several tests and tasks my dreams come true. Now i’ve just connect to the internet and i saw your mail.

So i have bought two-storey house and soon i will marry with Mary.Every monday i play in paintball with my friends , every friday i play in poker. Sometime we take part in compete of paintball or poker . London is very beatifull town with many surprise and nice place to take a rest (bars,clubs,cinemas etc. ) In future i want to travelling around Ukraine so we will have a chance to meet around in Kiev. It would be a pleasure for me to travel together and talk more about my life in London.

I wait a mail from you and news about your life.


I'm Ruth!

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