Leonardo use his talent for art to

Leonardo wasan innovator who had enormous impact on society because he was the mosttalented and successful Renaissance man of his time.  Leonardo da Vinci had multiple talents andcareers throughout his life time.  He wasan artist ever since the he was a child and didn’t just use his talent for artto his advantage, he discovered incredible and amazing new hobbies that somemen couldn’t even dream of doing.  Hechanged our cultural beliefs through his art work.

  As he grew older he took on other careerssuch as painting, sculpting, engineering, mathematics, science, inventing,architecture, as well as a philosopher. He was the most loved Italian painter.             Leonardo was born April 14, 1452 ina small town in Italy Vinci.  His fatherdiscovered his talent in art and by the age of 14 Leonardo was painting withand was an apprentice with Verrocchio. At age twenty he was a master at art and had already started his own wayof painting.  He discovered a way to makehis atmosphere look realistic in his painting by smoking out the colorthroughout the back round of the paintings. Paintrent’s would higher the young man to paint art works for them andhe impressed every time.

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              Not only was Leonardo an artist buthe engaged in many projects having to do with human health and physicalscience.  This is when he discovered hispassion for architecture and construction. He dreamed of building and designing re-routes to rivers to pedestriantrails.  Leonardo later went to Rome towork for Pope Lao the tenth.  That iswhere he started studying human anatomy. He was very fascinated with nature and used this passion for hisartworks.

  Most of his paintings inspiredby nature are his best.              Leonardo was a dreamer.  One of the things he wanted to do most waslearn how to fly.  He studied birds tosupport his project.  After years in hisresearch he never found a way for the human body to fly.

  But he did invent many flying machines like aversion of the helicopter and a parachute. Leonardo was also into the flow of water and after studying its movementhe moved on to discovering water gadgets and designed some diving gear, watervehicles, and also the first water meter. He was officially centuries ahead of his time.  He designed many construction projects andother inventions but his paintings were his best success.  Some of his best works were The Mona Lisa,The last supper, and Vitruvian Man.              LeonardoDe Vinci was the most talented man of all time. Although there are still secrets and unknown things about him and hispaintings he still has earned his spot for fame and success.

  When Leonardo grew old he was loved by theking of France and worked for him as long as he could.  On May 2, 1519 he grew old and became verysick.  He died in the arms of the king ofFrance after a stroke.  His death was atragedy and people have painted his last moments with the king.

  Leonardo was an innovator who has an enormousimpact on society because he was the most talented and successful renaissance man.


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