Leonard Cooper Charter School Network Improvement Proposal Essay

Hard to manage when print queues fillNeed to navigate to each printer to clear queues (large time waster) Too many collisions on the networkNetwork runs slow during peak usage timeCurrent HVAC technology requires minimally 100Mbps connection speed HVAC Facility Support needs to be able to access equipment remotely 16 classrooms do not have internet connections (need at least 23 total) The 7 classrooms that are connected have a slow connection to the mail server at the other end of the building Already purchased VoIP phones will not work with current network capabilities The BN circuit is creating a bottleneck and intermittent communicationPriority wise I would want to address the guided media connecting the backbone switch. This is a major bottleneck issue only using a twisted pair which is actually out of range for this specification of 120 meters.

If we replace this with a fiber 1000 Based-F connection; it will go a long way to helping the whole network.Keeping with the circuit improvements I would upgrade to Cat 6 UTP 1000 Base-T Ethernet cabling. Re-cabling will be rather straight forward as the school is configured with drop ceilings and the runs are not over 100 meters. This cabling will replace any current copper guided media except for the aforementioned Backbone connections which will be fiber. Since this is fairly cheap so I would include some extra wiring to address any future needs that might arise. The other function this cat 6 install could provide is a copper power path for the VoIP phone system that is already purchased. This POE functionality could help the school streamline the installation of their VoIP phone system and possibly save money on power adaptors.

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Topology wise we will improve our network by moving forward by utilizing switched Ethernet. The collision problem may be caused by old HUBs on the network, this would need to be further investigated during the install. In any case, if HUBs are found or for any additional connections that are desired (like expansion to provide live connection ports to the 16 classroom that currently don’t have any networking) we will be installing 24 port switches as appropriate. This will also provide some future expansion connectivity. Guided media improvements will also attend to mail server speed concerns in conjunction with any topology switching improvements that are needed.

In addition to these improvements I would suggest we upgrade the mail server to utilize a RAID storage medium (redundant array of inexpensive disks). This will increase the capabilities of the mail server to handle multiple requests during peak usage points like the start of the day.The next area to tackle is the printing nightmare that is a daily battle for the staff.

To remedy this we will need to install a print server. The print server we will purchase will utilize a RAID storage medium; this will correct the current queuing problems. This will allow the printing situation to be managed much more efficiently freeing up a lot of staff time to better serve teaching the kids.Facility management will be made much more efficient by installing a Radio wireless media system. This will enable the already connected HVAC system to be managed remotely via the Web. The Radio wireless media system will meet or exceed the needed connection speed to enable the HVAC equipment to communicate effectively. The other connectivity and speed concerns will be addressed with the aforementioned switching, cat 6 and fiber BN improvements.

This list of improvements will upgrade your existing networking infrastructure to state of the art but will also stay within your budgeting concerns. Staff frustrations and poorly utilized time can be re-appropriated severing the needs of the staff and the children we are all tying to advance to be educated good citizens.


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