Lengthen Increasing the number of time students

Lengthen the school year seems to be an attractive proposition as increasing the academic calendar sends an impressive message. Increasing the number of time students spend in the classrooms demonstrates society’s commitment to giving them the tools needed in order to successfully face tomorrows’ ever-changing challenges. Through this change, students of low-income homes are better able to obtain the necessary re-teaching or extra lessons needed without the pricy after-hours and summer tutoring programs.  Furthermore, this change in the academic calendar will benefit student’s social and mental development.

Students and parents will be able to keep in contact with school mental health counselors and other professionals without having to pay extra or seek it independently. Students will also be able to increase their social skills or visit new places through school summer field trip activities. Teachers will also benefit from this change, as this may be the only major effective way of increasing his / her monthly salary.Elongating the school year will seem as a difficult or challenging proposition when presented. However, once implemented, the success stories for both students and teachers alike will be rewarding.  

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