Learning Team C: Team Incentives Essay

Team IncentivesIntroduction            Two specific incentives that would allow Team C to achieve desired results would be high Grade Point Average and personal pride. Team C is motivated to perform because of these two incentives and these motivators will be explained and analyzed.

The reasoning behind each incentive will be addressed and the benefits of achieving desired results will be discussed.Grade Point AverageGrades reflect a student’s ability to do consistently good or bad work. The Grade Point Average or GPA is a long term indicator of that performance. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours. It ranges from 4.

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0 to 0 where 4.0 is the highest and equivalent to A or Excellent. GPA is not just a measure of intelligence but also indicates the student’s discipline and hard work poured for the duration of his schooling.

The range for the GPA is 4.0 to 0, where 4.0 is the highest and equivalent to A or Excellent (What’s the Role of GPA, 2005). Students who graduate with GPAs of 3.85 or higher are awarded recognition of Graduate with Honors in their diploma.  The GPA is also used as basis for admission to post graduate studies like Masters and Doctorate degrees. Generally for graduates, the GPA is used by human resource managers as an important reference for hiring employees. A high GPA is an incentive for a learning team to be motivated to perform in the University.

Like a mirror that shows a person how good looking or how well dressed he is, a high GPA serves as a reminder to the student that he has gone far and has to sustain that performance. He values what he has achieved and that he feels good about it. A high GPA means freedom and power. He earns the respect and trust of his professors, his peers, his friends and the community. He brings joy to his family and his future career comes within reach.

That in itself is a motivator to keep him trying because he knows that there are so many benefits of being on top. Students with high GPAs when grouped together become a strong force. They all have the intelligence, the skills and the proper attitude to get the highest grade achievable in a class thus they themselves will motivate and help each other in any learning challenge they meet in the University.Personal PrideBenefits of Team AchievementConclusionReferencesEngleberg, Isa N., & Wynn, Dianna R. (2007).

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