Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Learning Reflections Essay

Learning Reflections Essay

I now feel, after being a student of this class, being successful in business or school requires the ability to organize, arrange, and compose thoughts into a logical format. Without these skills it is impossible to communicate thoughts and emotions grammatically. Reflecting on the past three months, I notice that our English 1A class has learned skills necessary to develop personal, informative, and persuasive essays. These are essential points needed to become successful in today’s society.

In previous English courses that I have participated in, I never realized that essay-writing skills were so important. Because of this class, my attitude toward writing has matured into an understanding of what it takes to be a good writer. Without the knowledge of why writing skills were important, I was concerned about “just getting by”. Now, I enjoy the challenge of composing an interesting and thought provoking essay. I find myself developing an essay with my reader in mind, and thinking what might stimulate them to read my work.

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This class has developed my senses and stimulated my curiosity in the literary world and I feel I have made significant progress in my writing process. The most important of which being how, by the proper use of commas, transitions, and supportive quotes, I transform my average essay into a well composed, interesting literary work, well at least I think it’s interesting. An interesting literary work must have flow; this is accomplished by the use of proper transitional phrases.

At the beginning of the semester I had no knowledge of what transitions were, but now I find myself spending most of the editing time concerned with how to use them correctly. As I look back on some of the essays that I composed on during my time in class, I notice areas where transitional phrases could have been helpful. As this semester comes to a close, I feel that through the use of well-placed transitions, I can successfully compose a smooth essay. Through the course of the semester I have learned how to properly use transitional phrases to connect different thoughts in my essay.

By the proper use of transitions, a writer gives his reader an interesting essay that is easy to follow. Transitional phrases are important to keep the flow, but without the correct placement of commas an essay is very difficult to read. Throughout the semester, correct placement of commas has always been my greatest challenge. I have placed forth a conscious effort in the editing process to overcome these challenges. In some of my essays, I had many mistakes involving commas, run-ons, and sentence fragment.

Looking at these errors, I discovered a way to improve the sentence structure, and help the reader follow the plot. Through constant practice, I feel that I can successfully compose an essay that a reader can follow without any annoying comma splices or run-on sentences. With the proper use of commas, an essay progresses from words on paper to an easy to follow and understandable literary work. During this semester I have learned that an essay has to be easy to follow or it will not indulge the readers interest. The writer must try to keep the readers interest in his work alive.

Other than the correct placement of commas, the use of quotations can initiate an interest in a literary work. Before this course I never thought about using quotes to develop a point before. To find a quote that correctly states what you want to say is very difficult and time consuming. The time it takes to find a quote is well worth the effort because it raises the literary work to another level. A quote gives the reader something to think about, it lets the reader discover what the quotation means to yourself.