Learning and Advertisement Essay

Q: 1 Does this advertizement informed me? Yes it does. It is advertisement by TAPAL household mixture. I learned from this attention deficit disorder that how we live in our household? And how to make esteem others. And besides tells the importance of a household and dealingss that are really of import for everyone.

This advertizement tells that dealingss and felicity makes a complete place. This is of import for every to cognize how to do a household and how to populate in a household particularly for misss this is really knowing advertizement. Q:1 B ) What did you acquire from this advertizement?I know from this advertizement about a happy household and the importance of a complete household. And how they live in a united household with love and attention. This advertisement conveys a message to immature coevals to make esteem the seniors. Q:1 degree Celsius ) Where you can use this consciousness? I can use this consciousness at my place. to make the regard of my seniors and love with my younger’s.

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and besides take attention of my household members. And informed my friends that they should besides see this advertizement and larn the lesion that how to do a complete place.Q: 2 Does this advertizement claim anything? Yes it does. It claims that TAPAL household mixture is a complete tea.

and makes a complete place or household. That’s why most of people who are emotional they targeted to purchase this merchandise. Q: 3 Does this advertizement usage force per unit area merchandising? Yes it does. Because it aiming the emotions of people.

Target our household and inspired specially misss who are married and want to beautiful and complete place. Use some sentences that show force per unit area merchandising.Q: 4 Does this advertizement carry through the standards of concern moralss? Yes it does because the linguistic communication which used in this advertizement is good. which is non traverse the bounds.

and we see this advertizement with our household members. This advertizement shows the positive impact on people. Overall environment of this advertizement is good and we learn so many things from this advertizement. this advertizement shows our civilization and spread a message that how to populate in a household.

and do a happy household. World Wide Web. youtube. com/watch? v=ekHv1IY9_Bc.


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