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In today ‘s accelerating universe, everyone is so pre-occupied with their day-to-day jobs that it leaves no clip for relaxation and wellness related activities. Furthermore, people do non see their doctors due to clip restrictions every bit good as fiscal restraints. As it is good said by person that wellness is wealth hence in such fortunes the easy entree to web sites would assist people to work out their wellness questions via reexamining literature on cyberspace which would salvage both clip and cost. Advance inventions in modern scientific disciplines and engineerings have created unbelievable alterations in medical pattern, in the organisation of human resources every bit good as in the services to present quality patient attention. Therefore, developing wellness attention websites is an indispensable key for the easiness of the general populace in the modern globalised universe.The universe has become a planetary small town and this originative brush has lead to the increased thirst for cognition. In such fortunes web sites provide us with the best possible ways to larn about everything traveling around us.

Similarly, the wellness callings every bit good as the associated individual with the job are acute to cognize more and more about the province, consequently.Working in health care industry, I steadfastly believe that it is of import to hold wellness related or disease procedure related web sites for clients to carry through their demands and to spread out their skyline of better apprehension towards healthy conditions. In our organisation the information shows that our OBs clinics holding highest volume, finally which consequences in increased work load of our staff and reduced patient satisfaction as patient ‘s questions are left unreciprocated. As a consequence, it was found that pregnant adult females were the 1s left most unsated. Shiel et Al ( 2009 ) cited“A recent qualitative survey found that pregnant adult females wanted to derive antenatal cognition, but they viewed wellness attention provides who minimize their concerns as a barrier for them to seek information” ( pg: 365 )Pregnant adult females are ever found to hold multiple questions related to their conditions which lead to a high turnover in clinics. Most of the questions are related to routine maternal problems/complications which surely do non necessitate any visit if sufficient and relevant information is provided on the web site.

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For any successful relationship cooperation and coaction are two basic pre-requisites. Thus, I decided to plan a web site particularly for “Pregnant Women” as that seemed to be the most noticeable state of affairs in my organisation.Many research surveies have besides highlighted the demands of pregnant adult females, such as Shieh, et Al ( 2009 ) said“Several surveies have documented the beginnings of information that are accessed by pregnant adult females, including societal webs ( household and friends ) , aggregate media ( wireless and telecasting ) , printed stuffs ( books, newspapers, magazines, and booklets ) , and engineering ( computing machine and the Internet ) . Some research workers found that pregnant adult females sought wellness information from community beginnings, such as wellness carnivals, presentations, talks, categories, or wellness publicity activities organized by wellness, civic, or charity organisations, to a lesser grade than household webs and wellness professionals” . ( p 364 )Therefore, supplying them another easy platform for accessing information would turn out to be helpful for them. Harmonizing to Rosenfield & A ; Min ( 2007 ) “There is turning consensus that beef uping wellness systems is an indispensable component to better adult females ‘s health” .

( p 201 ) Womans could acquire the best possible nutritionary charts, picture cartridge holders, learn about the alterations during phases of gestation, learn about the temper alterations and finally could supply her kid with a healthy organic structure.However, bettering adult females ‘s wellness in 3rd universe states is a hard issue as the countries lack in stuff and human resources plus many physicians and nurses are non willing to function in distant countries. Remote Patient Monitoring System with focal point on Antenatal Care reported:“According to the World wellness statistics by WHO for 2007, Pakistan has one doctor for 1351 people, a nurse for 3225 people, a accoucheuse for every 6666 people, a druggist for 20000 people and a tooth doctor for every 20000 people. Furthermore, many of the physicians ( particularly the specializer physicians ) prefer to function in urban countries where they have entree to all installations of life” .Therefore, the babes born there are either under-weight or dice after some period of their birth ; nevertheless, those who grow are fed on hapless diet as the female parents do non cognize what would supply their kid with healthy life conditions. The statistics shows that in Afghanistan the infant mortality rate is 165 deceases for every thousand babes born with 182 babies, out of 1000 Born, deceasing before their first birthdays. The other utmost status is the maternal decease happening largely in the underdeveloped universe. Harmonizing to the World Health Organization,“ A maternal decease is defined as the decease of a adult female while pregnant or within 42 yearss of expiration of gestation, irrespective of the continuance and site of the gestation, from any cause related to or aggravated by the gestation or its direction but non from inadvertent or incidental causes ”Therefore, in such fortunes where authorities is supposed to work hard, the physicians and nurses should give such people awareness at the initial phase of gestation merely to avoid wellness jobs.

One of the best ways is therefore the entree to internet to larn about the wellness issues. Give some Pakistani informationsFurthermore, Rosenfield & A ; Min ( 2007 ) cited “According to the World Health Organization there are presently 57 states with critical deficits amounting to a planetary shortage of more than 4 million wellness attention workers” . This deficit leads to increased jobs as it creates troubles in go toing to the patients questions. Hence, on-line web site for pregnant adult females would cut down the work load on wellness attention workers and would supply sufficient information to pregnant adult females. Harmonizing to surveies carried out, the province of pregnant adult females makes them funny about their status and they are acute to larn more about their status. Prematurity Awareness Survey conducted by Hologic, Inc. ( 2008 ) reported“…83 % feel that it ‘s of import to educate themselves on affairs associating to their gestation. Along with speaking to their health care suppliers, they seek information online and in books…It ‘s ever good to cognize about any hazards.

The more you know, the more you can be cognizant of marks and symptoms if something does travel wrong” .Yates ( 2009 ) further stated “Eighty-nine per centum of adult females want to cognize “everything” about gestation, including their hazard for a premature birth…” .Therefore, there are few web sites presently bing which provides information needed by pregnant adult females to educate them.

  • Google Blog has a web site for pregnant adult females with multiple articles to educate them with the name of hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com.pk/search? hl=en & A ; rlz=1R2ADBR_enPK331 & A ; q=pregnant+women & A ; meta= & A ; aq=0s & A ; oq=pregnent+women
  • Wikipedia has its ain web site for pregnant adult females with the URL of hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.


  • www.smartmomma.com
  • Natural intelligence.com besides provides great sum of information at hypertext transfer protocol: //www.naturalnews.com/pregnant_women.html

While researching these sites, few spreads were identified.

The sites did non hold any association with the infirmaries and did non supply the list of wellness attention workers & A ; their contact electronic mail references, for prenatal female parents to e-mail their questions. Therefore, the projected web site would seek and cover up all the critical information and would trust to cut down frequence of clinic visits every bit good as addition client ‘s satisfaction and would cut down gestation related jobs.

Aim & A ; Aims

The chief intent to develop web site for prenatal female parents is to hold cognition based efficient, effectual & A ; sustainable enterprise of information communicating engineering to supply easy beginnings of information for pregnant adult females.Other aims are as follows:

  • To authorise them with cognition to take attention of themselves
  • To cut down concerns & A ; anxiousnesss related to gestation
  • To salvage clip of wellness attention workers and physician during clinic visit
  • To cut down figure of visits related to declaration of their questions.
  • Decrease economical load on clients by salvaging cost on gratuitous clinic visit
  • Decrease staff work burden
  • Update new research based information every quarterly for prenatal female parents

The thought of supplying on-line prenatal categories to adult females and taging it as one of the chief aims has a whole scenario behind it. Recently one patient from one of the in-between east states was admitted at my establishment for bringing. After the bringing was done, the concerned nurse identified that the female parent was non able to feed the babe as her chest mammillas were inverted.

On look intoing it was identified that none of the wellness attention worker in that state checked for the job and the adult females there are non given any information sing it, whereas, in our organisation we run antennary categories and during 3rd trimester, instruction is given to all the pregnant adult females on nipple hard-on exercisings. As a consequence, the babe was born scraggy, went through many medical examinations, the household itself went through mental emphasis and the babe was so made to feed on bottle.Therefore, it is critical to hold decently developed web site for pregnant adult females to acquire them larn about gestation related issues and concerns like diet consumption, exercises, motions, inoculation during gestation, postpartum attention, kid bearing, hormonal alterations, physical alterations, cardiovascular, respiratory, nephritic and metabolic alterations.

This web site would supply complete information & A ; guarantee wellness information via electronic manner to supply complete information for users. This modern manner of roll uping information is termed specifically as electronic wellness.

Content and Beginnings

AKU web site for prenatal female parents or pregnant adult females would hold the undermentioned content to back up them:


  • 5 proceedingss documental film about AKUH ( Aga Khan University Hospital )
  • News & A ; events
  • Workshops
  • List of OBs facilities/clinics available at campus

Clinic agenda with physician profile, etc

About us

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Accreditation

Health & A ; Education awareness plan

  • Prenatal class for Minor Disorders of Pregnancy
  • Lactation Management session ( recorded picture on web site )
  • Diet demand during gestation ( acrobat papers )
  • Labor Management ( acrobat papers & A ; recorded interviews )
  • Family Planning ( recorded interviews )
  • Prenatal Exercises ( picture )

Literature & A ; Articles

  • Research based articles from AKUH
  • Articles on attention of pregnant adult females during 1st, 2nd, & A ; 3rd trimester via web nexus
  • Dietary demand of pregnant adult females via web nexus
  • Importance of inoculation during gestation via web nexus
  • Importance of clinic visits during gestation & A ; # of visits required
  • Complications of gestation: mild, moderate & A ; sever and intercession consequently via web nexus
  • Physiological alterations during gestation with relevant links & A ; web sites
  • Types of bringing harmonizing to the place of foetus, etc with relevant nexus & A ; website and from AKU library by hypertext transfer protocol: //intranet/akulibrary/


  • Health policy for clients & A ; wellness attention workers for their consciousness
  • Admission policy of infirmary
  • Policy on patient measures of rights, etc

Web logs


News & A ; Events ( of last 5 old ages )

  • Birth record of AKUH born babes
  • # of normal bringings,
  • # of cesarian subdivision
  • # of hard bringing etc
  • Inpatient & A ; outpatient services for OBs


  • Recorded Video Tapes on on-line prenatal categories
  • Recorded Video Tapes on learning stuff
  • Interviews on gestation related concerns by old clients
  • Interviews on early kid bearing issues and challenges by experience clients

Useful Linkss

Online enquiry service and feedback

Contact us


This site would be accessible for all the AKUH registered prenatal adult females by their medical record figure & A ; national Identity card ( NIC ) figure. They would merely hold to login with their Medical Record figure and & A ; NIC figure and entree the content they would wish to reexamine. It would besides be accessible to all the AKUH employees and the establishments associated with Aga Khan Health Services around the universeHome page of the site would look as follows:This web site would supply empathic information to all the clients and it would look with multiple resiurces including recorded Sessionss, interviews, different articles with their web links of Google and AKUH library. The site would hold utile links and reach us column every bit good.

It would supply question option and if any pregnant adult female or health care worker would e-mail us any question, the associated wellness attention suppliers will react to them, consequently. This would increase client ‘s involvement to use the site as it would make a strong communicating. The linguistic communication of the site used would be an easy version of English and would include linguistic communication tools so that people accessing it from any portion of the universe should non confront any linguistic communication barrier and could easy understand the medical nomenclature. Clinical Manager of OBs, lactation adviser and nurse in charge on prenatal clinic would be responsible to update the site on quarterly footing by reexamining bing content and adding new content harmonizing to the updated research & A ; feedback provided by the clients. When a question would be send via electronic mail, a message would be generated to the nurse and an qui vive would look on the doctor ‘s screen for the related instance.

Nurse pedagogue & A ; doctor would be responsible to reply the question accurately within 24 hours.This site would use web 2.0 to educate pregnant adult females to heighten their cognition. This would increase their satisfaction towards the organisation as organisational supported website with complete information and handiness to send on their question and acquire response consequently, will increase their satisfaction. It would besides assist to increase concern of the organisation ( we are non-profit organisation ) as it would animate others to register their instance at AKUH. This site would besides supply with the Blogs for pregnant adult females so that they can portion information and experience and confab suites would be at that place so that everyone can hold a healthy treatment related to it.

Therefore, through this proposal, I would kindly bespeak ISD to look frontward to develop a web site for pregnant adult females as it would decidedly assist to cut down jobs faced by them. It would be surely a great aid around the clock to use and supply support.Harmonizing to Rosenfield & A ; Min ( 2007 ) “Countries should besides see inventions. More loosely, greater resources must be directed to develop wellness systems capable of supplying an array of indispensable services to all adult females.

Women ‘s agony is non a foregone conclusion—if the universe has the will to make what is needed.”In above survey, information-seeking was defined as an action a pregnant adult female takes to seek for or utilize gestation wellness information, resources, or advice through a assortment of information beginnings, including wellness professionals, mass media, print or electronic stuffs, societal webs, and community beginnings to broaden her skyline.


This brooding authorship will foreground the issues and concerns faced while developing proposal for creative activity of web site.

Through this proposal composing I realized that many groups in my organisation are non following proper way to bring forth petition for creative activity of web site and as a consequence legion spreads are so identified and often sent for alterations. The unstructured manner to make things escort to wastage of human and material resources every bit good as cut down user ‘s satisfaction.I decided on to doing a proposal of the web site for pregnant adult females at AKUH we late encountered such a job in which the female parent and the new born babe suffered a batch due to miss of information as mentioned above. While surfing the cyberspace for the web sites related to pregnant adult females, I identified that there were merely few which provides adequate content about pregnant adult females or prenatal female parents. Therefore, it gave me a encouragement to plan such a proposal.

Initially, it seemed really hard to compose a proposal as I had ne’er done that earlier and acquiring into the flow together with the day-to-day jobs, occupation work and the really first experience, made me inquire if I would of all time acquire done with it. Besides, in my organisation if anyone likes to develop any web site, they merely generate an electronic mail to information system section ( ISD ) without any item so a new systematic attack made me small uneasy.However, one time I got acquainted to it, it made me confident that I would non merely acquire done with it but there would be a batch to larn. However, developing a web site for patients is one of the critical undertakings and needs great specificity and truth. This proposal composing helped me to understand the things that were antecedently done in a incorrect manner. ( you may give few specific illustrations here )While composing this proposal I learned how to develop proper proposal for web sites and learned the complete format.

This proposal composing helped me in placing the demands for development of a web site. It made me larn that if anyone wants to develop any web site or any system he/she should hold the complete flow of the work before get downing with the concluding bill of exchange. I farther discovered that it is of import to make up one’s mind targeted audience to avoid meeting obscure and unrelated stuff.This besides made me recognize the defects in our system while pass oning a superficial demand to ISD. As a consequence, ISD has ne’er been able to give expected consequence.

I realized that we should be argus-eyed plenty as to avoid seting uncomplete or unwanted information on web sites and information non needed by the users.This proposal composing left great positive impact on my profession and brought many of import things into spotlight. ( specify )


This assignment is based on a proposal carried out for planing a web site related to wellness issues faced globally. The proposal highlights the demand for wellness information to be available through all beginnings which most significantly includes the web sites. This proposal specifically focuses on the jobs of pregnant adult females and prenatal female parents. Therefore, the outgrowth of this web site would assist pregnant adult females to larn accurate information about their province.

Furthermore, it would assist the physicians and nurses when the immense turnover of patients for minor issues would be lessened. The proposal besides explains in item the manner to entree the site and the needed information in every check. The website proposes video cartridge holders, docudramas, stuff from AKUH library and other valid stuffs. The systematic construction of the web site is besides described. Therefore, this web site would ease the general populace every bit good as the wellness practicians. Siting far off from the infirmaries with a cup of java in the manus people can easy surf through the web site and larn about their specific status and tips for healthy gestation and with a immense smiling on their faces, prenatal female parents and health care practicians would work with contentment and in peace. The tremendous originative brush!


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