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Leah McDougallThursday, January 4, 2018CHC 2D1Joni MitchellBiography: Joni Mitchell was born on November 7, 1943 in Fort MacLeod, Alberta. Born as Roberta Joan Anderson, Joni was an only child living with her mother and father. Her father was a Royal Canadian Air Force flight lieutenant where allied forces were training to fly during World War Two. After the war, her father began working as a grocer and decided to move to Saskatchewan, to the towns of Maidstone.

In school she was attracted to art and in which one of her teachers stimulated her to write poetry, by grade 12 she dropped out and began to sing around friends and realized she wanted to play the guitar. The first time she was paid for a performance was on October 31, 1962, at a Saskatoon club where folk and jazz singers performed. As art was still a passion of Joni’s, she would go back to finish high school at Aden Bowman.

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In which after, she began to take art classes at Technical Collegiate and then left home to attend the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. By the time she was 20, she fled from the school which affected her parents emotions towards her decision causing disappointment because of the Great Depression and how much education was valued. She found a job that paid 15 dollars a week at a local coffee house in which she sang , played guitar and sometimes making appearances on radio TV shows.

She finally had the courage to tell her mother that she would rather much sing in Toronto. A year later, she got  her first gig for a major audience and her career went through the roof from that point. By 1970, she had a break through and her music began to expand towards pop and rock. She decided to end her tour and by 1971, decided to settle down and start painting and writing  and was awarded “Top Female Performer”. She was very on and off with being on stage and taking breaks to write and paint due to the amount of work that was put on her. In 1975 Joni was recording demos and by 1976, she received nominations for grammy awards for best female pop artist.

In 1983, She did a world tour and continued releasing albums with beautiful messages encrypted inside them.Historical Significance: Joni Mitchell, also referred to ‘Folk Legend,’ was known for her lasting impact on female artist. Her most memorable work is found on albums recorded between 1969 and 1974. If you listen to the most significant songs from her records, you’ll hear alluring, fantastic moving words from a admirable folk artist.

Her music is both catchy and passionate, giving her audience the emotional rollercoaster that she is trying to give. She made amazing records and overstepped the boundaries of her chosen music. She changed generations for female songwriters because of her beautiful artistic influence. Her influence talks about how she inspires


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