Leadership Styles in my Role Essay

Part A1 )

Quality Mohandas Gandhi Mother Teresa Student
Personal Valuess
  • Forgiveness: he has forgiven those people who put him into gaol and tried to assassinate him.
  • Learning from errors:when he was kid, he lied and stole and excessively much focal point on material things, but he merely larn from his error and ne’er made it twice. Finally achieved his success
  • Love but ne’er hatred:this value are merely show on a great religious leaders, such as Christ and Buddha.
  • Live in nowadays:he ever concentrate on the undertaking in custodies, non blowing clip on expression back at the yesteryear or believing things happen on hereafter.

  • Non Violence:he ne’er recommend usage force to work out, if human can work out their job peacefully and without violent. Thousands of guiltless lives can be saved.
  • Be sort: she said that sort words are short and easy to talk, but their reverberations are genuinely eternal.
  • Love and aid others:she devoted all of her life to service of people who need aid.

  • Do non give up:

Although she faced so many convulsion and challenges, but she did non give up.

  • Live in nowadays:

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has bot ye come, live in nowadays. She lived out each twenty-four hours she had improbably,

  • Forgiveness:she believes that without forgiveness we are non able to love.
  • Self-discipline:ever remind ego to act.
  • Learn from error: reconsideration after make a error and don’t happen once more.
  • Be sort: be sort to everyone, and justice another person’s feelings by one’s ain.
  • Enjoy the present:bask the everyday in my life.

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  • Be grateful:feel thanks for everything I have and grateful the life I have.
Personal Beliefs
  • All faiths are equal.
  • He believes in the power of truth and compassion for others.

  • Non-violence was the highest virtuousness, which means non merely anti-violence, but besides love all the life.
  • Celibacy and vegetarianism are of import for accomplishing religious pureness.
  • Hindoo
  • Love and self- forfeit: people should populate in love and peace and portion the love with others.
  • All faith leads to the same God.
  • There is religious value in enduring. It conveying them closer to Christ.
  • Silence, supplication, religion, love, service and gait are the six stairss to peace.
  • Christian
  • All spiritual are equal
  • All faith leads to the same God
  • Lazy make me experience comfy besides made a underperformer
  • Believe all the error can be forgive
  • No force to other people.

Personal Attitudes
  • Tough
  • Know one’s ain head
  • Economic
  • Self- forfeit
  • Live on the border
  • Charity
  • Doggedness
  • Strong belief
  • Self- forfeit
  • Service with a smiling
  • Adventurous
  • Rebellious
  • Humorous
  • Curious
  • Service with a smiling
Personal MetaprogramsMotivation FilterOrientation FilterSuccess Indication FilterDecision-Making FilterConvincer FilterLeadership filterEnergy Direction FilterPerformance FilterWork Satisfaction FilterPreferable Interest FilterAbstract/Specific FilterComparison FilterChallenge Response FilterTime Awareness FilterFocus Filter Toward MotivatedNecessityInternalSee and MakeAutomaticSelf and OthersActiveManagement PlayerPeoplesActivitiesAbstraction to SpecificSameness with different EquallyThinkingIn TimeOthers Toward MotivatedNecessityInternalSee and MakeAutomaticSelf and OthersActiveManagement PlayerPeoplesActivitiesAbstraction to SpecificSameness with different EquallyThinkingIn TimeOthers Toward MotivatedNecessityInternalSee and MakeAutomaticSelfActiveMugwumpPeoplesActivitiesAbstraction to SpecificSameness with different EquallyChoiceIn TimeSelf
Quotation marks Associated to them “Men frequently become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I can non make something, it makes me incapable of making it. But when I believe I can, so I get the ability to make it even if I did n’t hold it in the beginning.”“First they ignore you, so they laugh at you, so they fight you and so you win.”“The weak can ne’er forgive. Forgiveness is the property of the strong.

“Everybody today seems to be in such a awful haste, dying for greater developments and greater wealths and so on, so that kids have really small clip for their parents.Parents have really small clip for each other, and in the place begins the break of peace of the world”“In this life we can non make great things. We can merely make little things with great love” N/A
Main Decision points in Their Life
  • 1915, he decide to returned to India and fall in the Congress motion, become one of the party leaders.

  • He collaborated with Mountbatten and Wavell in the physique up to independency in 1947, purpose to alter the spiritual issues of India
  • She decide to establish the Missionaries of Charity to assist the hapless.
  • She insist to maintain the Missionaries of Charity running without adequate money and resource, because she believe God will supply.
  • Decide to went to Singapore unrecorded entirely
  • Decide to fall in wellness attention force, to assist who disablement
Memories & A ; Mentions
  • 1888, He went to London to analyze jurisprudence and went to South Africa to work as a attorney.
  • 1907, In South Africa he joined the inactive protests against the Transvaal government’s intervention of Indian colonists who were in the minority in the part.
  • 1915, he back to India and joined the Congress motion and go one of the leaders.
  • When Mother Teresa was approximately eight, her male parent past off and her household was devastated.

    Her female parent raising her three kids by selling hand-crafted embellishment.

  • She want to go a nun to function God when she was 12, that means she give up the opportunity to get married and hold kids and have to give up her household and ownerships.
  • When she 17, she eventually make up one’s mind to be nun and went to the India to assist people.
The first month I arrival Singapore, I have no way at all, and don’t know what is waiting for me and what I’m waiting.When I foremost twenty-four hours went to the school in Singapore and contact with to the full English instruction, I feel darkness of my hereafter, because I can’t communicate with anybody.When I foremost clip fall in the work in hotel, there is no 1 aid me, everyone is rush on their ain undertaking, it force me to open my oral cavity to inquire every individual things.
Personal Traits
  • Mugwump of idea
  • Set oneself against with violent
  • Attic religion
  • Love
  • Everyone in the Earth is equal
  • Remorseless with the undertaking for ego
  • Resilient
  • Passionate to life
  • Ambitious
Personal Skills & A ; Skill Sets
  • Bing an first-class hearer
  • Emphasis on self-awareness and subject
  • Be open-minded
  • Have a solid personal foundation
  • Keep smile and loving
  • Able to forgiveness
  • Bing an first-class hearer
  • Be open-minded
  • Never take no for an reply
Personal Schemes
  • Learn from error
  • Continuous acquisition and betterment
  • Bing the scruples keeper
  • Take up a great cause
  • Start with you home and those around you
  • Make a folk
  • Don’t delay for anyone else
  • Start from a little piece
  • Learn from error

2 )a )Autocratic LeadershipFor this leading, the leader has all the authorization and control over determination devising. The leader non merely doing determination, besides monitor the advancement of the follower and giving supervise to them.

The advantage of this leading are minimise the opportunity of error or accident happen and increase efficiency.TransformationalLeadershipThis leading are make a baronial vision to work towards that inspires the followings, the leader are reliable in their interactions within the squad to inspires and promote the follow return action. Besides the leader are focus on the professional of the squad and each follower’s personal development to acquire better consequence, and the leader are promote the squad members use their imaginativeness and endowment to heighten team criterion.Paternalistic leadingThis sort of leading the relationship between leader and the follower are largely like the male parent taking attention of his kids. The follow are to the full trust their leader, the relationship between this two are really strong. But follower under this leading they can’t complete undertaking independently and they are over reliant on their leader to do the determination.

Personally, my favour is Autocratic Leadership. I prefer the theory of the leader making all the determination devising and supervise all the others members. Because I’m more focal point on the efficiency and avoid error happen. Besides in my sentiment the follower have to accurately follow the leader’s determination to do certain the stableness of the squad and to execute a great squad work.B )I don’t prefer transmutation leading, because this leading necessitate the leader have to pass exact clip to animate the squad members and giving infinite to allow the squad members have originative that may do struggle within the squad.

For the paternalistic leading, the leader are spent excessively much clip on taking attention the squad members, even do them can’t work independently. That is earnestly affected the work efficiency of the squad.4 )

  • Making a difference: I would wish to do different with my life or making work, some little alteration make aid me cut down emphasis.
  • Self-discipline: have clear boundary with thing non let to touch at any clip or any state of affairs. And ever do follow it.
  • Standing out: I’m the individual ever have the originative thought and can acquire everybody’s attending.
  • Reliable: I’m the individual who make people experience can truth and stress promise.

  • Entrepreneurial: I can detect the opportunity which other people doesn’t realized and do net income from it.
  • Be forbearance and acquire ready for the coming opportunity, because the opportunity merely come one time.
  • The manner how you treat people, is how the people treat you.
  • Make other people feels happy make significance to me
  • Lazy make me experience comfy besides made a underperformer
  • Take control is fun for me, I like the feel everything under control
  • Service with a smiling, ever show the best side of me to people
  • Give more understand and more forgive, set self into other’s place and experience their feeling.
  • Give understand to people’s error, because every people will made error.
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed and treasure every 2nd I have, enjoy so present minute
  • Curious with the filed I interested. I’ll wage excess energy on things I’m interesting
  • Always motivate myself
  • Make determination quick and correct
  • Time is money, and more than merely money
  • If take the challenge, so have to finish the challenge perfect
  • When service people, have to stand on their place foremost

5 )

  • The first determination I made is went to Singapore survey and unrecorded entirely, it give me the chance to see the devils in the wider universe besides how to survival in the wider universe. Is the procedure for me grow up from a male child to a work forces, learned how to work out every state of affairs will go on on existent life without household support.

    Besides, I had opportunity to work in many 5 leading hotel in Singapore to larn how to cover with different sort of peoples, to give me a good societal accomplishment. Pull off the event map provide me the accomplishment with how to go a leader, since I was climb up from the underside I do cognize what is every squad members believing to do me easy command the event.

  • The 2nd determination was after I come New Zealand and take this class.

    After few arrangement, I feel a great satisfy when I can truly assist person with my ain manus, it give me something I can’t have in my perverse life. Don’t like donate money to some inception I ne’er heard about, I feel meaningful when I use my ain manus to give support to other people. And I feel I find my life intent.

6 )The three memory give me opportunity to larn a batch things.

The first memory taught me the hope ever beside you, don’t give up easy and made my have a strong religion and to be a optimism people. The 2nd memory made me go a individual can easy accommodate with any new environment within a short clip, I don’t experience weakness and go an independent individual. The 3rd memory allow me go a tough-skinned individual with contact with people and besides supply me the experience to be a leader.7 )Personal traits

  • Ambitious: I’m non experience satisfy with my current state of affairs, I ever aim for the higher undertaking and doing a program to accomplish it
  • Resilient: I do hold the accomplishment to covering with emphasis and more force per unit area is more motivate for me.

  • Passionate to life: actively confronting every twenty-four hours I have, enjoy the different and challenge pear in my life

Personal accomplishment

  • Never take no for an reply: I seeing things positively, believe how to work out job. Never pass the vaulting horse if I made any error, I will take the duty and seek my best to repair it
  • Bing an first-class hearer: when people talk to me, I will listen and don’t interruption it. Because listen other people help me heighten my cognition.
  • Be open-minded: different people have different position, I don’t justice people who has different position with me but seek to understand by base on others place and giving forbearance.

Personal schemes

  • Don’t delay for anyone else: hold to be an independent individual, non anticipate other people will make for you.
  • Start from a little piece: before start making a undertaking, I’ll make a program and get down from a little piece. It saves clip and do my work more easy and tidy
  • Learn from error: the best instructor is myself, I learn new things from every error I made.

8 )I have compared me and the two leaders with the value, belief, attitudes, metaprograms. Traits, accomplishments, and schemes to analysis the thing I have to larn from them and better myself to accomplish a good leading on me.From the value I think I have learn from Gandhi with love but ne’er hatred, it is most hard value from him and most cherished point on him, he forgive everyone who try to harm him and make a degree normal people can’t range. I besides have some common point between this two leaders, such as unrecorded in present and be sort.

For the beliefs, me and this two leaders are both belief all the spiritual are equal and non-violent. But I think I still can larn the religious value in agony, it conveying them closer to Christ. I don’t have much experience been suffer with deficiency of nutrient or physical hurting. I populating in a stuff well-being life, I can’t truly travel into their universe and I think that is what I lack to be a good leader.This two leaders are both have the self-sacrifice attitudes, they sacrifice and spent most of their life to assisting other people for non profit, in my sentiment people can make that is a true leader, and me and this two leaders are all optimistic with any state of affairs and job, we had strong belief to assist us work out the job.The metaprograms between me and the two leaders are largely same but I feel I have to heighten my believing about others but non merely myself.On their traits I besides have some common point which same with them, such as Independent of idea and Remorseless with the undertaking for ego, but what I lack of is an Attic religion, I ever easy give up because many material enticement.

For the personal accomplishments we had common point such as being a good hearer and ever be smile. But it is truly difficult to forgive for me, that what I feel I’m deficiency of.For the schemes, I do hold align with them like learn from error. And I feel uninterrupted acquisition and betterment the most thing I need now, I’m still immature and non plenty cognition and experience.

Learning is the really of import portion for me to go a good leader.9 )I came from China, my civilization background are traditional Chinese civilization which are emphasize on etiquette and intension civilization. The first thing we have learn is modest and modestly diminution. It is difference with the civilization of those two leaders. Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, Macedonia and she affect a batch by Indian civilization since she spent most of her life in Indian.

Besides she is a devout Catholic, she believe God will supply everything for her to assist those hapless, her faith give her really strong will and assurance to do todays Mother Teresa. Mohandas Gandhi was born in India but receive British instruction, he had really strong great adult male leading, and his thought are far sighted. Those all are the factor of he go a great leader. For this two leaders, they had some common point. They both are think all the spiritual, colour and degree of people are equal and both of them pass their life to assist peoples. Another common point is both of them are holding a really strong leading, people assemblage, and individuality and back up them.

Part B1 ) My current provincePresently I’m working as a support worker, and I do had experience of to be a leader. I have few personal strengths to be a leader such as, a strong clip direction with my agenda to do certain I ever complete undertaking on clip, good program doing for each undertaking to accomplish the best consequence and good proctor accomplishment to promote and oversee squad member vie each undertaking. But I besides have some failings that might act upon my attack to leading like deficiency of communicating accomplishment to do effectual communicating with squad member, and play bossy because I ever feel I’m the 1 who are right, it might allow other squad members feel dissatisfied. Last one is deficiency of struggle direction accomplishment, when struggle go on I ever feel agitated and play bad attitude with other members. Since I like to jest with my friends, sometime they will experience I’m non a dependable individual even sometime I try to assist. Besides they feel me are obstinate and non positive all the clip.

Another side, my friends all like to speak with me, because I’m a good hearer and I ever can work out job with different angle, besides because I’m a really cheerful individual.2 ) My coveted provinceI feel if I want to be a good leader, foremost I have to hold a good attitude during the undertaking advancement and promote other members to hold a good working environment, besides I have to better my struggle manage accomplishment to do me more driving the squad. Last, I have to heighten my communicating accomplishment to do an effectual communicating with other members. I think if I could accomplish the three undertaking above I’ll be a leader who are up to standard, besides it will heighten the quality of my life to do it more efficiency and to do my friends experience more comfy while stay with me.Short Term Outcome

  • Positive attitude: to better my public presentation during the squad work
  • Conflict Manage Skill: to cut down the struggle between others
  • Communication Skill: to do a clear information exchange, make work more efficiency.

Long Term Outcome

  • Positive attitude: to heighten my life quality.
  • Conflict Manage Skill: covering with people with no struggle, common apprehension
  • Communication Skill: bring this accomplishment into my future calling, achieve it more successful

3 ) My schemes

  • To taking the class of how to work more positively to heighten myself
  • Give more understand to other people when struggle occur and larn how to transpositoal consideration.

  • Take the class of how to hold effectual communicating with other people and heighten my accomplishment.
  • Focus on work for every twenty-four hours, and be passion on work
  • Not conflict happen between friend, if happen attempt to work out peacefully
  • Share some involvement narrative to friend with utilizing effectual communicating accomplishment.

I might inquire tutor’s aid with the accomplishment cognition or suggest, besides cyberspace is a good manner to assist with the deriving information.

Or can read the book I like to maintain ego in a good temper.4 ) TimelineShort term:19 May 2015 – 19 Oct 2015Long term:19 May 2015 – 19 May 2016APATop 10 Qualities of Mahatma Gandhi & A ; why you need to larn them.byAlok Sharmahypertext transfer protocol: //theuntrailedpath.blogspot.co.nz/2011/10/top-10-qualities-of-mahatma-gandhi-why.html10 Life Lessons From Mother Teresa.by Sompong Yusoontornhypertext transfer protocol: //www.slideshare.net/bright9977/10-life-lessons-from-mother-teresaHistory Learning Site.Mahatma Gandhi.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.historylearningsite.co.uk/mahatma_gandhi.htm10 Leadership Lessons From Mahatma Gandhi.by Sompong Yusoontron.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.slideshare.net/bright9977/10-leadership-lessons-from-mahatma-gandhiMother Teresa.a Biography About Mother Teresa, the Saint of the Gutters.by Jennifer Rosenberg.hypertext transfer protocol: //history1900s.about.com/od/people/a/motherteresa.htm


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